Arnold Schwarzenegger 5 Rules of Success Full Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger 5 Rules of Success Full Video

the Governator Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger thank you thank you isn’t it cool how
the American ambassador comes here and he introduces the main man I love this
ambassador blush thank you very much for the great introduction it’s exactly the
way I wrote it thank you I really appreciate that it’s wonderful to be
back here again in Australia I love coming back here I love your country now
my first exposure to Australia was when I arrived in America in 1968 and that’s
where I met a great guy by the name of Paul Graham now Paul Graham was a very
powerful guy he was a power lifter who could squat with 600 pounds and did
bench press with 500 pounds very easy and now he also was known to be an
alligator wrestler so I said to myself maybe all Australians have powerlifting
alligator wrestlers only to find out later on now Australia’s just like every
other country they have different types of people there and so on but Paul and I
have become extremely good friends over the years and we were training partners
in America and over here in Australia he promoted health and fitness and
bodybuilding for literally for decades and so his beautiful wife Carol and he
are here the data is sitting somewhere over there why don’t you get up and just
give them a big hand they’re right over here thank you folks for being here
today thank you thank you it is nice to see them and I also want to mention that
they organized in 1980 the mr. Olympia competition here at the Sydney Opera
House which is a competition that I entered and I won it was the seventh
miss Toller competition and I tell you I was so
proud because we were on that same stage where greats performed like Pavarotti
and Frank Sinatra and it was the same theater where Queen
Elizabeth watched an opera there in Pope John Paul held Mass there so it was
really a spectacular place to hold a mr. Olympia competition and we bodybuilders
felt so proud to be in that same kind of a stage and in this great extraordinary
architecture and building so it was one of those great events that would never
forget but of course every time I’ve come to Australia I love more and more
this country I remember the first time when I came here in the 70s to promote
fitness I fell in love with the beaches with the miles and miles of beautiful
beaches and then later on when I came to promote the movies I love the fans they
always received me with open arms and of course when I became governor I loved
the idea that Australia was fighting for a clean energy future and for a
renewable energy and for cleaning the environment and orders so there was
something that we had in common between California and and Australia so I loved
all of those things in the day it’s a wonderful to be back here and to be back
for the 21st century financial education summit so I want to say thank you very
much to Jamie McIntyre for inviting me here and the Jaime Magna
is an extraordinary human being and their love that he says that he has a
PhD a PhD in results because I am a professor of action so we’re going to
get along really well with him but I want to congratulate him for doing such
a great job in there helping hundreds of thousands of people discovered their
potential and it is great to work with him did here and this conference now I
did an informal poll before I came here just to find out what I should really
talk about because different countries that ago they want me to talk about
different things so the results were quite interesting I tell you like for
instance the numbers were all over the place 40 percent of the people said they
wanted me to talk about politics about policy but there was 50% of the
people they wanted me to talk about show business and about bodybuilding and the
rest of the 10% just wanted to have their money back from a movie Hercules
goes bananas so I mean come on relax anyway seriously there I go people ask
me all the time what is the secret to success and I
always tell them what the short version is you got to have a 22 inch biceps and
you got to be able to kill predators with your bare hands and the other you
have to be able to travel back in time to save the human race and of course you
got to have this charming Austrian accent as he said that’s a given but the day since this is a seminar and
a kind of a conference about success I think it can give you the long version
here and the long version is that I actually always had five rules and
everything that they did always use those five rules and those five rules
helped me to become successful in various different areas and I think I
believe that those rules can be applied to almost anyone and everyone you don’t
need to be a bodybuilding champion you either need to want to be a governor of
California or to be an action here or anything like that if you want to excel
in whatever you do those rules are for you it’s that simple now I have to tell
you right off the top that I always was very intense as a kid Arabia was very
intense and it was very hungry I always wanted to be the best I always wanted to
be number one I always wanted to get to the top I never believed in just getting
by now I have nothing against people that just want to get by because I think
there are many roads to happiness but I think that we all here like to be
successful and we are driven so that’s why those rules apply to you so my first
rule is find your vision and follow it you see I think it’s the most important
thing that we have a very clear vision of where we go a goal where do we go
because you can have the best ship in the world you can have the best cruise
liner but if the captain does not know where to go
that ship will drift around the world and out there that sea and we never end
up anywhere and this is exactly the way it is in real life if you don’t have a
core if you don’t have a vision you just drift around and you’re not going to be
happy this is why it is so important to have that vision now I created that
vision in Austria because I grew up after the Second World War
Austria right along with Germany lost the Second World War
thank God and the problem was that everyone was so depressed because they
lost the war that there was alcoholism everywhere there was of course
depression there was a terrible economic situation there was famine there was
starvation and all of those things and also it was kind of a little place and
narrow I felt kind of I wanted to get out of there I wanted to
escape and I couldn’t see myself really do work tear into stadia to work in the
factory of the work on the farm although even the follow my father’s footsteps
and to become a police officer I couldn’t see that either and I think
that’s what my parents wanted me to do they wanted me to become a police
officer and to marry a girl by the name of Heidi and to have a bunch of children
and to run around like the fun trap family in The Sound of Music but that’s
not what I saw this was the vision of my parents but not mine and luckily one day
in school I watched the documentary about America and I found myself I knew
exactly that is where I wanted to end up I wanted to be in America everything
that are showing that the commander just loved everything was so big I remember
the tall skyscrapers the monstrous bridges the giant freeways filled with
beautiful cars the huge jet liners movie stars Muscle
Beach and all of those things I could not wait to get there the question was
just how do I get there how do I get the America I mean it’s just not a common
thing to do way back in the 50s no one had the money to travel or anything but
one day I was fortunate enough to see a magazine and that magazine showed me the
path to America and it was a bodybuilding magazine and on the cover
was this very muscular guy that was standing there like Hercules with the
Hercules outfit his name was rich Park this rich Park was on that cover and I
remember the cover said mr. universe becomes Hercules star
I read the article as fast as I could learning about how he grew up in Leeds
in England poor in how he trained five hours a day every single day and trained
and trained and trained and lifted weights and then he finally became mr.
Great Britain and then he became mr. universe at any one a second mr.
