Arm & Chest Exercises : How to Get Rid of Underarm Flab

Arm & Chest Exercises : How to Get Rid of Underarm Flab

Hi, I’m Les Whitley. I’d like to talk to you
a little bit about reducing the underarm flab that so many of you may be concerned about.
Reducing flab or reducing fat–body fat–comes in one of two different ways. Actually, combining
them both for maximal results, is either altering the diet or modifying the diet to support
good nutritional habits in the goals that you have for yourself, as well as the activity.
Now you can tone and strengthen the muscles that are underlying in that flab, but toning
and strengthening will do nothing to get rid of that flab. So either modifying your diet
and improving your level of exercise or increasing your exercise, ideally combining both for
maximal results. Frequency of activity means everything, recommendations may increase from
five to six up to seven days of being active, and that’s not just sitting on the couch or
sitting at a desk, that’s up on your feet moving about expending calories. Now you’re
going to lose calories and lose body fat from all over your body, not just those specific
areas you want to target. So as you lose body flab from your arms, you’re going to lose
it from the chest, you’re going to lose it from the shoulders, from the back, from the
waist, from the thighs… all over your body. You may notice the area you need to lose it
most will be the area that you see it the least and the slowest. So be patient, be committed,
be dedicated, and be consistent.

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  1. @pidemo1
    that's because he explained that you cannot just target the fat in the arms. when you exercise you lose fat from different parts, pat attention.

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