29 thoughts on “Athletes Try Working Out On A Vegan Diet For 30 Days

  1. I wished that being vegan in my country was as easy in my country but here it's really expensive to get meat substitutes other than plain veggies…

  2. About being gassy on a vegan diet…
    It took me literally over 6 months for my gas to calm down. Your body has to adjust to a huge amount of fiber it isnt used to, so before the microbiome adjusts your gas is just absurd.
    That's why these 30 day vegan challenges make me worried sometimes, took me like 6 months to get adjusted to some of those side effects like that.

  3. Interesting, I am not a Vegan, but I like the Thought of it and I eat Healthy mostly, sometimes Fish less Meat. But 👍

  4. I went plant based halfway through my tennis career and noticed immediate results. I could play for hours without getting tired and I found that my next-day muscle soreness was basically gone. Not to mention I cured my skin disease and reduced menstrual cramps to almost nothing.

  5. Finally. This 30 day challenge done right where the people don't just eat leaves and complain about not being satisfied.

  6. Lmao I farted a lot when I switched. I do eat carbs and veggies and fruits as well. Trying to be balanced and not doing a restricted diet.

  7. They should do videos like this buy almost make them mimic incredibly small sample size scientific trials. Basically have 3 groups of 2 people. All similar fitness and eating habits. One control group, nothing changes, one group does whole food plant based and final group does something like Mediterranean or keto (or make 4 groups) and then do before and after tests. I think that's more interesting

  8. Not knocking the vegan diet at all … lately I've been eating more plant based than ever before. But of course people are going to feel better when they cook for themselves and eat mostly whole foods compared to before when they were eating out – burgers and fries. Just something to think about. Loved the concept for the video though!

  9. Alot of people always feel hungry on a vegan diet because they’re not eating enough!! Plant based food is usually lower calories so ull have to eat like twice as much food! Another plus of veganism you get to eat more!!

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