Universe title in the third mr. universe title and then all of a sudden he landed
in Rome in Cinecitta doing Hercules movies and yeah he made
millions of towers and this this money he took in part himself a chimney
I am chained in South Africa and he became a successful gymnasium owner and
as I read I became more and more certain about my own future as I read this story
I was so excited so interest that I knew exactly that I wanted to become another
reg Park I know he laid out the blueprint for my life basically I could
see myself I could visualize myself clearly to be a champion on that same
stage where he wanted mr. universe and then to move to America then get into
movies and then become rich and famous I had that vision very clearly laid out I
was so happy that I knew exactly where I was going
from that moment down everything that I did no matter how hard I had to work or
how much I had to struggle it didn’t matter
it was a wonderful joy right because I knew what the purpose was and I found my
passion the simple truth is if you don’t have a vision if you don’t have a goal
if you don’t see your future laid out in front of you you’re just floating around
without a purpose and I think that the numbers speak for themselves this is why
so many people around the world are unhappy with their jobs I mean in
America seventy-four percent of the people hate their job and would like to
change jobs to think about that that means that only a quarter of the
Americans love the life’s work I mean that is a very depressing statistic I
always smile when I worked no matter how hard I worked I always had a great time
no matter what I did it didn’t matter if I was in bodybuilding or if it was in
the movies of it was as governor I remember in a pumping iron days people
asked me in the gym all the time why are you smiling all the time why are you so
happy you have to lift 50 tons of weights you have to train five hours a
day I mean I look at the other bodybuilders faces and lifters faces and
they look kind of depressing they look sour they’re miserable that
they have to lift weights you you don’t look miserable you look happy and I tell
them always they say I smile because I know exactly did every rep that I do
there every set that I do every way – they live they get one step closer
– turning that vision of mine into reality and becoming that mr. universe I
could not wait to lift another 500 pounds in the squats I could not wait to
do another thousand situps I could not wait to do bench press more
bench press and more curls until I couldn’t move my arms anymore
because I knew that every rep got me closer to standing on that stage as a
champion as a matter of fact when I lifted weights I didn’t really feel like
I was lifting weights I felt like I was lifting a trophy over my head each time
I lift it and they’ll have all those bodybuilders around me and thousands of
people screaming and I tell you that this vision didn’t just help me in
bodybuilding it helped me in everything like I said I remember in a movie
business there was many times stunts that they had to do we I got hurt that
was in pain in agony and had to do it over and over again I remember one
incident specifically on Conan the Barbarian there there I was crawling on
all four on rocks over rocks and gravel holding my sword right in front of me
and as I was crawling the camera followed me and it was around 30 feet
that the crawlin does rocks and his gravel and eventually after 10 takes my
elbows my knees started bleeding and hurting and the director came to me
sheepishly and said to me says do you mind if we do another take
I need a close-up of you and I said him no I don’t mind at all I said go into as
many takes this you want this is none I don’t want to do that because I know
you’re in pain you’re bleeding I said no no I don’t feel any pain I say the only
thing I see is is the finished scene I see the finished scene of me crawling on
all four with my sword in the front crawling up and sneaking up behind salsa
tomb the main villain of the Conan movie that killed my parents
and rising up behind him and cutting his head off that’s what I see remember crush your enemies see them
driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women so this is
why because I visualized that scene this is why I did not feel that pain I did
not care if I was bleeding on my knees because I know that pain is temporary
but the film is permanent and I explained that to the director so this
is why I try to tell you always discover your vision and the rest will follow now
my second my second rule is never ever think small if you’re going to
accomplish anything you have to think big you have to go and shoot for the
stars the biggest challenge most people have
is because they think small and the reason why people think small and why
did you choose small little goals is because they are afraid to fail they
know that if you shoot for big goal then the chances of failing are very high and
they are afraid of failing is one of the most common things why people are frozen
it by the kid not make a move in life because they’re scared of failing I say
to myself hey I’m not worried about failing because that’s part of life
you’re not gonna be going win everything and how far can you fall look at this
this is the ground that’s as far as I can fall and you know something that the
only time you really consider the failure is if you fall and you don’t get
up but if you get up you never considered the failure so I never
considered myself a failure I always consider myself a winner
even though I fell every so often but I always got up and I always move forward
this is the important thing I never had any patience of course for Smita
thinking small because in German we were saying
ven chung tension and that means that if it was something then go all out and do
it well and this just not just the case in bodybuilding I didn’t just want to be
a bodybuilding champion I wanted to be the greatest bodybuilder four times I
wanted if the most muscle the most most of all times the most
definition I wanted to win the most trophies the most World Championship
titles I just wanted to be the best and the same is also a movies I didn’t you
think about being in movies no I wanted to be a movie star
I wanted to have a buff the title building I wanted to become the highest
paid entertainer I basically wanted to be another John Wayne what’s wrong with
that and then famous in politics I didn’t
just want to go and be in politics and enter a race for City Council I mean
let’s be honest they said sound right Schwarzenegger City Council no come on
I’m not even sworn against mayor no it had to be Schwarzenegger running for
governor but not just any governor but governor
of the greatest state in United States of California that was the important
thing I give you an example of bigger thinking big when I became governor I
wanted to rebuild California’s ancient infrastructure you see America has been
living off infrastructure that was built in the 50s and 60s and it drives me
absolutely insane that America hasn’t started rebuilding that infrastructure I
mean we haven’t invested in new roads or in new transit and schools so in energy
or anything like that for decades the number of cars that we have now in
America are four times as many as we had in the 60s so therefore we should be
having four times as many freeways four times as many tunnels four times as many
bridges and orders but we don’t so this is why I wanted to get our act together
and do the upgrading least in California so when I talk about infrastructure I
didn’t really want to just fix roads and fix and close some holes and the roads I
wanted to build massive freebase on top of freeways I wanted to build the first
high speed rail in the United States I wanted to build more bridges and more
tunnels more on ramps and off ramps I wanted to see literally cranes
everywhere well there was no excuse for Californians to get stuck in traffic and
there was no excuse really to send your kids in overcrowded classrooms
in schools and it was also no excuse that Los Angeles has a hundred-year-old
sewage system that’s shitty I thank you see first of course some of the
legislators looked at me like I was absolutely insane when I told him this
vision they were willing to spend maybe five billion dollars which of course is
petty cash and compared to what my vision was but subsample addition of
course has a hard time to see the big picture because they didn’t really ever
travel outside California so they haven’t really seen big infrastructure
they haven’t really seen big infrastructure all over the United
