100 thoughts on “All Pokemon Gym Leaders

  1. You should’ve matched the gym themes to their respective regions. Like kanto gym theme for kanto gym leaders, Johto gym theme for Johto gym leaders and so on. Other than that great job!

  2. Kalos is the only region in which there aren't any leader changes, and Orange League isn't a region, it exist only in anime lol

  3. only I think Drayden would be a better champion than Alder ?? He has a lot more champion posture than that shameless oldman XD

  4. I believe Lenora's town is Nacrene city am i right? Its in pokemon black and white and Burgh is in Castelia city.

  5. You didn't show Fantina's platinum team, since you battle her before Maylene and Crasher Wake in platinum, she has a very different team

  6. This is definite by in the games and not anime! To bad I don't have any of the games but I came for the anime tho!

  7. This is so random
    I will guess pokemon Gym Leaders Birthdays
    Brock: November 22nd
    Misty: July 19
    Lt Surge: January 13
    Erika: August 25
    Koga: March 24
    Janine: February 29
    Sabrina: June 14
    Blaine: May 11
    Giovanni: July 11
    Blue: June 29
    Falkner: March 9
    Bugsy: September 1
    Whitney: May 5
    Morty: October 31
    Chuck: January 17
    Jasmine: September 20
    Pryce: May 29
    Clair: March 22
    Roxanne: August 2
    Brawly: May 25
    Wattson: December 14
    Flannery: June 21
    Norman: November 18
    Winona: July 6
    Tate and Liza: September 14
    Wallace: 19 January
    Juan: November 21
    Roark: June 30
    Gardenia: October 12
    Maylene: December 30
    Just Guess the others I cant carry on

  8. i remember dividin my ds into two pieces because of 1:58 i was like lost to her a thousand times and i was ANGRY 😤😤

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