8 Minute Arm Workout (SHOCK YOUR ARMS!)

8 Minute Arm Workout (SHOCK YOUR ARMS!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com. I have a fast arm workout for you today, but
that does not mean ‘ineffective’. As a matter of fact, this might be one of
the most challenging arm workouts you ever do. Let me set the stage for you first. My dog, Charlie, had two abdominal surgeries
in one week. He’s a Labrador. He likes to mess with his incision. I had to basically be with him every day this
week around the clock. I found 10 minutes that I could carve out
to either do one of two things. Make gains, or make excuses. I opted to try to make gains. This workout will do just that. Even if you have all the time in the world
it’s important that sometimes you challenge yourself from the aspect of condensed time. A density training impact. That’s what we’re going to do here, today.. So all you need to do is setup a bench – like
I do here – grab a single set of dumbbells, and then have access to a pullup bar. You’re not just going to use the bar, but
you’ll use the floor right below it. There are four exercises being performed in
this entire workout. You’re going to go back and forth between
them. It works great with your arms because you
have the opportunity to work opposing muscle groups. Meaning, when one is working, the other is
resting. So now what do I do? The first exercise up here is a wide-out inclined
curl. So what I’m doing here is, I like this variation
because I can set my shoulders back, externally rotate my shoulders a little bit, put th1me
in a safer position, and now I just do an inclined curl. I’m honestly working the biceps, and I try
to take this all the way to failure because the goal is – you have two choices, guys. If you’re going to work out for a short period
of time then you’d better workout very hard. So you can work out long, or you can work
out hard, but you can’t do both. We’re opting for short, and we’re opting for
a very intense workout here. So when I reach failure I immediately go to
my fresh triceps. They have not done any work at this point. Up, overhead with the dumbbells, in the same
setup, without and waste of time, I’m able to do the inclined dumbbell extension. So now, the weight here is a little bit less
than I could curl. It’s more appropriate for what I could do
for the tricep extension. For me, that’s the harder of the two exercises. So you want to choose the weight based on
the more difficult exercise. There, I go to complete failure, I go right
back down again, into the curls. As you can see here, the rest of this workout
is me going back, and forth, and back, and forth between these two exercise. What am I shooting for? I’m trying to go to failure on each set that
I do of these exercises, and I’m trying to get to the point where I can’t get either
out anymore, for any quality reps. It’s going to happen because as you start
creeping down and getting more, and more fatigued in one exercise, you’re going to place a higher
demand on the other exercise. If I can only do three reps of a curl, then
I’ll only have three reps of rest for my triceps before I have to jump back to those again. Sooner, or later, even the stronger of the
two muscle group is going to be forced to catch up, and ultimately it’s going to fatigue
out, too. So now I hit this, right around the four minute
mark. I am flying here, and my arms are already
fried. But I’m only halfway through the workout. So I walk over to the pullup bar now, and
I do one of my favorite exercises of all time. Guess what? My goal is to not even move during this exercise. This is a bicep chin curl as an isometric
hold. You go up to the top of the bar, as you see
m here, and the goal is to basically perform a double bicep flex. If I was going to do this, right here, for
you, I’m actually doing the same thing, and the only thing holding me up there is this
double bicep flex holding me up. Of course, as I start to fatigue I’ve got
to fight that negative all the way down. You go as long as you can until that negative
is really not even a quality negative at that point. Then you hit the floor and you do the second
part of this combo. This is a cobra pushup, one of my absolute
favorite ways to train your triceps. We’re getting full extension of the elbow,
the elbows are getting a little bit of extension behind the body, so all the heads of the tricep
are being engaged here. I do as many reps as I can. From there, as soon as I’m done, I’m back
up to that chin-up bar. I hop up, and I’m going to hold it as long
as I possibly can, but more importantly, as hard as I possibly can. Yes, it’s going to be for a shorter period
of time than the last time. The goal here, again, is to just hold as long
as you can, and when you do fail, you’re back to the ground. You crank out more reps of the cobra pushup
until you fail again. Then you’re back up on the bar. You do this same thing. Back and forth, back and forth, and once again,
the same impact is going to be felt here. Especially because you’ve already pre-exhausted
both of these muscle groups with the previous two exercises. You’re likely going to reach this a little
big quicker. I was able to gut it out here for a total
of just over 8 minutes. I can tell you this: my arms had never been
more swollen, they’ve never been more sore, and as I talk to you here today, the day after,
my arms are really, basically immobile. It’s very difficult to hold them up in the
classic YouTube pose here, as I talk to you. The fact is this, guys: as I said in the beginning. You can work out hard, or you can work out
long; but you can’t do both. More importantly, you can make gains, or you
can make excuses. Never make excuses because a short period
of time should be looked at, sometimes, as an opportunity to switch up, and give a jolt
to your training. This is a shock to your system and it’s certainly
a shock to your arms. I promise you, it’s going to give you results
if you’ve never trained this way. Guys, if you’re looking for a program that
puts the science back in strength, I show you a lot of methods that maybe you though
wouldn’t work so well. I can show you how to make everything work
well. As long as you’re willing to provide the intensity
in the workout to do it, I’ll meet you there, and I’ll show you exactly what to do. We have all of our programs over at ATHLEANX.com. Click the link below this video to use our
program selector to find the program that’s best suited to your current goals. In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover
here, and I’ll do my best to do that for you in the days and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon.

