Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Us Why To Support McCain

Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Us Why To Support McCain

i swore savior is talking about whether
we should listen to his talkers actions listen this guy as some listeners i think how do you think we have a report for
this guy will that will be good for the country and all the unless you probably need a
cure listeners accent practice watch campos particular problem for your
presidential candidate john mccain newton adams this year he even if he
becomes president he’s almost certainly face democratic
house democratic senator doesn’t get anything
done in that environment produces wire i love this land because he is over and
over shoulder feverish across the aisle today
is important to john mccain every time i talked to him he’s never struck unjust
body and the republicans and i’m gonna force republican ideas he wants to get things done and i’ve
seen too weak it doesn’t just talk about him doesn’t with a cane as saying that
he was just a president bush’s economic policies extends tax cuts expand his
positions on health care extend free-trade democrats and very different
position on those issues well criticism what is being said those presidential
campaigns aids is one thing but will keep her from the past is
something else surcharge people of what has he done and that he’s interested in
morning his energies to get a which of democratic judges in order to come up
with the compromise proposal a state of the situation when he says on the
campaign chernomyrdin’s things in general here’s the judge people moral diet once
gave done in the past and i always think that %uh didn’t know a bit of dot
involved on instead of in the world sex nouveau clues you what what i’d say i said about that
allowed onto well said for lucky for you to come see us they
were long long time the values for civilian government with that accent and logan i want to take a access except
a family i a m in this kind of funny with that said he became a hollywood
star you know then if they want to do is say
anyway like a gazillion dollars and i would evident in the governor of
california something admire about that second of all when he talks outside of
excedida make much sense is that the op nothing listen to what down the case has justice into rule what he does kind of locate stop asking new questions faces this is why you begin to give the
start yeah i’d i get an idea but still still
there’s a lot of dues with a lot of muscles ended in all become stars a governor’s
through barristers and we’re going peering into was wishes goes up he feels
different because contrasting one-sided duffield n and
the consecutively apologize haven’t and they care getting the feeling of
coming in the gym and getting the feeling of coming at home in gainesville
incoming backstage where pump up when it goes out in front of five thousand two i
did the same feeling so i’m coming tonight with terrific %uh so that would have loved aren’t did the democrats looses this guy very competent party met they’re talking about the playboy
articles and al franken rotten minnesota in his senate race comic ga because i knew a lot provide i called
and the car lost their lives whose bustamante the most boring and finish this should

100 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Us Why To Support McCain

  1. WHO IN THE FUCK IS THIS ASSHOLE? Making fun of Arnold! WTF has this guy accomplished?? Some stupid ass fake news show with a fat fuck thats what. YOU KNOW WHY PPL VOTED FOR ARNOLD BECAUSE THEY LIKE HIM AND HE DOES WHAT THE PPL WANT AND HE GETS THING DONE PERIOD.

  2. if i ever meet this guy omg i'll tell hima thing or 2 about acsents. imagine arnold heard what he said. arnold will destroy this guy.

  3. fuckin accent racist barstard. i dont give a fuck what other people think of this comment, arnold is not the most boring man in the history of the word you bastard!

  4. Arnold is a legend, who is this a fat boring guy with some internet show! Dude stop eating all the pies and showing clips from the 70's to diss Arnold and get a fu**ing life!

  5. This is totally stupid. Arnold has done so much good for the climate that he should be praised. Terry Tamminen and Arnold Swarczhgeniger are heroes.

  6. seriously dude, calm down. I much prefer the democrats and i supported Obama strongly but Schwarzenegger has done some great things in California.

  7. Wow, pull a clip of an off handed comment over 25 years old and use that as evidence against his entire political integrity. Oh, and make fun of his accent more; you might as well be saying have you seen our president's skin? IT'S FUCKING BLACK!! Just because one of those two is less socially rejected than the other doesn't make it any less bigoted and xenophobic.

  8. Do you know Arnold is the son of a high ranking officer in the Austrian Nazi Party?

    Schwartzenegger and Bloomberg on the cover of TIME with a Nazi-issue 'deathshead' belt buckle Arnold, ya seen it?

  9. Wow this guy is a fucking dick. An accent? Whoa big deal. Considering that Arnold was not born here etc, his english is excellent. What a douche

  10. This is exactly why i will not suscribe to you, stupid ass turk."just LISTEN to HIS ACCENT"!! Arnold speaks better english than you so shut the fuck up. Your just angry because Arnold wants everyone to SPEAK ENGLISH in America, which I agree 100%.

  11. democrats lost to arnold cuz they are morons and arnold is the terminator and shut up turks go live somewhere else if u dont like it here no one is forcing u to live here its free to live here and the great thing free to LEAVE exercise it

  12. You fucking liberals are really ass holes huh? I'm sick and tired of it! My teacher is a conservative you can tell he is way more intelligent! But, then when I talk to my liberal teacher she thinks the Iraq war is based on Oil and land?

