Barbie Gymnastics Doll Teaches GYM Class with Morning Routine Yoga Stretches Toddler Gym Class

Barbie Gymnastics Doll Teaches GYM Class with Morning Routine Yoga Stretches Toddler Gym Class

MINKY channel Another day at the gym… Okay! I made sure that I brought my gym bag with my towel and a water bottle because you always have to Stay hydrated Okay time to put my bag down Mm. Where shall I put it? I’ll just put it here. First I have to stretch my arms Okay now for some leg stretches. Always do some stretches before we start gymnastic class The other side Yeah, this is a tough one I’m a lot more stiff on this side Uh-huh, I feel it, okay, I’m gonna do the bridge Gonna lift myself up and do the bridge this is called the bridge guys. Headstand uh Hold it hold it Okay, I should take off my shoes Can’t wear shoes when I’m doing gymnastic. I’ll just put my shoes on the side. I love going to gymnastic class. Me too. Hey, it’s teacher Barbie! I’ll race you to her. Okay. Hey guys, I’m over here Hi Barbie hi Barbie, I can’t wait to show you what I’ve practiced. Me too! Did you guys do your stretch before you came though? It’s very important to stretch before we do anything Yes, I did. I stretch for an hour this morning. I always stretch before No, I forgot to stretch oh That’s okay. Now Clara why don’t you go over there and I’ll stretch with Siena, and I’ll meet you later, okay? Okay, hi. I know how to stretch. I’ll just show you the stretches that I do. Sure I’d love to see it! Okay. So first I’m gonna stretch my arms into the sky, and then I do the splits Wow very good very impressive, and I’m gonna reach my arms to both sides Careful not to hurt yourself, but it looks really good, ahh I feel in my legs. This is so hard. This side is easy for me. Very good! I’m gonna play with this Barbie look at me! Look what I learned! Now I’m gonna I’m new at this It’s a hula hoop dance Here’s a pot of water you want to keep yourself hydrated when you’re working out Have some drink, okay? I was getting thirsty… Thanks Barbie I feel much better now. That’s right you always have to drink a lot of water. I want to show you what I’ve been practicing Barbie Okay, here I go! Watch me! Got it. I can spin And I can also go the opposite way Are you looking? Are you looking Barbie?
Am I doing good? And I could go really fast or really slow and stand in the air Very good Wow so impressive! And I can hold this pose for a really long time. I’ve been practicing all week And then I can even do this. Put my legs all the way out and spin around And I can also do the splits here It’s really hard Very good, and I’m so flexible I can put my legs all the way back Oh, my that does look very hard! Okay, I think it’s time for a break Let’s take a break for a little bit, okay? Wow That looks very hard even I can’t do t.hat! You did a very good job today Oh, my you’re all sweaty from all that workout here. Let me clean you up Where’s that towel? Okay, let’s wipe off your face. You did very good today. I was really impressed Okay And your hair – it’s all wet. That’s okay, we’ll take a shower later I can see that you’ve been practicing really hard.You’re really good now Don’t forget your neck Yeah, I practiced all week. I wanted to show you all the new tricks I can do Yes, you did a lot of tricks. High five! High five! I had a lot of fun Me too, and I got this medal when I was around your age. Wow it’s so pretty can I wear it? Yes, of course. I’m gonna give you this medal because you did so good today really Oh, I look so good with this medal. I’m gonna win a lot of medals for us this year I’m sure you will! Oh, it’s hot I took off my jacket and now actually I should go see how Clara’s doing Hi class How are you doing? Really good! I want to show you what I learned this week – I can do a lot of cool tricks But this is the first one that I want to show you Check out this pose Wow that was awesome! I can do it again Whoa? Slow motion Tada! WOW! That was amazing! Hi guys so for this video we play with two gymnastic coach. Barbie set they’re both super fun and unique in their own way Here are the two sets when they’re out of the boxes Please keep the background because you can use it and be able to play with it and here are two Barbie coaches wearing different outfits Let’s stick them out and have a look here is our first coach. she is wearing a very cute tracksuit and As you can see she’s holding a water bottle, and she’s a whistle. Her whistle is so much fun and Here I have her holding a water bottle, but you could take it off And she’s wearing a pink tracksuit, which is super pretty and cute And if you spin her around you can see the shorts Inside she is already wearing a bathing suit. You can’t take off the bathing suit it’s really built-in, but it’s a really nice bathing suit and we can play with this doll another time. She didn’t come with any shoes because I guess she doesn’t wear shoes at the gym, and her hair’s tied up in a really cute bun on the side She comes with a towel It’s a pink towel that we can roll up and put it neatly inside her blue Barbie gym bag. I love this Barbie gym bag. It’s such a cute set can’t go to the gym without a gym bag and Here is our mini doll that is going to be learning all the tricks. I named her Sienni or Sienna Whichever you want to call her. Sometimes I call her Sienni, Sometimes I call her Sienna, and she does a spins! And here is a pink trophy. The other Barbie set is wearing a t-shirt and some black shorts I really like that her legs bend, but I do have a made to move Barbie Doll which is a lot more flexible so we played with her body instead though. She still wore the same outfit, but I really like how this Barbie tied her hair to the side Maybe I’ll use a head in another video and here is our other doll. Here are twins sisters, so I made one Clara, and I named the other one Sienni, and they’re so cute Can you tell us apart? We can’t. And here is our Barbie gymnastics. It was really fun playing with these two cute little doll and The Barbie coach if you guys liked this video. Please remember to Like and subscribe to my channel

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