6 Dumbest Overhead Press Mistakes Sabotaging Your Shoulder Growth! | STOP DOING THESE!

6 Dumbest Overhead Press Mistakes Sabotaging Your Shoulder Growth! | STOP DOING THESE!

What’s going on Nation? Today We’re Going to go Over the Six Dumbest Mistakes People Make on the Overhead Press and if you missed my [last] Video in This Series Which Was eight Dumbest Deadlift Mistakes Sabotaging your gains I’ll put a link Down the Info Section Below Now the Overhead Press Is an Exercise [that] Should Be a Staple in Any Shoulder Routine Because it Targets all Three heads of your Deltoids the anterior Middle and Posterior And Another Major Benefit of This Exercise Is that it will Help you build a stronger Core as well but before We get Started if You’re Looking to Switch up your Routine Or if You’re Looking for A new Program in General Check out my 12-Week Challenge and See if You Can Handle my Epic push-Pull legs Program or my Max Muscle Bodybuilding Split Program Results are Guaranteed and you Can even Download my App for instant Access to all the Routines in each Program right from your Phone The First Mistake Is Improper Hand Placement When Performing the exercise you guys have to understand that if You want to lift as Much weight as Possible and Really Focus on your Shoulders you want to create a Straight Path for The Barbell to Travel and The problem is if you grab your with Hands too close Not only When you come [down] with your hands be hitting your chest and Shoulders but when you push Up it’s Almost like you’re Pushing In as you Lift The weight and if You go too wide with the Movement every Time you come down to here Elbows Are Going to be tucked like This and when you try To Press Up it’s Almost like you’re Pressing out in A way to get the most amount of Force Against This Barbell in Order to Lift the most amount of weight you could Utilize Proper Form and get your Hands Just About Outside of Shoulder Width Apart so that when you come under the barbell like this it’s A straight push over your Head and Back Down Mistake Number Two [is] Having Zero Core Control you guys Have to Make sure that you’re Taking in A breath before you start each [Repetition] in Order to Keep your core as saw like One Solid Piece what happens is a lot [of] People will go Throughout Their Repetitions not Taking it a breath and not Holding it during the Press and what happens is the [Core] Deflates and it Can deflate Forward Or Can deflate Backward so let me get my PVC Pipe right here so what’s going to happen if You deflate Forward so Basically You’re Getting Ready to press The weight over your head you Don’t Take [Into] Breath so your core is [very] Floppy right now as you Press Up and you bend Forward You Can Actually go, Into Flexion like this not only drop The weight and Fall Forward but you can go Into Flexion Like that and put A lot of Pressure on your Lower Back But that’s not Really the most Common thing [that] happens the most Common Mistake People Make When They Have Zero Core Control is they actually Lean Back So what you’ll See is they’ll be Ready for the press as Soon as They Press they start doing this and then as the bar Comes Down the Press Starts to Look like that not only does that Take Posterior Deltoids out of the Movement and Start To bring in more Upper Chest but you’re Putting A lot of Pressure on your Lumbar Spine going Into extreme Spinal Extension Which Can Cause a serious, lower Back Injury Mistake Number Three Is not Pressing the barbell Vertically and This is going to Relate to Mistake Number two but even When you have Proper core Control you’ll Still find People That tend to Lean Forward A bit and Still tend to Lean back A bit and it Really Throws off the Exercise so you’ll See People that actually press the barbell Straight Forward Like This and When That Happens Obviously Can Throw you off Balance And bring you Forward and You’ll Still See People that even When They Have a nice Tight solid Core They’ll start to Lean Back Like this and press The barbell even Though they’re Pressing it straight up They’ve Changed The Angle By leaning Back Once Again Bringing in more Upper Chest and Taking out Posterior Deltoids and People do that Simply Because it’s A lot Easier to press More weight when you’re Leaning back if You Guys want to Maximize The Benefits of This Exercise you have to stand up straight Keep that core Nice and Tight and press the Barbell straight Vertically Overhead Like This and Come Back [Down] Within the Same Movement Pattern the Fourth Mistake People Make is that they don’t Train With Proper Range of Motion and I’ve Seen this done Two Different Ways it’s like People Can’t Make up their mind on how They want to Screw This Exercise up you Either See the guys that like the start Here and go to here and then you’ll See the guys I like to Start Here and go Here and These reps Look, like This and These Reps Just Look Like This if You Guys want to maximize The Benefits of the Exercise you [have] [to] train in Full range of Motion and if for any Reason