100 thoughts on “AB WHEEL AB WORKOUT (home workout for your entire body!)

  1. I've been doing body weight and free weights.I've been missing out on Cable pulling.These are a fantastic idea.I've only used bands for warming up.Definitely putting in sometime on these.Thanks very much.

  2. Very cool Jeff! I have been watching your videos and have followed a lot of your advise and the various tips you offer. I can tell you that you have helped me alleviate discomfort due to improper form. Best of all you have helped me lift smarter and more effectively. Thank you!

  3. This video is pretty good. For me that have to travel for work, sometimes the hotel workout room does. It have the equipment I want to work out. Now, just bringing my roller (I have it all the time in my luggage) I can cover most of my body exercises. Thank you very much for it.

  4. if you put the ab roller handles under your arched feet while laying on your upper back, you can do hamstring/leg curls aswell. although it works better with a cheap skateboard (which can also be used for hack squats against a wall) . get creative !

  5. Make your own ab wheel, you need;
    1. 12 to 14 inch metal rod or plastic tubing
    2. Bicycle handles.
    3. Two identical wheels from either a pram, wheel barrow or trolley, 4 to 6 inches in diameter
    4. A spacer that goes in between wheels, half inch thick.
    Slide it all together: spacer between wheels, wheels between two bicycle handles. Do make sure they fit nicely and the wheels shouldn't be thick or wide.
    Dumbbells make good ab rollers with added resistance.

  6. I’m speechless 😶…again you have managed to stun me. You are so creative in all the exercises you throw at us. And i love your philosophy of functionality you apply.

  7. How is this an ab wheel workout? Why are people celebrating this? In all of the exercises that aren't roll outs, the ab wheel is the one piece of equipment that's optional while the band and an anchor point are what's actually required.

  8. Holy shit! I have the band, I have the rollout, I have the bar… but I never guessed any of the exercises you show. Why? Simple and sad: because I am NOT Jeff Cavaliere! 🙂

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