African Dancing : Learning the African Dance of the “Strong Man”

African Dancing : Learning the African Dance of the “Strong Man”

In this clip, I’m going to demonstrate the
second part of the movement I just showed you. Again, remember, this requires a lot
of strength and although it is the rhythm of the strong man, it’s for men and women
and children. So first, with your right and left, side to side, one, two, one, two, one,
two. After you go one, two on the right and left, you come out on the right and left.
And you bring your arms out in a fist, with a jerky movement. And you have a big smile.
Again, while you do this dance make sure you’re posture’s good and your back is straight.
It makes a big difference if you’re slouched. This is not the proper way. You make sure
your back is straight and you’re standing tall, but at the same time, your knees are
slightly bent. So the continuous movement is down, up, down, up, down, and up.

7 thoughts on “African Dancing : Learning the African Dance of the “Strong Man”

  1. LMAO @ her trying to point out the improper way to do the step and the "proper" way she demonstrates is still wrong.

  2. Bitch I'm fake??? lol If thats the case so are my teachers the legendary late Djibi Traore, Marie Basse, Ndeye Gueye (I was co-director with her) and Allassane Kane. If those Senegalese are fake then so am I because I danced in all their companies and were trained and mentored by them. So STFU!

    And I do know better thank you very much…

  3. @Hervinbalfour Nobody taught YOU anything! You read up on those AFRICAN DANCE TEACHERS!, You danced with nobody but your own boring self! So in other words……YOUR A FAKE!…LOL!

  4. AS an African Drummer for 25 years and dancer for longer this is a good dance instruction. Been to Africa 3 times to study with Shamanic drummers. When your intentions are exposed you are exposed.

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