Arm & Upper Back Using Dumbbells

For this workout it is going to consist of working my upper back triceps and biceps so I will be showing you exactly what I’m doing with the dumbbells and It doesn’t require too much equipment for this one so you can Build muscle in your back and arms… an easy way Just –you can go up and weights very easily with the dumbbells. So this is a good start for anyone like me who Is just starting out trying to tone and build muscle in those areas. *Gasp* Oop, You caught me RGF, we know what that means: resting gym face. We’re all guilty just means we’re focused. Not a bad thing. I i’ve begun with side lateral raises with both arms. Following up, I am doing a dumbbell military press So I am super setting both of these exercises. I go back with the lateral raises using both my arms and my pretty R G F hehe. *ba dum chh* Resting Gym Face. Yes Focus mode on! Going back to the dumbbell, press with my other arm so I can keep it even. Breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth as much as you can mindfully do. *giggle* Next… I’m going to be doing a similar exercise Only this time with the lateral raises, I’m bent at about a 45 degree angle. That’s as far as I felt like I could bend for this as of right now. So I alternate between lat raises and pulling back my elbows each time. I try to go for as many as I can with those (with a tolerable amount of weight in my hands) so that I can feel my back, triceps and shoulders working on these. So I’m going to keep going with that again, bending forward and using an amount of weight that’s tolerable; not a strain, but moving up as needed. Following that I use an incline bench to do wide grip bicep curls So, I found this amount of weight in each arm challenging. So l stuck with that one for now until I’m ready to move up but I did I think three sets, Ten reps on these. I didn’t feel ready to move up weight that day but in the future, I might. Moving forward- I am trying out laying on the floor, using this dumbbell to work my lat muscles, umm I don’t know if it’d be more beneficial to try it on a bench, but I felt it worked. There I am doing tricep extensions with a dumbbell so I try to get a weight that feels, um substantial for both arms to handle at once. Fust carefully lift it behind your head, don’t knock yourself in the head *giggle* and you’ll definitely feel the pull in your triceps. So, that’s it!!

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