6 Tips To Force Stubborn Muscles To Grow! | PUT AN END TO LAGGING / UNEVEN BODYPARTS!

6 Tips To Force Stubborn Muscles To Grow! | PUT AN END TO LAGGING / UNEVEN BODYPARTS!

What’s going on nation? Today’s video is going to be all about
six tips to force stubborn muscles to grow. Now, like I talked about
my million, subscriber video. I’m going to be releasing a lot more tip
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symbo symbol symbol. Just turn that on and you’ll be able to
get notifications as soon as I upload a video. And with that being
said, let’s get started. Now we all have a group of muscles
that we think don’t look as big as they should, whether it’s your traps
or your calves or uneven arms, whatever the case might be. And the easiest scapegoat most people
use is that they have bad genetics. Now, while genetics will play a role
in the shape of your muscles, I believe that no matter what
kind of genetics you have, you can always improve if you train
hard and focus on the right things. So if you are looking for ideas on
how to grow your lagging body parts, here are some things that
you should try. Number one, train your stubborn
muscles more frequently. I would say that the majority of people
who go to the gym to build muscle usually train with a bodybuilding split
that takes about four to five days to target every muscle group. And what this results in is that you’re
only training each body part once a week. And if you have a
lagging body part, you’re, you’re basically missing out on multiple
growth periods during the week that you could be using to really
focus on lagging areas. On average our muscles take only 48 to
72 hours to recover from a workout, which means that in two to three days
they’re ready to be worked again. Now what I want you to do is pick one
muscle group that you feel is lagging or if you maybe just want to train it harder
for more growth and start training it twice a week for the next six
to eight weeks. So for example, if your chest is not growing as much
as you want it to try rearranging your program so that you’re training your chest
on Monday and then again on Thursday. Now I actually have a full program to
build a chest on bodybuilding.com that I will link to in the info section below
and it comes with a training schedule as well as both workouts so
you can get right to work. I am also about 99% ready to film the
next installment in that series on how to build 3d shoulders, which
will be available on YouTube. So make sure you guys turn
on your notifications to
make sure you don’t miss it or any other videos I release ever
again. And one last thing guys. After six to eight weeks of training,
a lagging body part twice a week, switch to a different body part you
would like to improve and just keep this going for as long as
you need to. Number two, change your training technique
for your stubborn muscle group. Now this should be pretty obvious guys. If you have been training with the same
technique for an extended period of time and are not seeing progress, then clearly
you need to try something new. Now, this doesn’t mean the exercises
you are doing are wrong. It just means that maybe
you’re not utilizing them
the best way to see the kind of muscle growth that you’re looking
for. And with that being said, let’s go over some different training
techniques that you can try to force some stubborn muscle growth. The first technique we should look at is
whether or not you’re using high volume or heavy weight during training.
As we discussed in previous videos, your muscles are made
of fibers and you have, you can have a higher ratio of fast
Twitch or a higher ratio of slow Twitch muscle fibers. Depending on your makeup, you will get more results either training
with heavy weights and low reps or with high volume workouts. If
you want to know the details, you can check out this video. The bottom line is if you’re lifting
heavy with low reps and not seeing the results you expect, you should
switch and incorporate more volume, which means more reps and
sets and vice versa. Guys, if you’re doing high volume
workouts and not growing, switch to heavy weights with lower reps. another technique you can try with a
training with heavy weight or high volume is super sets. Now, a super set is when you perform two
exercises in a row without stopping, that means you take zero rest between
the two exercises and only rest once both are complete. If you are not used
to this type of endurance intensity, you might find yourself running
out of gas pretty quick, but after a couple of weeks
you will learn to love them. Now a super set can be
utilized a few different ways. You can choose to combine two exercises
targeting the same muscle group or two exercises targeting
different muscle groups. But because the goal of this video is
to help you improve a lagging body part, you would better benefit from using super
sets to target the same muscle group. So for example, if you are
trying to grow your biceps, you’d want to use a super set like this
start off with eight to 10 repetitions of alternating dumbbell curls. And as
soon as you complete those reps, you’re going to immediately grab a bar
and perform eight to 10 repetitions of wide grip barbell curls. Once
both exercises are complete, you will rest for 90 seconds
and then begin your next set. Completing three to four sets in total. Some other common techniques
used to really focus on
isolating muscle groups for growth are pyramid sets drop set. What I like to call burn sets and
FST seven now pyramid sets are when you increase the weight and decrease
the rep range with each passing set. For example, if you were
to train your chest, you might start with 12 reps of the
dumbbell bench press using 70 pound dumbbells. Then for set two you will
perform 10 reps with 75 pound dumbbells. Eight reps with 85 and six reps would
hundreds. This works great for both, for both muscle fiber types, but if you have a higher ratio of fast
which muscle fibers you may expect to see more results from pyramid sets. Next up is drop sets or as I like to call
them burn sets because if you do them right, they burn like crazy and you get that
deep deep muscle burn that we all love and to perform a drop set, you’re basically going to set yourself
up so that you can complete a single exercise with two to three
nonstop sets. For example, if you were to perform
a dumbbell bench press, you would set yourself up so that you
have two to three pairs of dumbbells ready to go at your side. Once ready, grab the heaviest dumbbells you can handle
and complete eight to 10 repetitions. As soon as you finish, drop the weight as much as you need to
in order to immediately complete another set of eight to 10 reps. and then repeat this one
more time to finish one set. For most people the drop in weight is
usually around 15 to 20 pounds and as soon as you finish you’re going to rest for
90 seconds and then complete two to three more sets. If you have a high ratio
of slow Twitch muscle fibers like me, you will see amazing benefits from
this type of training technique. And this is actually the basis for my
newest summer shred 12 week program and I’ll put a link in post