States or maybe in Asia in China and Korea or in Brazil or in European
countries or here in Australia maybe so they haven’t seen that and then of
course there are other politicians that simply don’t have a vision of the future
past the next election which is a common problem politicians have all over the
world so it is it was my job as governor to motivate them and to take them and to
see the traffic jams in Los Angeles and to see the overcrowded classrooms and to
see all the problems that we have for they kept pushing and pushing and to
pump them up enough that eventually they saw the big picture and eventually
Democrats and Republicans came together and we invested sixty billion dollars to
rebuild California’s infrastructure the biggest investment of our state in 50
years so that’s what we did because we had a big vision and everyone bought in
on this big vision so remember never think small think big my third rule is
ignore the naysayers I think it is natural that when you have a big vision
and big dreams and you have big cores that people are gonna say around you I
don’t think it can be done I think it’s impossible or no I tell you hear this
all the time but I want to tell you don’t ever let them stop you from
dreaming and from shooting for the big goal because eliminate just simply those
words no impossible and it can’t be done I mean in each one of my careers when
someone said it’s impossible I heard it’s possible when someone said it can’t
be done I heard it can be done and when someone
said no then I heard loud and clear yes so this is what I believed in I am a big
believer of what Nelson Mandela said he said it always seems to be impossible
until someone does it and that’s exactly what it is and I wanted to beat that one
that does it I wanted to break the new records and I wanted to do something
that no one else has ever done so I think that’s what you need to do don’t
ever be worried about that someone hasn’t done it just think about how many
times my career would have stopped my career would have ended if I would have
listened to the naysayers I mean it started right away when I was 15 years
old and I became a bodybuilder right and if that happened I said I want to be a
world champion in bodybuilding I want to be mr. universe they immediately said
are you crazy you in Austria in Austria you can become a ski champion or a
bicycle champion or something like that but bodybuilding is an American sport
forget about it it’s nuts ten men I wanted to move to America they
said again it’s impossible you will never be able to do that you’re from the
money you open yourself and then men I wanted to go into show business
after I won 13 world championship titles in bodybuilding I said I want to be like
reg Park I want to be a Hercules I want to get into movies well I tell you when
I met those agents and managers and studio executives their reaction was oh that is so funny you want to be what a
leading man oh come on I mean look first of all let’s start
with your body look at your body I mean you’re over developed you’re gigantic
you’re like a monster are you kidding me do you know what the news thing the new
trend is it’s little guys like Dustin Hoffman Al Pacino Woody Allen those are
the new sex symbols don’t you get it and then you accent oh it gives me the
chills just listening to your German bullshit
come on now I mean oh god I mean it’s like it’s scary when you talk it’s
unbelievable I mean have you ever Arnold meb series have you ever seen an
international movie star with the German accent it doesn’t happen forget about
that and then your name what is it Watson schnitzel or something like that
yeah I can see that name already up there in a billboard yes and people are
gonna storm the field and the movie houses because Watson schnitzel is
starring in a movie oh yeah I can see that already
so that’s what they said they said to me it says look forget about that you a
nice guy I mean your bodybuilding champion right on view you open up a
gymnasium or health food stores something like that we can help you with
that and let me get the other side some little parts like maybe playing a
bouncer I mean with your body perfect or maybe a wrestler oh I have a good idea
with you accent the Nazi officer now that’s really great for you I call my
buddies over at Hogan’s Heroes I mean they would probably use someone like you
so that’s what I said imagine that everywhere I turn they said no it won’t
happen it’s not gonna happen and forget about it
luckily I did not listen I did not listen because I knew if I worked hard
enough and I worked as hard as I did in bodybuilding five six hours a day that I
will make it that I could prove them wrong
and I started working very hard I started taking acting classes English
classes speech classes dialogue classes even accent removal classes I ran around
all day saying lines like a fine wine grows and a bind because you see the
Austrians and Germans have a difficult time with that be and with the W and
with the F we get it all mixed up so it was a fine wine grows and a bind or the
sink is made out of a zinc and I all those kind of lines is it a window when
you know something all of a sudden I got a little break in the early 70s I
remember all of a sudden I got a TV show a little part then another little part
and then all of a sudden I got a phone call from Lucille Ball to be in her
special happy Anniversary and goodbye which was without Connie I had the
six-minute scene as an Italian sir that most people don’t know the
difference between an Italian accent in the German accent so I got away with my
German accent but I played this Italian Monsieur and I was so delighted and then
right after that I got that guest starring role in streets of San
Francisco with Michael Douglas in Cowell Malden and then pumping out and stay
hungry and then of course I landed the big role as Conan the Barbarian so
finally I got the big big break and you know what was so interesting about it
was that soon as we were finished with the Conan movie we were out there and a
promotion to him and the director said that the press conference the directors
John Milius he said if we wouldn’t have had Schwarzenegger with those muscles we
would have had to build one now think about that before it was this huge
obstacle to have this party and all of a sudden the director says if he wouldn’t
have had Schwarzenegger with his body we would have had to build one now what a
turnaround and then when I did terminator James Cameron said which was
really great he said the Albie Backlund became one of the most famous movie
lines in history because of Arnold’s crazy accent because he sounded like a
machine when he talks so as you see everything that the naysayers said was a
liability became an asset and the same was also in my political career when I
ran for governor they immediately said I shouldn’t do it it is a big mistake it
won’t happen I will lose and all of those kind of things in the rest of
course is history the bottom line is if I would have listened to the naysayers
my career would have ended when I was 15 years old I will be still yodeling in
Austria in the Alps and I would not be talking here the day to you and the
reason why I’m here today and talking to you is is because I did not listen to
you can’t though it’s impossible or no so I just recommend you very strongly
ignore than they say us the fourth rule is work your ass off
nobody ever stumbled upon success by accident except maybe the guy who found
gold in California but don’t ever think that you can be that guy I mean India
you never want to fail because you didn’t work hard enough I always
believed no stone unturned work your butt off that’s what I always believed
no matter what you do work work work I remember Muhammad Ali one of my great
heroes had a great line in the 70s when he when he was asked how many sit-ups do
you do he said I don’t know because I start counting only when it starts
burning when it starts burning that’s when he starts counting you see that’s
what makes you a champion it doesn’t matter in what area you mean
no pain no gain the bottom line is one of my rules which is work your butt off
if you don’t apply that rule all the other rules won’t mean anything I mean
it drives me absolutely nuts when people say I don’t have time to work out have
me heard that many times I don’t have time to work out or I have worked so
hard all day I’m tired I cannot work out anymore oh I cannot read another book or
I cannot improve myself oh I don’t have time or I work so hard that I cannot
really improve my business or I cannot grow as a person or any of those things
what the hell are we talking about here I mean today is 24 hours you sleep six
