Archer Push Ups – The CORRECT Way!

Archer Push Ups – The CORRECT Way!

Hey guys, Manuel here from Tykato Fitness. Today i’m going to show you how to do archer
push ups. Archer push ups are a great chest and triceps
exercise and i’m going to show you a few form cues that i often miss in other tutorials. So, this is the correct form that you see
here, and let’s look at hand positioning first. You want to start with your hands externally
rotated like this – and while you go to one side, you internally rotate the elbow and the
hand and put it close to your body. Like this. Okay? So, don’t stay externally rotated: like shown
here. This would be wrong. Rotate your hand. And don’t internally rotate before you start. This is the correct position. Now we start in a normal push up position. Hands externally rotated, and make sure that
you are in a proper plank position. Like this – and don’t arch your back, and
don’t make a round back – but stay in a nice clean and straight line. Like this. So, and now you go down, like this: internally
rotating. Go up again, and the other side, like this. Make sure that your elbow is straight the
whole time, okay? Let me show this again, while i go down. And now when you go up, really focus on keeping
this elbow straight. Like this. Perfect! This is important, because when you bend,
it’s a biceps and brachialis exercise – but keep it straight. You don’t want to train your biceps with archer
push ups but you want to train your chest. This is a chest exercise and a triceps exercise
and when you bend it, it’s a biceps exercise and that’s not the purpose of the archer push
up. Okay? Perfect. Keep it straight. Now, a good way to train up to this exercise
is by taking a weight vest. I think 20 to 30% of your added bodyweight
should be necessary before you attempt archer push ups. So, a few reps with these and you are ready
to try them. And if you don’t have a weight vest, you can
also put something on your back like a weight plate or a backpack with books – or something
– okay? But you need to get a little bit better at
weighted push ups first. And once you are there, you can just start
with negatives. Like this. Okay? Start in the position i mentioned earlier
and just go down slowly – and keep the arm straight the whole time. Up again and down into the negative. And once you are sufficient with these, you
will be surprised how well you can finally do archer push ups. So i hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any questions, please put them
in the comments. You can write anything you want. Please give this video a thumbs up if you
liked this tutorial – i would really appreciate that – and subscribe to my youtube channel. Thank you very much, and we’ll see each other
next time on Tykato Fitness. Goodbye folks!

28 thoughts on “Archer Push Ups – The CORRECT Way!

  1. I hope this tutorial will help some of you achieve their first archers! Please do me a favor and give this video a thumbs up (if you like it). 🙂

  2. Hey Tykato,
    kannst du mir sagen, ob Archer Push Ups eine gute/sinnvolle Progression zu Decline Diamond Push Ups sind?
    Danke und viele Grüße,

  3. Are you certain about your intended career? Call me naïve but personal trainer/motivational speaker seems like less paper work than your current direction :P. Great video like always!

  4. Archer push ups initially caused costochondritis for me. I'm pretty sure that my form was on point and I was pretty strong too (I was able to do around 10 on each side). So could the cause be a lack of warm up or do I just have genetically shitty cartilage?

  5. Wow, I've never seen this kind of push-up before! I tried it and I can barely do one on each side, haha.

  6. Danke!
    Ich wollte wissen, was für eine Progressionsreihe zwischen archer push up and one hand push up soll gefolgt werden .
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus der Türkei

  7. so would the wrong way of doing the archer push up be a good way to train the biceps or should i just lift dumb bells and stuff

  8. i just started doing archer push ups, is it normal that bones in wrist (in streched arm) make angry noises in the beginning ?

  9. Thank you for this video. It should be noted that if you bend your extended arm slightly, the exercise does not become entirely a "bicep" exercise, as you suggest. Rather, you will simply be lessening the load on your chest and tricep in proportion to the amound of bend in your arm. For people who simply cant't do a strict archer pushup, slight bending is a good progression until you can go fully extended. Thank you again.

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