100 thoughts on “[ASMR] Gym Membership & Personal Trainer (Soft Spoken)

  1. Can you please quit fucking with your clipboard and going "t, t, t, t.." I just wanna hit some free weights.

  2. Gibi: can you plz flex
    Me: i have 350 fortnite wins
    Gibi: understandable, you dont need to come here anymore.

  3. I just needed to use the bathroom and then I woke up five hours later on the floor with a gym membership I don’t remember making 😂

  4. No one:

    Fucking no one:


  5. Thanks for uploading this video! Check out our channel – you'll be inspired as you see our huge heart for the special needs population!! 1 Timothy 6:12

  6. You know I'd never expect to see someone at a gym with a choker but you can really pull it off in any scenario

  7. My name is sasuke uchiha and what I have is not a dream because I will make it a reality, I am going to destroy a certain some one and restore my clan

  8. Tbh if I had gibi as my pt I'd defo be willing to go gym she just seems like she's very supportive and would help motivate me

  9. Really, one of your friends lives on the dirt road where my house is the only one for miles?
    It’s pretty walkable? You do realize I have to drive forty-five minutes to get gas that isn’t $5 a gallon right? Once my DC History professor’s car GPS led him to a cotton field claiming it was my high school.
    You have an elevator if I need it? Ha! Just, just HA!

  10. This is way different from any time I've ever joined a gym. It's always been more like:

    Gym – "So what are your goals?"
    Me – "Well, I'd like to.."
    Gym – "Yeah that's great. So how about I sign you up for a 30 year contract?"
    Me – "What?"
    Gym – "Yeah, if you sign up for 30 years we'll give you a discount of 5% per month! But this deal is only good for the next 5 minutes!"
    Me – "Can't I just pay month to month?"
    Gym – "Well you could, but that would be more expensive. It's better to just give us one lump payment of $500. That way your first 2 monthly payments will only be $50!"
    Me – "But your ad said your monthly dues are only $29.99 a month.."
    Gym – "They are! But then you have to include tax, the membership fee, the equipment usage fee, the building maintenance fee, and the building maintenance fee tax."
    Me – "Wait. Equipment usage fee? Then what is the point of the membership dues?"
    Gym – "That's for the membership."
    Me – "So if I only pay for a membership but not the equipment usage fee, then I can't use the equipment?"
    Gym – "Exactly."
    Me – "Then why would I have the membership in the first place?"
    Gym – "To be a member."
    Me – "Then screw the membership. Just let me pay the equipment usage fee. That's all I need."
    Gym – "We don't currently have an equipment fee only package."
    Me – "Bye"

  11. Gibi: ok I’m going to the gym

    Puts a green screen up and edits the background into a gym

    Gibi: finally I’m at the gym

  12. if my personal trainer is speaking with me for half an hour in the gym then this was the last time he was my personal trainer… ain't nobody got time for that.

  13. As far as i can remember every ASMR videos that she has already through, most of them… she really likes to put on a choker, it's not that i'm complaining, just wanna put it out there… have a nice Tingles everyone

  14. Is it just me or does she not have a reflection? (I know it’s a green-screen but my morning brain doesn’t know things)

  15. 😁 Nice one! Using our online training program, we teach people how to incorporate exercise with the special needs population. Check out our website and keep it as a resource 😃 😇

  16. A 6 day program for a beginner? Normally you'd start with less. Also what gym has all that stuff. I wanna go to that gym, assuming it is fairly cheap😂

  17. Look, I’m an idiot and above all, a proud virgin, but is she trying to sound sexy and available (if you know what I mean)?

  18. Путин чмо и говно, уже рекламы про него пускают где он такой праведный

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