hours so you have 18 hours left I mean I know that some of you out there that say
well wait a minute I sleep actually eight hours but let’s just sleep faster
okay you know I mean let’s not get bogged down with this stuff yeah listen man I came to the United States
I remember that I trained five hours a day every day and I was managing a
construction business that was a bricklayer and I went to college also
and I took acting classes from 8 o’clock at night to 12 o’clock midnight all that
in one day every day I did that I did not worry about it I knew that at 24
hours and I didn’t want to waste one single hour because I believe of what
Ted Turner said who is one of the great entrepreneurs who start at CNN and so on
he said early to bed early to rise work like hell and advertise so that’s what I
believe just remember you can’t climb that
ladder of success with your hands in your pockets you must work your ass off
it’s that simple and my fifth and last rule is don’t just
take give something back leave your mark in the world I believe that we all have
an obligation to do something for our community something for our state
something for our country we must serve a cause that is greater than ourselves
because we all know that in the end we will be judged not for how much we made
but the how much we give ever since America greeted me be dope moms I’ve had
this sense of responsibility and I felt obligated to give something back to
America because I know that everything that I have accomplished is because of
America if it’s my bodybuilding career if it is my show business career my
political career the money that have made I’m a great family that I have all
of this is because of America but I have to recognize the fact that America did
not become the land of opportunity in this great country by itself no in
history people work tirelessly in America people fought and people died to
make it the land of freedom and opportunity in the land of liberty so
now it is our responsibility if we want to keep it the number one country in the
world to work for that and to give something back to that country and it
doesn’t matter if you’re in America or if you’re in Australia or if you’re in
China or Finland Japan or in Italy it is the same thing you all have to give
something back to your country then by the way you’re from now I love the words
of my father-in-law Sargent Shriver who started the Peace Corps the Job Corps
legal aid to the poor during the Kennedy and during the Johnson administration he
was the number one public servant and he always inspired me to become a public
servant he was one of my heroes he said at Yale University at a commencement
speech he said to the students tear down dead mural tear down that mirror that
makes you always look at yourself and you will be able to look beyond that
mirror and you will see the millions and millions of people that need your help
and I saw those millions and millions of people and this is why I tried to take
every opportunity that I could to give something back
I started training Special Olympians people that were intellectually
handicapped to help them with weightlifting in powerlifting I became
the International powerlifting coach and the torch bearer for Special Olympics
then later on I joined the Simon Wiesenthal Center to fight prejudice so
we don’t have the things happening again as we had during the Second World War
during the Nazi Reich and I joined also the President’s Council on Fitness I
became the chairman on the President Bush from 1990 to 1993 to be the
chairman and to promote health and fitness in all 50 states that traveled
all 50 states I started after-school programs for the
most vulnerable children for inner-city children to make them be able to say no
to drugs no to gangs and know the violence and to say yes to the education
and yes to life and every single time I reached out and I gave something back I
felt fantastic nothing made me happier I would rather play chess with an
eight-yard kid in an after-school program or play golf a round of golf
with a special Olympian then go down another red carpet of a movie premiere
and have nothing against movies but to give something back to me is more
important than just to think about myself eventually the joy of giving back
was so great that I decided to become a public servant full-time and to turn my
back actually walk away from my career as an actor after finished promoting
Terminator 3 I jumped into the race into the governor’s race in California in the
rain for governor and even though my friends advised me not to do that they
said are you crazy Arnold don’t you understand that you would lose now
there’s 2030 million dollars a movie that you’re getting paid and they will
only pay you a hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars as governor a year or I
didn’t care because I knew that all the money that I’ve made and to be in their
position the first place to make this money is because of America
it was time to give something back so I became governor and I didn’t even take
the hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars I give it back to the taxpayers
because it was petty cash it’s the last thing I needed and I can tell you that
those seven years were the most exciting and the most rewarding and the most
gratifying years of my life to work all day long the South problems and deserve
the people was absolutely heaven it was the best job I’ve ever had but they also
knew that eventually it’s going to come to an end and after two terms it did
come to an end but when he came to an end the one thing that didn’t come to an
end and was not finished was my desire to be a public servant industry of the
people and this is why I continued to work for Special Olympics that’s why I
continued to work on fighting my fitness crusade and traveling around the world
to promote health and fitness and this is why I continued to support
after-school programs and we even started the Schwarzenegger Institute at
the University of Southern California to continue to inspire students and leaders
around the world to find solutions to complicated issues and to give back and
to make the world a better place so because thank you but I tell you that I was very fortunate
that I had great heroes I’d great heroes that I could look up to and I mentioned
two of them Muhammad Ali and Sargent Shriver my father-in-law but there’s
other great heroes like Gorbachev Reagan Mandela great leaders like Mother Teresa
Chancellor Kohl and Churchill and the list goes on and on I mean those people
had such an impact in the world single-handedly they’ve changed the
world I mean if you think about just Gorbachev I mean this man every time I
meet him I’m in awe I mean he grew up on the communism and he rose from the
bottom of the ranks straight up to the top
he came president of the Soviet Union one of the most powerful people in the
world and he was the lead of the Communist Party and when he wasn’t a top
position he realized that the system was broken now what do you do when you had
the top leader of the Communist Party and he realized that the system that
communism doesn’t work well you know what he did he dismantled communism
think about the courage that it takes I mean the guts that it takes to do that
think about that Gorbachev completely transformed his country with glass toast
to give his people for the first time freedom and then through perestroika
reforming Russia’s economy he didn’t wait for the next president he didn’t
complain he simply said if not me who and if not now when
so I feel very strongly all of us need to have an embrace that kind of a spirit
we all can create change whether it is now neighborhood or in our local schools
or in our country he can’t be big but it can also be as little as just going to a
school kid that is problems reading and teaching that kids are the read or how
to do math we don’t have to just work on me we should also work on we not just me
but also we remember that to lead a truly full life you must give back human
leave the world a better place than you found it because the bottom line is it
is up to us I mean those rules that have given you important rules but giving
back is one of the most important rules I guarantee you that if you follow all
of those rules you will have many victories to celebrate and you will
leave you know you work and you will have extraordinary kind of a record and
you will leave a legacy behind that you can be proud of so I want you to
remember those rules have a vision think big ignore the naysayers work your
ass off and give back and change the world because if not us who if not now