You Can’t bring the barbell all the way down to your chest then that Should be an Indication that you [have] some Mobility Work That Needs to be done on your Shoulders Which is going to be super Important Because That’s Going to Transfer Into A lot of Other Exercises [I] don’t like it when [People] Say [I] can’t bring the barbell all the way Down when I know They Can They Just don’t want to lower the weight and Think About it like This if you always Train in This range of Motion [Here] You’re Always Going to be Weak from here to here and This is where you’re Going to get the Injury Is in this range not The One you Train in you’ll be fine There but that Injury will Always happen in that lower Half Because You’ve Never Trained your body With Heavy weights in that lower range and the other Part to this [Guys] Make Sure That when You get to the Top of the movement You’re Not Only Locking out your Elbows but you’re Also Pushing your Head Through that completes the Repetition Then Bring it back Down and then back Up and push Through With your head on Every Single Rep The Fifth Mistake People Make is they [Don’t] Control the negative and you guys Should know by now that you Break Down the most muscle Tissue [in] The Eccentric Portion of Any Exercise that you do Which for This Exercise is going to be after you press it up the negative Or eccentric Portion is going to be on the way Down and you Want to Control it as much as Possible so you get the most muscle fiber Breakdown for Regrowth and what happens Guys Is i’m sure A lot of you might start off your set and you’re Controlling that negative, no Problem but as you start to Fatigue [and] you’re Trying to complete all your Repetition Repetitions you might press The barbell Up and then Just Let it drop to your chest to save energy So you can get some more reps out You’re much Better off Just Lowering The weight and getting that slow Negative and if You want to Take your Workout to the next Level and Really get, some muscle Growth in your Shoulders Try Doing your presses like This Press straight Up over your head and then do a two to three Second negative on every Single Repetition [It’ll] be a Workout like You’ve Never Experienced in Your life in the sixth and Final Mistake Most People Make When doing this Exercise They Actually Turn the Overhead Press Into A push Press and I’ll show you Guys [a] Different right now When Performing an Overhead Press [all] you’re going to do Is stand here Keep your core Nice and Tight and then press The weight over your head and then bring it [back] down to your chest and Repeat This for Repetitions Now Push Press is when you bend the Knees like this and then you use that lower use your lower Body to Help you Thrust The weight Into the air and then you bring it back down Reset and Thrust The weight Into the air again so the two Completely Different Exercises Granted The Movement Pattern is the Same but the Major Difference Is on the Overhead on the Push Press you guys using [momentum] to complete your Repetitions [it’s] more of a strength Building Exercise so Don’t Make That Mistake and if You start doing this it’s a good Indication That you need to, lower the weight to perform the movement Properly now before I let you Guys go I do want to share with you a quick Bonus Tip I know I just Said that you Don’t want to Make the Mistake of Turning the Overhead Press Into A push Press But if You find Yourself hitting a plateau With your training it is a good Idea to swap out the Overhead Press for the push Press for A few Weeks This is Because the push Press will allow you to place a much Heavier Load on your Shoulders [and] you Can Utilize The momentum Involved to Lift more weight over your head and then Focus on that Controlled Negative so that wraps up Today’s Video Guys if You’ve Missed Any of my other Dumbest Mistake Videos I’ll Post a link to the entire Playlist Down the Info Section Below Be sure to hit [that] like and subscribe Button Turn on Video Notifications so you Never miss a new Video [Upload] and if You want to Incorporate the Overhead Press Into your next Shoulder Routine here are some Quick Guidelines to follow Number One Because this is a compound Movement Make Sure you start your routine With it to maximize its Benefits for Muscle Gain perform Three to four Sets of eight to ten Repetitions Resting Only 60 To 90 Seconds Between your Sets and the Third Tip Guys if you find Yourself hitting a plateau with this Movement Switch it out for the push Press for three to four Weeks to help Increase [your] Strength [I] want you Guys to Utilize A reverse Pyramid Rep, Range per Set to Make Sure that you’re Adding more weight each Time so what i mean by this Is Set one Would Be ten Reps then you Would add weight and do Set two of eight reps only add Some More weight set Three will Be six Reps and then for the Fourth and Final set at as Much way as you Can and Try to get at least Three Repetitions I hope you guys learned A lot and as always more good stuff Coming soon see you Guys

