Bali Belly, Probiotics, Vegan Diet – Episode 12

Bali Belly, Probiotics, Vegan Diet – Episode 12

hey guys Kevin Kreider and I am just
logging about my first experience with Bali Belly and it’s not like in the
fitness world where you say you have a belly in just extra body fat this is an
actual terminology they use here when you’re new to the area and you’re
exposed to the bacteria and the local food here or what they say is an extra
amount of exposure to exotic food and fruits and it can also be from drinking
the local water here too but basically you just feel like you have diarrhea
bloating and they have a whole list here what they say they have a whole list
here of what they say a the their crystal key for a drink will do for you
and what it does it treats food poisoning improve digestion boost
immunity detoxify helps with migraine or headache lower blood sugar inflammation
reduction replace bad bacteria fights allergies treats travelers diarrhea and
bloating that’s usually the most common one that we have microflora and : ik
disease and basically it’s vegan friendly too so I’m gonna get the vegan
friendly one and a lot of times what you might want to do too is also have some
coconut water to replace the electrolytes and just get some you know
you don’t really need to go so fancy with these drinks I just need a
probiotic drink and because I’m not really hungry because of the Bali belly
I just need to keep getting calories into my mint in my body so I don’t lose
too much way too fast and I still have a little bit of energy
and stamina so I’m gonna have coconut water from coconut milk from an actual
coconut which I know is a little bit more higher calorie than let’s just say
hydrating yourself with water but I really need the calories and today cuz
I’m really right now and this should clear up in
about 24 out of 48 hours and you know a lot of these sounds like I don’t know
all these things that kefir and probiotics can help you with sounds
pretty good to me I think we should probably be eating and consuming
probiotics a little bit more often and you can find that in like sauerkraut or
you can find that in kimchi and you can find that and kefir the type of yogurt
and you can find it and in these drinks as well and it’s often used like I said
to treat Bali belly or travel travelers diarrhea because when you have diarrhea
you’re literally just pooping out a lot of water and pooping out a lot of the
good bacteria along with the bad bacteria and you need to replace that as
well or else you will feel feel fatigued and I have been having to go to the
bathroom quite often a little bit more frequently than normal probably three to
four times a day and all that’s coming out so I’m
probably a little bit low on bacteria as well which is another reason why I could
explain this fatigue and a quick solvent would just be drink Pro probiotics so
that’s what I’m gonna do and so I’m not hungry I just need some more water and
electrolytes and coconut water can help out with that and that’s what you can do
when you’re traveling as well and to actually if I were to do this again I
would probably be having probiotics daily from this drink or anything you
can supplement it to with pills if you want to if you find that more convenient
and you can actually do that daily to try to prevent some of this or if it
does happen to you despite the fact that you’re having probiotics every day it
will lessen the blow of the fatigue and everything before that so it won’t feel
as bad and you’ll recover faster and that’s it I’m gonna lay low today take
care of myself I’m just gonna take a yoga class and meditated Journal this
morning I’m gonna have dinner with a friend tonight
and have breakfast and a later breakfast and had some coffee jumped in the pool
just had a massage just take it easy while you have lollies belly or feeling
like do you have the traveler’s diarrhea or bloating or anything like that
alright guys hope you find that valuable subscribe to my youtube channel comment
like share this with anybody who’s traveling as well or even if you’re not
traveling this can help you out even when you have a lot of stuff going on
the belly in your intestines so keep a healthy and testin keep a healthy mind
subscribe free body design tool and i’ll see you guys soon

4 thoughts on “Bali Belly, Probiotics, Vegan Diet – Episode 12

  1. nice you did this while traveling – i hope you will give this a try when you are back home i think its much easier to be vegan when not traveling – every one going vegan even someone not popular who goes vegan not only makes a difference with what he eats but also it influences his surroundings – and in your case it would have a huge impact and could really make a positive change in the world by just being vegan even without any active attempt to effect others

  2. Thanks yes probiotics should be daily. Do you have an update if it works and how soon and how much it cost and where you can buy it

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