when thank you very much thank you give it up for the saddle swatch nigga
obviously you’ve had so many different careers out of all those careers what
would you say has been the most rewarding career for you
I think definitely being a public servant has been the most rewarding but
I would say that it is actually a very difficult question to answer because I
think that it depends on what stage of my life I was in when I was fifteen
years old to me I didn’t think about being a public servant and it was 15
years old or a thought about roles how can I become the most muscular man and
the biggest guy the most powerful guy with the most symmetry and the most
muscles and win as many championships as possible there was the most important
thing to me I only thought about that I didn’t yeah how I’m gonna get there
that’s what I wanted to do I was willing to train all day long in order to get
there but then later on when I won all those championships in bodybuilding I
said it as if it’s time to move on and to take on another challenge something
that is very risky to do where you could fail I always tried to pick things that
they were very risky and they were hard to climb but they always shot for big
course and I decided that I want to be you know in the movies and I wanted to
be a leading man and I saw myself as like another Clint Eastwood or you know
Charles Bronson or John Wayne or something like that and you know that
was the most important thing for me at that point and keep still in great shape
and all that but then later on as I said there came a time and a say to myself
wait a minute I have gotten all this opportunities and this wonderful life
and America’s made it possible that I could have gone to any other country in
the world and I wouldn’t have even had a fraction of that success that I have to
give something back we have to keep America for future generations the
number one country so I started thinking one more about giving something back
eventually I fell in love with the idea of being a public servant
that you know I jumped into the governor’s race and at that point that
became the most important thing you know so it’s it’s a you know like right now
to me to fight not only a fitness crusade which by the way we have won
because for four decades we’ve been out there talking about weight training and
the importance of weight training and at that time people said you’re gonna get a
heart attack you’re gonna get muscle-bound you’re gonna get become
stupid if you workout you’re gonna become a NASA sis you’re gonna turn gay
and all those kind of things that they were worried about but today look at
this the day it has a gymnasium in every single hotel all over the world in every
military base every police station every fire station every University every
sports team has a weight rooms and they’re relying on weight resistance
training even in the hospitals they have to rehab rooms in the center’s whether
the weight resistance training so our crusade was successful and we’re going
to continue this crusade but the same thing is now thank you the same thing is
now with the environmental crusade I think it is extremely important and I’m
very proud of what Australia is doing with the environment I think that
California and in Australia has share many ideas and they’re doing similar
things which is really great but there’s a lot of countries that are not doing it
in this viral start at the r20 which is an organisation and environmental
organization it brings regional governments together form all over the
world because I believe that those movements only can be successful if you
fight them on a grassroots level from the bottom up rather than from the top
down like they’re trying to do by creating a kyoto number two treaty and
all those things there’s a very challenging things to do but they should
continue working on that but in the meantime we should do a ground movement
because I think all great movements have been successful on a grassroots level if
it is the entire apartheid movement the independence movement in India if it is
the civil rights movement in America or the you know all of those movements have
been successful because they’re from the bottom up and that’s what we have to do
also with iron by environmental movement bring Democrats and Republicans and the
Green Party and all the different parties together and together we will be
able to push back and reduce our greenhouse gases once and for so we
don’t have that many people in health and health risk because there is
millions of people every year because of the pollution and I think
that we can do much better than that Bill Gates once said that often we
learned more from our failures and successes in the sense that often when
we’re successful we party and celebrate when we file we perhaps ponder and
reflect in your life would you say you’ve learned from Bothell or
successful failure from more oh I think that it is important that you learn from
both I think that is good like for instance I learned from success when I
had my first success in bodybuilding I realized the rules that I shared with
you today those five rules I applied those rules and that’s what
made me successful so I applied those rules again in entertainment and in my
acting profession and again I was successful and then I applied it again
when I ran for office and got into the political arena and again it was
successful so I learned that those are the different rules that I can apply and
I will be successful if apply those but the same is also with failure the key
thing is is that when you failed that you’ve recognized why did you fail where
did you fall short and you learn from that and the important thing is like I
said that you get up again that you never stay down you always get up in the
middle how many times you fail you get up and you know that’s why I love that
word I’ll be back because you got to get up I’ll be back I’ll be back and they
come back and you come back over and over again you went from Hollywood to politics and
now politics back to Hollywood some people would say acting and being a
politician is the same thing well I mean first of all I think in both professions
it’s important that you kind of think about the people because if you do
movies it doesn’t make any sense to just make movies that please you but no one
in the audience is gonna go and see it I mean you need the fans to go and see the
movies to love your movie so therefore you have to do the movies for your fans
rather than for yourself like for instance with terminator we knew right
away that when you looked at that story that
in the national story that had an international appeal and it audiences it
didn’t matter in Africa or if you’re in Australia or in Austria in Germany it
makes the difference where they would like this story because it dealt with
action it dealt with a futuristic kind of a theme you know it was good destroys
evil it was about machines versus human beings all of those things that people
enjoy seeing the same was with Conan the same was with twins with the baby did a
comedy I always thought about what was the audience like to see what do they’d
like to see not just in America but all over the world now it doesn’t mean that
you’re always successful because there’s many times that you also make a mistake
and you think that this movie’s gonna be great it goes right under the toilet
that happens too but the important thing is that you always keep the audience in
mind the same is as a power addition you have to think about what is what is it
that the people want you to do rather than just what you want to do now of
course you have to lead but if for instance the people need infrastructure
and you know that the kids go to overcrowded classrooms like we talked
about in California or you need to rebuild the infrastructure
transportation infrastructure then it would be a mistake not to do that then
that’s why I insisted I knew in the polls it was very clear in California
that the people who are upset about getting stuck in traffic every day for
hours and hours that they wanted to for us to build additional freeways
additional lanes additional on ramps and off ramps and tunnels and bridges and
all those things and that’s exactly what we did and they were happy about that so
I think it is important in both cases that we do the people’s work rather than
for ourselves and of course the acting profession what you learn in acting is
is that you connect with the audience that you speak from your gut and not
just out of the mouth not that I have just diarrhea out of the mouth but you
have actually crafted every word come with meaning and that’s very important
