Arnold Schwarzenegger’s First Official Comic Con

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s First Official Comic Con

Welcome to
Arnold Schwarzenegger will be attending his first ever comic-con this year in
San Antonio Texas; this is your chance to meet the Terminator in the flesh, the
Alamo City Comic Con will be hosting Arnold Schwarzenegger but Arnold will
only present on Saturday 27th of October although the full comic-con takes place
over three days from October the 26th through to the 28th- to get an autograph
from Arnold or have a photo opportunity you will need to purchase the Judgment
Day VIP part which is extremely limited due to Mr. Schwarzenegger’s schedule. The cost
of the Judgment Day VIP pass is $1250-
which will gain you access to the following one three-day pass, one
individual autograph on an item of your choice, one photo op (up to two people in
the photo), an ACCC limited edition litho, an ACCC tote bag, a mystery item,
VIP priority line access in photo ops and autographs,
access to ACCC VIP lounge, VIP guaranteed seating in panels and 10% off ACCC
merchandise. Acceptable items are: 8 x 10 prints
(convention provided only), movie posters- no larger than 27 inches x 41 inches,
books, comic books or graphic novels, DVD and blu-ray sleeves, VHS boxes, video or
board game packaging, or sleeves, collectibles and toy packaging
(presenting a flat surface). Prohibited items are: apparel and related
accessories, t-shirts, pants, hats, beanies, boots, shoes, headbands,
wristbands, weightlifting belts etc, bulky unwieldy or heavy non-hand portable
items that cannot be readily signed on a tabletop, weapons (including but not
limited to) prop swords and replica firearms, lewd materials,
bootleg merchandise, any other materials deemed unsuitable by artists or artists
designees. Are you excited to meet Arnold
Schwarzenegger? Comment, like and subscribe. Thank you for watching.

7 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s First Official Comic Con

  1. Sadly Arnold is not worth paying that much money. $50 or $60 I understand $80 or $90 pushing it Max but come on.

  2. Word was he reneged on the photo ops, and charged extra for it, despite being in the $1200 package, and he was only going to do 500 for all 3 days.

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