100 thoughts on “8 Minute Arm Workout (SHOCK YOUR ARMS!)

  1. Love it!!
    I have started doing some cardio (I know I should of always did but I hated running but going to do a 10k, so have to do some training)
    I dnt have a huge amout of time so I either do 10k or weights!!
    But after I do my 10k I stick in some arms as I dnt do an arm day so why not lol
    I do 4 sets to fail or chin ups superset with cobra push ups
    Then 4 drop sets to fail or incline curl superset with exstencions

  2. Hey man .. I only have 2 dumbbells 25 pounds. I really want to work on my arms to gain muscle in my arms and chest but I don't have that much time. And I want to have definition in my abs .I been seeing your 8 min videos. I'm 21. I weigh about 168lbs .What foods should I eat also??. I really need help .

  3. Was canyoning all morning today; but it's arm day so I tried this. Jeff. This killed me! Awesome stuff, thanks!

  4. Jeff does this indirectly affect shoulders? Sorry I don't remember if you said anything in the video about shoulders.

  5. Your videos are awesome I have the chance to both practice my English and learn how to build some lean muscle hahaha best wishes man

  6. took a while to find what he was saying about the pushup. sounded like kova, or cover. ended up being cobra. Then hard to find it demonstrated. got it. all of it did work well. thanks jeff.

  7. all the times i try to do triceps like that muscles get sore yes but mainly i got a pain in the back of my elbow. i am scared to inflam a band or something that then it takes time to heal as always. any suggestions guys? also when you perform triceps on the inclined bench are the elbows straight? looka to be they are a bit open. thanks

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  9. Jeff…thank you so much for this video! This is so informative and so encouraging that I'm going to start immediately. Thanks again and be blessed.

  10. Excercise at 1:55 hurts my elbows what could i be doing wrong, i dont have a slanted chair im using a straightback one if it helps

  11. As an EXTREMELY hardgainer, how often should I perform this particular workout? Or should I not do this workout?

  12. So if I do this regularly does my biceps still get shocked or is doing these every week a waste of time because like muscle will get use to the same workout would that effect my gains if I do this every week

  13. The overhead extensions hurt my elbows. Seems like the first excercise I'd actually say is more harm than good…

  14. This is the most grip-strength intensive exercise I’ve ever tried by far. My grip gives out way before my arms!

  15. Wwwwooooowwww……amazing combination Jeff…… Excellent oportunity to get big whit you knowledge…… Tks. Keep it going…… Greetings from México !!!

  16. The only major problem with Athlean X workouts is you NEED AN ENTIRE GYM FULL OF EQUIPMENT! Not everyone can have access to a pull up bar or a double cable machine.

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