in acting so you connect and you make the scene believable where the same is
in politics as you know that empower leagues a lot of times people just talk
and it’s just words but people don’t buy in they don’t
believe it because someone just reads it off the script or from the teleprompter
something like that and it doesn’t come from the heart so I think it’s very
important that you connect with the people and you make it believable that
you believe in it and that you are passionate about it and then you can
draw the people in and make them understand your vision and sell your
vision that’s what leadership is all about the US Constitution if it was ever
to be changed that a foreign-born could run for president is that something
you’d consider well I recommend it very strongly when they talk now about
immigration reform as they were the first thing that you should change an
immigration reform is dead law I mean I you know I I’m actually just joking with
them and that the bottom line is I think it’s an outdated law that we have in in
in America but I have been able to do everything that it did because of
America so I’m not about to complain about the one thing that I can’t do you
know that’s just the way it is and there’s a reason why in America they
have that law and I think eventually it will be changed it will be brought up to
date if it would be happening in my life then I I don’t know but I think it needs
to be changed and not for me but I mean just in general I think it would be a
good idea to have a foreign-born also be able to run for president so it’s just
something that needs to be changed you could give my hand okay so let’s take
some questions from the audience let’s start right over here far away with you
question when you’re lifting you don’t actually see the weight you actually see
a trophy so I was wondering do you have any other techniques that you can share
with us that you use to stay conscious of that like for example I know some
people meditate and stuff like that I was wondering if you do anything like
that well I did in the 70s some meditation but I think that when it
comes to actually being a coming a bodybuilding champion the most
important thing is that you are inside your muscles when you train that you
really feel the bicep when you do your curls then you really feel every rep
that you do when you do your bench press or your flies or your pour lowers and so
on or that you really feel inside down to the bone your calves when you do your
calf raises there’s so many people that just are in the gym and they just go and
they go up and down and they think and to think about something then they go
and check their iPhone while they’re exercising I mean I’m telling you it’s
not gonna happen it’s not gonna happen because the muscle needs absolutely full
concentration it’s that simple that’s the way you get the pump to be
inside and to go and concentrate and do visualize at all times when you train
you tell – it’s that huge gigantic deltoids and if you to visualize that
the deltas are growing and then the chances of them growing is much greater
and if you start looking at an iPhone while you’re doing your exercise so it’s
not gonna happen so this is why I always believe very strongly
they’re gonna go to the gym I want to go and focus 100% on my training in the gym
focus but when I walk out of the gym I didn’t want to talk about it anymore
it’s over because there’s some people did like to talk about it and talk about
it and talk about the same thing over and over it burns me out if I would do
that I like to going to the gym and then I look at the equipment and then I say
okay the day is arms and legs so I’m gonna go and concentrate and then then I
see those machines and I start walking around and they go from one set to the
next step to the next step then the next set and just it’s like a machine to go
from one thing to the next and to really keep training hard and to not just do
your 10 reps but to do as many reps until you fail because it’s the only way
that you know how far you can push yourself is if you’re willing to fail
and every set and that is how I grew this is how I became the champion and
there is no shortcut to that so ever no matter what training
principles you use if you lose high reps on low reps or any of those things
you got to go and concentrate 100% and what you’re doing just why we’re on
bodybuilding Annie today’s bodybuilders how do you how do
you see that compared to when you were dominating the sport well I think that
it like in every sport people are getting better all the time in
bodybuilding I’ve seen since my days bodybuilders have gotten more defined
they’ve gotten bigger the bodies has developed more I think because we have
better machines now we have better food supplements better techniques in all of
those kind of things that have developed the better gyms in in general and so on
I think that especially in the amateur division in bodybuilding extraordinary
work has happened all over the world there is now a hundred and eighty
countries to the members of the International Federation it’s the
biggest Sports Federation in the world we’re very proud of that we’re literally
a step or two away from getting into the Olympic Games so there’s great great
work I think in a professional bodybuilding side I think that that has
gone overboard I believe that those guys have gotten too big they are not able to
perform and do the posing that they ought to do with this kind of
development they ran out of steam on a stage
they cannot flex long enough I think they’re taking certain things that is
taking them in the direction where the stomach is hanging out and they’re you
know certain growth hormones and stuff like that so I think that this has
backfired because we could see that the public’s interest has reduced when man
got over developed in the cartoonish way where it’s not any more beautiful where
the all of a sudden looks at kind of like power lifters with huge legs and
they’re walking around like that and they can put the arms down say it gets
away from their whole ideal of what bodybuilding is all about so I think
that the reason is because in professional bodybuilding they’ve paid
so much attention to give him points for size
but not points for performance in proposing if they will give more points
for posing and for symmetry rather than just for size you will see that change
very quickly you want to see guys running around in their suits like they
know there’s something kind of weird going on there but you will have guys
that look like you know like in the old days Steve Reeves when he spent people
saw Steve Reeves on the beach they said oh my god they can looks gorgeous look
at that Herculean body they went all of that and many other party builders like
that but the day the way they waddle around you know it’s like it’s like to
me I think we went overboard in professional bodybuilding and now we
have to rein it in and it’s totally solvable I mean there’s no problem with
that I think just in the next few years we have to rein it in and just change
the judging system a little bit yeah let’s go over here a question over the
side your greatest accomplishment and what is something you are yet to achieve
that you have not yet I want to be smarter I want to learn everyday I want
to win the environmental crusade and I cannot wait until I get the news instead
of hearing that we have increased our greenhouse gas emissions by six percent
over the last year I want to hear that we have now stabilized and then
eventually hear that we are reducing our greenhouse gases like you’re doing here
in Australia or like we’re doing in California where we make a clear
commitment to reducing our greenhouse gases by 25 percent at a certain time in
California for instance by the year 2020 and then 85 percent by the year 2050
now I my goal is to motivate the rest of the world to do exactly the same thing
and I will not stop until this is accomplished so that’s one of the things
that they want to accomplish name of the chief in the near future thank you for being here thank you
question I decide far away pumping iron used to train in law you’re
the only one used to train without any shoes on there’s any particular reason
used to training bare feet no there was it was it’s one of those
things that I just felt always good when I could grab with the toes the floor
when I did squats or the block when I did my calf raises it was just a habit
and I everyone always said you’re gonna drop something on your feet and it’s
gonna you’re gonna destroy your feet and order things why I’m still standing so I
mean nothing was nothing was destroyed I just always liked working out barefoot