in the info section below. For those of you who
want to give it a shot. Now let’s talk about FST seven which
stands for fastest stretch training. It was created by Hany
Rambod and if you do it right, it can substantially change both the
size and shape of your muscles no matter what ratio of muscle fibers you have. And this is because this type of training
combines high intensity and volume into one type of training
to promote massive growth
and give your muscle bellies that roundness everyone wants, but this isn’t something you
should be doing all the time. Even Haney recommends that you should
only use this on one to two body parts a week and after three to four weeks
switched to one to two other body parts, but this is only if you are already
training at a high intensity. If you are a beginner or inconsistent
with your training only use this for one body part a week, a sample workout for training chest
with FST seven would look something like this. For the F portion, we’re
going to use a compound lift, the reverse barbell bench press and
perform three to four sets of eight to 12 reps resting only 60 to
90 seconds between sets. For the S portion. We are going
to use an isolation movement, the dumbbell chest wide to focus on
training the chest in a stretched position for three to four sets of eight to 12
reps resting only 60 to 90 seconds. Between sets. For the T portion, we
are going to use a compound lift, the dumbbell chest press and complete
three to four sets of eight to 12 reps resting only 60 to 90 seconds
between sets and for the final portion, which is the seven portion, we’re
going to use an isolation exercise, the incline dumbbell fly and complete
seven sets of eight to 12 reps. But this time we’re only resting
30 to 45 seconds between sets. Now remember guys, this type of training
is meant to be extremely intense, so make sure you are eating properly, drinking lots of water throughout the
day and during the workout and possibly even supplementing with some BCAAs and
glutamine to handle the sheer intensity of the training. The third tip is reduce
your rest periods between sets. Now this is something that
most of us can feel guilty of. You are at the gym and someone
comes and talks to you, your phone rings or your mind starts
wandering around thinking about everything other than the next set.
And believe it or not, you can see immediate growth with your
current routine just by cutting down your rest periods. Shorter rest periods
activates the muscle growth mechanism, metabolic stress, which is accompanied by the pump
feeling and an increased surge of muscle building hormones. And what I want you to do the next time
you go to the gym is bring a stopwatch or use the one on your phone. The
very second you’ve finished your set. I want you to start your stop watch
to being your 60 second rest period. As soon as your phone reaches 50 seconds, get into position so that
you can begin your next set. As soon as your timer hits 60
and this is very important guys, that number 60 is going to act like a
gold trigger in your brain to start the exercise. So don’t wait until the
stopwatch says 60 to get into position. Get into position at 50 seconds and get
ready to start your exercise as soon as it hits 60 seconds. Next up is focused on improving
your mind muscle connection. Now you guys would be surprised at how
many people exercise without really feeling the muscles being worked. And this is made very apparent when you
see people using too much weight and lots of momentum when they train. I
hate to say it but for a lot of people, the only thing that is holding back
their muscle growth is their ego. Also, a lot of the times when
you lift with momentum, usually what happens is that supporting
muscles that are stronger tend to take over the exercise and severely impact
the muscle activation on the area that you’re trying to train. If
you think this might be you, I want you just to let go of your ego, drop your weights and start performing
your reps with a much slower tempo so that you can basically reteach your muscles
how to contract properly during every exercise. For example, if
you are doing a barbell curl, I want you to count one second during
the concentric part the hold and the eccentric portion of every
single repetition during your sets. This will help you learn to focus on
contracting and feeling every muscle fiber of the muscles being worked and you
have to master this to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts. Number five is a very simple tip in order
to help muscle growth and it’s to eat more food. Now guys, there is no such thing as a hard gainer. If you claim to have tried
everything and are still not growing, then the solution to your
problem is very simple. You are not eating enough food period. I feel that because there are so many
different ways to train that oftentimes people just get overwhelmed and
confused and if they see no growth, they automatically think their
problem is their routine. But at the end of the day, the majority of these people
are not tracking their macros. And even though they say that
they eat everything in sight, they really have no clue what’s
going on with their daily macros. And 99% of the time, there are usually 500 to a
thousand calories short of
what they should be eating to see growth. So if this sounds like you, I have an amazing article on my website
that even comes complete with a video that shows you exactly how to
figure out how much protein, carbs, and fat you should be eating
a day tailored to your body. I will post the link below
so you guys can check it out. Now the sixth tip is a bit different, and what it is is you might need
to go see a chiropractor. Now, if you’ve been watching this
video and up to this point, you had been getting frustrated because
you’ve basically applied reasons one through five and are still having
issues with growing a lagging body part. You can have a legit issue such as a
subluxation of a vertebrae that integrates the muscles you’re trying to grow, and what that means in simple terms is
that you could have a misalignment in your spine that is pinching the nerves, that are sending signals to your muscles, not allowing them to be 100%
engaged during weight training. Now, if that is the case, you should think about
seeing a chiropractor because
this is something that they, that they can pretty much quite easily
fixed and you should notice a difference in your training almost immediately. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and
that after watching you have a better understanding of what it takes to build
muscle and see results with so many YouTube idiots out there telling you to
just eat and lift more and lift more and eat more. When you ask them why you’re
having a hard time seeing growth. I can understand why a lot of you might
be getting frustrated when you’re not seeing results. Growing muscle isn’t as complicated
as a lot of people make it out to be. It comes down to training hard and
calories in versus calories out, and obviously need to have a
decent training program as well. Be sure to hit that likened
subscribe button and as always, more good stuff coming soon.

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