    You disgust me…

  13. dude you dont even know what you are talkin about 😛 all you are doin is wajning on Arnold you dont have an argument manlol

  14. this guy from TYT,is a likingass motherfucker…who the fuck is this guy?i even don`t know his name…arnold scharzenegger is a brand

  15. I agree with you 100% Arnold is a great actor, and governor of California. He should not put him down like that.

  16. yeh…how can he look down on schwartzenegger for his accsent when he has more brains and guts than bush, and bush is all american.

  17. This guy is a FAT dick!……Seriously, this asshole doesnt even amount to half of what Arnold is……..Arnold presents some good points, but really, this guys a fat prick, and is a joke.

  18. Hey – so what if he's got a speech impediment as well as an accent…. our governator could kick your governors ass!

  19. schwarzenegger made a good remark .. look at what ppl have done till now, because during the campaign they will promise anything to get elected…

  20. Listen to that low I.Q. How did he become governor ?..Thats easy lots of hard work and getting a good education. Something you know nothing about..

  21. NO WAY!!!

    I love arnold now because of that little "i'm cumming all the time" speach. Fuckin HIPPIE MAN!!! I don't know why he is republican because it looks like he was a hippie to me.

  22. cmon cenk stay on the substance and stop with the petty jabs

    i love the show but this was just out of order. its not too far from the cracks about sotomayor and tacos on her court desk.

  23. the point of checks and balances and a 2 party system is not to "get things done" its to slow progress so the greatness of this country AKA the constitution doesnt get screwed by emotional and irrational thinking!!!!!!! less government action is normally better than more government action!!!!

  24. You know, I don't like that you're looking on Arnold because of his accent. Arnold was my childhood hero, and growing up I respected that he wanted to help California. I dislike his choices as a governer, and I admit others could have done better, but stating because he has an accent? Okay, I know you might be joking, and be that the case, that accent is bad ass.

  25. sorry to disappoint Arnold, can't run for president; mccain was more focused on the republican agenda the more it came closer to election day. When he first started to run as the nominny many of the other republicans called him a moderate or radical, but as soon as he was the figure, mccain lost his moderate views and stance.

  26. you need to shut your mouth talking about arnold like this, And I thought your videos was good until I say this bullshit video you have here. If anyone needs to be talked bad about, its YOU.

  27. Congratulations! you've joined the ranks of Sean Hannity, Keith Oberman, and Rush Limbaugh…you're doing a great job contributing to the multitude of personal political attacks that do nothing to encourage meaningful political debate in this coutry. You did just as good a job spouting bullshit as Arnold did in that clip with Stephanopolis.

  28. give arnold credit for what he did!, he change what people think on bodybuilding, he was a excellent actor, and he's doing a really good job as governor of California. California couldn't get a better governor than arnold, he's simply the best and he worked the hardest between most americans and had the best, most success stories off all time. Give him credit for the accomplishments he already achieved.

  29. I find it surprising that Arnold's a conservative.. he just never struck me to be so.

    But I dont find it goofy that he got elected. Just because he was once an actor and has an accent doesnt mean hes incapable. Reagan was a good president, so why is Ronald doubted?

    I cant believe I've watched two of these TYT videos, I should just stop because this is totally biased and offensive news.

  30. This is the mentality of a liberal. They don't know two shits on how government or economics works. So instead of these closed minded ignoramuses attacking him for his decisions and explaining why it is a bad decision, they attack his accent. His accent I don't get it??

  31. Arnold is a Nazi don't believe me look up his affiliation and statements he has made yourself. We have more qualified people in this country who are patriots who could do ten times the job this guy has done. He hasn't even given up his citizenship to Austria and because he is an actor people suck his ass when real Americans who have fought and bleed for this country get treated like shit.

  32. i heard on a swedish intervju on schwarz .. he didnt have any accent.. i wonder if he makes it try it to empahize his accent in order to get and gain votes

  33. This guy just lost soooo much credibility with this stupid accent rant. If he wanted to belittle arnold he should have done so based on his actions and not his pronunciation.
    2ndly I actually like arnold for calling would-be presidents out on their so-called campaign promises. Its true. What someone running for office promises and whats actually possible is always different. (and has to be if they ever have any intention of winning) Noone would win with "I promise you moderate improvements!"

  34. are people seriously having a hissy fit because he's making fun of Arnold?
    Everyone makes fun of arnold! Doesn't mean we hate him.

  35. … Judge people by what they do… Not what they say they're going to do? How the FUCK is that even wrong? That's RIGHT. Well done IS better than Well said.

  36. "How did Democrats lose to someone who feels good when he works out".

    Fucking easy. Anyone would lose to someone who feels like he's having sex with a woman just by lifting weights. That sounds pretty awesome to me.

  37. yeah this presenter is a moron. You career is shit, arnold came to america with $20 and has made it to govenor as well as being a succesful actor, model and pro body builder. I sense jealousy on yoru part you dirty dirk. STick to radio because you dont have teh face for tv!

  38. Liberals are unsuccessful people that give advice on success to successful people that’s like a fat person given fitness advice to a muscleman exactly what happened here.

  39. A fat unsuccessful man attacks a fit successful man The only thing cenk has on Arnold is he has bigger breast than any woman Arnold will ever be with.

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