and today adults today when I even when I work out at home and I’ve carpeting in
my gym at home but I work out with slippers
so it was just it was just a habit then and I always just loved it so there’s no
specific reason at all okay have a question over the side thanks so much
for you talk mr. Schwarzenegger if there was one habit or routine or one thing
that you remanded recommend that people do daily that’s going to increase their
success what would that be I think Reid I think the most important thing is and
and I can tell you that only because when I was governor I worked from
morning to night having one meeting after the other every hour was another
meeting one time it was about prison overcrowding then it was about law
enforcement local law enforcement then it was about education then it was about
the university system then it was about the welfare programs and about the
health care system and on and on and on and to me the capital of California
became the greatest classroom that I could ever imagine
I learned because every time you have a meeting you sit down and get the
briefings and you’re being brought up to date kind of like what this issue is
about and so on and so you learn and you learn in the
learn I tell you I felt so rich every day to learn that much and to absorb it
like a sponge I felt like if every human being would have the opportunity to
learn because so many people kind of stop they go to university they get
their college degree then they get a job and from then on the growth stops they
always say that we are the most intelligent when we get out of high
school or when we get out of college and then it stops so why not take on if even
if it is 15 minutes that they imagine that you’d spend 15 minutes a day to
study history and because the day on the internet it’s so easy to find all the
things that the Roman history the German history the European history the British
history the African history in or discount say and eventually after 365
days of this 15 minutes studying imagine the kind of knowledge that you gather in
the next year they say I want to study the history of music and you get into
classical music in this study about back and about Beethoven’s about Mozart and
all of those different guys just a little bit not that you have to become a
genius in it but just study a little bit of it you imagined it how rich and
knowledge you become and how much you understand about everything and said to
me it is always a shame when I see that people do not improve or as I said in
one of my rules work your ass off I said that people so many times say oh I am
exhausted I work so much I don’t have the time anymore to read another book I
don’t have the time to join a seminar like this or a conference like that
where you learn something I mean this is the best investment you can make to sit
here and to sit and to listen to those kind of motivational speeches and so on
I have read so many of those books I have listened to so many of this
motivational kind of seminars and listened to the tapes I think they’re
fantastic because they pump you up they build you up and you get out there and
you say okay I’m ready to fight and I’m ready again to climb into to be the
number one and so on so I think I would say make an effort to
grow as a person all the time stay hungry thanks Russia
hello first up on behalf of the audience I’d like to thank you so much for coming
down here really appreciate it secondly I’d like to know when you were
first starting out how did you all the most important things you did to get the
arnold schwarzenegger brand as an individual notice and stand out from the
crowd I think there’s not something that you work on I mean I’ve never even
thought about the brand when it was 20 years old
it was training every day I remember when I was in the military I had my
dumbbells and my barbells and the side of the tank I was a tank driver
I took the tools out of the side of the the toolbox and Abood madanpal
the blades the way it’s India and the bars and then the collapsible bench I
put in there and then they went a manoeuvre and at 6 o’clock we at 7
o’clock at night when we were finished I putted all my equipment that would work
out to three hours a day so I mean when everyone was tired and fell asleep I
will be working out so to me I always concentrated on just working hard and
that’s how I became the youngest mr. universe ever at the age of 20 so when
you then do that and you win Miss Universe between E and then you win the
second Miss Universe title be 21 and then the third with 22 and mr. world and
mr. Olympia and it goes on and on but I was 28 I won 13 world bodybuilding
championships so automatically you develop a brand and people start paying
attention to you so then from then on anything and
everything that I did people paid close attention to that because they wanted to
know the see follow through with that kind of discipline and that kind of a
vision and all the things he does and so everything started adding and adding and
adding and you know so I developed that brand and I was very fortunate that
because of the work that they’ve done that no matter what country I go in you
know I have a great popularity people have appreciated the movies people have
appreciated my promotion for bodybuilding and for fitness and health
and also my environmental work that I did and also being a public servant and
the movies that they have done and repeat the lines you know if you go to
Arabic countries they say I’ll be back in their way and you know in Austria
they said their way and over here in Australia their way so I mean people
appreciate this work so that’s how he slowly built the brain but they never
really thought about oh I’m gonna go now and build my brand or I’m gonna leave a
certain legacy so I was always too busy just to do the work then they worry
about their or all fat but I mean you know it’s it’s a the key thing for me
always was that if if people look at me I think there’s one word that should
come to my mind that their mind this is joy I always said great joy what I’m
doing like speaking here the day – you did to me this is not a job to me I am
having a great time to stand in front of you and to talk to you I love it I love
it actually just on that someone said to me earlier can you ask Annie what does
he do to relax is it true that you have an army tank and that’s your idea
relaxation yes it’s like the tank that I used in the austrian army i eventually
brought it to America and it’s an m47 a patent that a tank that America gave to
various different countries all over Europe tomorrow no no this is a that’s
not the m47 from the kids from the twine is not from the fifties my bankers from
the fifties but there was a good Drive I was a good driver but they know I have
a great time in where the tank was restored and there has new tracks if
there’s a new engine it you know runs 35 miles an hour and I take it out on the
weekends and yeah we have a range it’s called the melody ranch where they used
to do western movies in the valley near Hollywood and I always take the kids in
the city kids that they have stay in after-school programs every day five
days a week as a reward I take them sometimes skiing the mammoth that they
fifty of them at the time and teach them and get them to ski lessons in order or
I take them over to drive tanks all day long with Ryder and I’ll be the tanks
and so as a reward and we all have a great time doing that but I just want to say that in the end
when people say what do you do for relaxation you work hard and do all
those things I really because I love the work that I do I relax when I work I
don’t have to go and say oh my god and now I’m so wiped out now I got to relax
I love the work the room and I am on a movie set you know and I get asked to
come to the set and to act out a scene I am having the greatest time or you get
in the car and you do a chase scene I mean how much more fun can you have or
they’re going to get the big guns to say okay kill Motown a few people you stand
there you kill a few people I mean you know it’s you you can you can be a child
and you can play out your fantasies and all those things look at that look at
this equipment I mean it’s it’s it’s a lot of fun so I have a good time when I
do and I had a great time when I was governor and had all those great
meetings and you know going on a campaign trip and sometimes you have to
do fundraising it gets a little bit more tedious of course but I mean it’s it’s
it’s all fun I cannot complain so I don’t need to relax or anything like
this I relaxed right now I’m relaxing standing here and and schmoozing with
