ANDRE THE GIANT Trailer # 2 (2018) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan Movie HD

ANDRE THE GIANT Trailer # 2 (2018) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hulk Hogan Movie HD

Everybody remembers that moment Where they first saw Andre the Giant There’s almost a whole room moved when he walked through the crowd I was hooked immediately. He grabs me out of the chair, and he holds me up like a little doll Came over to me and just put his hand on my head Keep my head warm The cliche of gentle giant is Andra. That’s what he was he had this wonderful sense of humor about himself But he had a sadness, too People would not leave more They were making fun of them you would cry It was hurting he was really really hurting There’s a scene where I’m supposed to fall and he catches me And they had to put me on cables so that he had no weight in his arms. He knew he wasn’t gonna live. We’ll Have you replaced somebody that big? He transcended rustling? He was the guy He will have to create emotion, energy, drama… Something magical body he was absolutely unique He was special You

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  1. I had the honor of seeing him once, live at the Hampton Coliseum in the 70's. After the matches were finished we saw him come out of the locker room. I reached up as he passed and touched his elbow! He was just HUGE! Not just physically, his presence was just indescribably enormous! You had to see him in person to understand the charisma and atmosphere that surrounded this amazing man!

  2. When you hear about people not leaving him alone you can almost hear the questions like
    "Hey, you don't drive a Mini huh?"
    "What do you eat?"
    "Did you duck while walking through the door?"

  3. He really looked like the modern picture of a neandertaler…only bigger.
    Perhaps he had 1% more rest genes of them in his pool than others have.

  4. man when i heard saw him in a WWE game for the psp. but man such a shame a guy like him only had a couple of years to live

  5. My cousin Andrew was like him. They could have been twins. Everyone started calling my cousin Andre. He passed before he was 40.

  6. I've seen interviews with friends of his, they said they'd go to a bar and have 8 to 12 beers and get messed up….Andre could drink 40 beers like it was a six pack… that's some shit.

  7. I remember back in 1991…when i was at college and into wrestling WWF watchingAndre and Ultimate Warrior are the dudes of the day..I was living in England at the time..still remember my regular walking from my flat to nearest blockbuster videos to rent WWF videos…27 years ago that was…

  8. I was going to bed, the thumbnail scared the shit outta me, fuck who ever put that thumbnail.

  9. 0:25 wait WHAT??????…..wait a minute hold it right there…am so confused 😳😳😳 whose head??????

  10. So sad how that, toward the end of his life, Andre was in a lot of physical pain from being so huge

  11. Andre the Giant will never be forgotten to those that remember him and even that childhood movie the princess bride. I still can't believe he's gone but…. everytime I played the WWE game and how realistic the graphics they really are. it is like and reminds me that he is still alive and well this year and same with the rest of the best of the best legendary wrestlers. like Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, Eddie Guerrero, Yokozuna, and many others that fallen and it's like seeing a ghost that came back and live to fight a new day in WrestleMania.

    god rest all their soul, the spirit of the warrior will always be within you.

  12. When you think about it it's such a paradox. In most of the tales and movies and books giants live the longest but in real life they die so soon.

  13. My technology teacher back at middle school used to call me Andre the giant because of my name, and I didn't get it.

  14. I just saw this on tv, and it's very good. Cary Elwes looking farking weird in this; he looked like a mannequin, with bad makeup and fake hair. Maybe he was on set when interviewed. It looks like he's had plastic surgery

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