you here I I relaxed completely I mean I’m not tense so anything like that I
don’t need to go afterwards and leafy and say oh now I have to collapse and I
can you know lie down or something like that
very good let’s take one more question over here
good evening mr. Schwarzenegger I’ve waited my whole life to say that I’m representing the Arnold fans calm a
group that you know a bit about and but first of all I’d like to say how much of
an inspiration you’ve been in my life and helping me achieve my goals and I’m
sure a lot of people in here as well thank you thank you you son-of-a-bitch
get to the choppa if it bleeds then we can kill it very nice now I understand that there
are a couple of scripts being written and they’re trying to race to have been
finished one of them is the new Conan movie and the other is Terminator 5 and
the question I would like to ask is out of those two characters the Terminator
and Conan what are the two what is the one that you hold dear most your heart I
don’t think there’s one character even with all the other movies like for
instance I’m getting this script in two weeks from now about you know the sequel
to twins which would be called triplets and so to me that character was a really
fantastic character so you can’t say what the Terminator character is more I
like more than this character or the Conan character I like less than the
Terminator character something like that there’s all you know great character
isn’t like I said I was very fortunate to be able to play those kind of
characters that have an international appeal to me that’s the most important
thing in the I’m very happy that the studio’s want me to be in Terminator 5
from the star as the Terminator which we start shooting in January and that they
want me to do King Conan and you know do that play that role and also to do
another twins movie so you know I feel very proud of that and I feel very happy
about that and and I’m looking forward to English
films thank you so much you’re absolutely
and he just on the movie queens obviously that was one of the first ones
you when you went from being an action hero to getting into comedy is it true
that used I didn’t take any money upfront to to go in that movie well I
you know I always felt that they had a very intense side about myself and you
know kind of like a machine or like playing out the action hero but it also
had a funny side to me and I always you know wanted to act out the funny side
and but people felt like okay I know they’re so successful with the action
genre why would we give him another movie why not just give him action movie
after action movie after action movie but I wanted to do a comedy so I went to
the studio executive the Tom Pollock and Universal and I said look there is a
great idea that Ivan Reitman the guy did it Ghostbusters has developed for me
it’s a comedy it’s called twins and I would do the movie you don’t have to pay
me I take the risk just give me ownership of the part
ownership of the movie and so Ivan Reitman and Danny DeVito and I took 40%
of the movie and didn’t take any salary none of us and so we took the risk well
it happened to be that the movie made a huge amount of money and and you know
the movie only costs 16 million dollars to make because we did we took no salary
so because that would have been another huge amount of money there so they saved
that and then we own 40% of the movie and of course the money keeps coming and
keeps coming today there was one of those great great
decisions but you know the movie was stunt they were they were shocked when I
said I think no money but then an ant-man we asked for the 40% you know
and said we would not sign the deal unless we get the 40% I remember Tom
bowing into the studio executive he then it was a funny thing when he came around
the desk and he pulled out his pockets and he just bent over like that
he says go ahead do it to me and huh and and sure enough that’s exactly what we
did so I daresay for triplets is a different
deal it’s a good deal yeah let’s have two more questions okay one over here hi
I just like to say you’re one of the most inspiring people to me and I’m very
grateful in this moment right now my question is who was your favorite
leading lady my favorite leading lady you know I
think yeah Jamie Lee Curtis probably was my favorite leading lady you absolutely
right it was Jamie Lee Curtis and also Loni
Anderson when we did the chain Mansfield story for television she was another one
of this great big women I mean I was very fortunate even with Sharon Stone
you know I mean she’s really tough to work with but I had a great time with
her when we were shooting in Mexico we had one incident where we there was a
blow-up on a set because we had this scene where she’s supposed to attack me
and then I crap around the throat and apparently that she had an incident in
her real life kind of like where she was strangled or something like that and
said freaked her out and she’s threw a fit and orders and we basically just
explained to her why didn’t you tell us that ahead of time maybe rehearsed
you know we then would work around that bit on the theory that the scene can be
rewritten yeah I don’t have to grab you on the neck I can grab you somewhere
else with great Persia and and so so so basically we worked it out
and I said and everything went fine then and we it worked around those problems
in a gentle way but you know those those things happen but I mean I worked with
real tough actresses but I think that the most fun and because I also knew her
from Sun Valley from skiing was Chamberlain Curtis and she did an
extraordinary job with that with that part and I think there was one
of the reasons why I always was looking forward doing a sequel to to true lies
but as you know with James Cameron it’s his movie and he’s a much more
complicated guy and now he’s involved you notice Avatar movies and so on so so
which I wish him good luck with that and you know he has been extremely
successful and has the most successful movies say in a history of motion
pictures so is a terrific director final question final question for Annie
Ayanna big fan longtime fan of your movies and also read your book and big
fan of your journey as well I guess you’ve sort of touched on it through
throughout the talk tonight and even before about tackling climate change and
doing all sorts of great things I guess going back to your first rule about the
big picture the vision I guess where what is your vision now that after
you’ve achieved so many great things bodybuilding movies politics what’s your
vision for the future and how does that sort of fit in with your your five rules
or the first rule well I think I touched on the revision of the environmental
crusade and so on but I think that one of the important things for me was to
create the Schwarzenegger Institute at the University of Southern California in
order to inspire students and to teach students to be great leaders in the
future I think that you have to really pay close attention to our students to
make sure that they are the ones that really are going to be the leaders of
the future that we educate them the right way and
did we teach them the important things and when they become leaders in the
public sector how not to get tied up with being a conservative or being a
liberal you can have your philosophy but then the end that is so important and so
much more important they be do the people’s work not the party’s work
because we have public servants and not party servants that is the biggest
problem in politics that people feel obligated to serve their party if it’s a
right wing or the left wing or the middle of whatever I think we have to
serve the people they are ultimately the ones that deserve the service they are
paying the taxes and so this is what I want to teach future leaders leaders to
make decisions based on what is best for the country what is best for the
neighborhood for the state what’s best for the people rather than what is best
for their party ladies and gentlemen please give a huge hand for miss Arnold
Schwarzenegger give it up a huge hand ladies and
gentlemen that concludes our event for the financial education summit we look
forward to seeing you next year and we’ll let you know who’s coming later
enjoy safe trip home being a pleasure spread the news enjoy you you

5 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger 5 Rules of Success Full Video

  1. 1) Have a vision

    2) Think big

    3) Ignore the naysayers/doubters

    4) Work your ass off.

    5) Give back and change the world because if not me who? And if not when?

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