100 thoughts on “6 Dumbest Overhead Press Mistakes Sabotaging Your Shoulder Growth! | STOP DOING THESE!

  1. You probably should't do tutorials for exercises you don't perform perfectly. Your over head press is acceptable (if you are using it for hypetrophy and not strength), but seriously, you can't push press like that

  2. Is it advisable to use a split stance (one foot slightly back and heel up) to prevent you leaning back and putting pressure on your lower back? In Bodypump we are told to overhead press with a split stance, and that stance has definitely made the exercise a lot safer for me (as well as allowing me to press more weight — is this because a split stance actually creates both a natural lean back and a push spring?). So should I use the same stance for heavy low-rep OHPs? I've been doing it, but worry that it's somewhat unstable (I sometime lose balance) and is compromising my development.

  3. 5:34 is another mistake that you didn't mention. (Overexaggeration of the movement). Your head and arms are waaaay too extended out. Imagine that PVC pipe was a barbell with 300lbs and over your head like that. You'd be snapping all kinds of things. Alll kindssss @scotthermanfitness

  4. *Scott….i know where to buy a Barbel…..but where can I find and buy a BAH-Bell?? Been lookin everywhere for one (LMAOOOOOO hahaaha)
    But anyway…great video, thanx.

  5. I just did these today but I used a fixed barbell and I superset it with some shoulder upright rows. You really feel the burn right there!!

  6. I dunno why people criticize his pronunciation as if it matters. Scott's providing us some amazing information and it would be wise to listen and give him some respect.

  7. i always start out with push press at a super heavy weight to warm up … that way doing strict ohp afterwards seems lighter:)

  8. If you have longish forearms in relation to your upper arms it could be impossible to bring the barbell down to the chest

  9. Hey Scott! In an old video about Seated Barbell Shoulder Press, you say that it is enough to lower the barbell till 90 degrees (so that barbell is around the lower part of chin) and that more than this is unnecessary overload on rotater cuffs. So, does it mean that full range of motion is different for Overhead Barbell Press vs. Seated Barbell Press ?

  10. Oh fucking god “taaaaaaaaaaarget” “staaaaaaaarted” being from England i can’t bear the accent ahahah

  11. Just to clear out some bro science, negatives/excentrics do not benefit muscle damage unless u use heavier weight That u can actually lift. Think about it when u cant press a weight u can still control it on the negative.

  12. Great vid Scott, just started focussing on my OHP to try and bring it up. Gonna try this reverse pyramid set today.

  13. I lean back far enough to let the bar pass my chin and make sure that im pressing the bar in a straight vertical line. As for grip width, I think your forearms should be perpendicular to the barbell and elbows should be directly underneath the bar.

  14. Disagree with Full Range of Motion.
    Most Bodybuilders and Powerlifters don't do FRM.
    Only weightlifters do it!!!

  15. Your grip is awfully narrow. At 1:45 your hand is inside elbow. I was taught that elbows should be vertical with the wrist. I feel I'm a bit stronger with a wide grip personally. It's almost as if your engaging a lot more tricep with narrow grip.

  16. OHP is my favorite workout. I do a push press only for the very first rep but I’m pretty sure that’s common

  17. I got some really bad bicept tendinitis from doing over head press with a barbell and it's taken months to heal. Any tips on how to avoid that?

  18. Scott, does doing dumb bell shoulder press standing work your entire front, middle, and rear shoulders? Also, can you show shoulder exercises for all three? I am having the hardest time working my shoulders.

  19. Why is it wrong that i use the leg position in the picture? I don’t quite understand the explanation i think u get a better balance and have a better control of the weight with a leg in the front and back

  20. Two things I disagree with in this video:

    1) Touching your chest with the bar. This is fine if you can do it without your elbows dropping behind the bar (at the bottom of the movement), however a slightly narrower grip width and arm proportions don't always make that possible. Mobility may be a factor, but not always.

    2) Pushing your head "through the window" at the top. Your demonstration of this is far too exaggerated. At the top, the bar should be directly over the wrists, elbows, shoulders, core, and midfoot. If you push your head too far forward, and/or the bar too far back, this alignment is broken, which is obviously not good when lifting heavy.

  21. Nothing was said about doing the exercise from behind the neck like from a starting squat position. Is that OK or not?

  22. So, I followed everything he said, to the smallest nuance.
    Stats:I used to do shoulder presses, with 120Lb dumbbells.
    Barbell but on the smith machine, two 45Lb plates each side.
    Now: 65LBdumbbells. 12 reps
    Smith machine-45 and 25lbs plates.
    But I never once did standing shoulder barbell presses.
    So, I figured I will add it to my should w/o. I said.. start with 45lb plates… yeeeeaaa right!!! Lololol
    So, I knocked it down tdown 25lbs plates.. nope. I paused.. then put two 10LB plates.. bad form.
    Today I did four sets of perfect form standing shoulder barbell presses .. with 10LB weights.. with the bar, a total of 65Lbs.
    That’s what I use with seated shoulder dumbbell presses.
    So ooddd but I tossed the ego and made a goal to graduate to 45lb plates in 6 months.
    Wish me luck!!

  23. I like your cheat and recover system for breaking plateaus. It applies to every muscle group and explains other people's programs. Cheat, slow negative breaks plateaus.

  24. Before we get staahted, I want to say thanks for your great videos. I will check online your training routines. Keep going

  25. Spend more time showing us the RIGHT way and less time showing us the mistakes. It is not productive AT ALL to show the wrong way. I know you think it is, but it is not. Think about it logically.

  26. I always make sure that when I get fatigued at the end of a set, I'll do a push press but do a slow negative to maintain muscle growth.

  27. Scott, just interested to hear how you learned the correct way to do these exercises if everyone is doing them wrong… thanks for these!! I learned to never copy people at the gym because 99% of them are doing it wrong.. the only guy I watch in the gym is who does slow negatives and has controlled form.. I know he's watching your videos!

  28. 1. Handgrip – not too far nor narrow
    2. Core control – take a breathe and hold
    3. Push the barbell vertically – upper chests vs shoulders
    4. Range of motion
    5. Control the negative- eccentric portion
    6. Push press vs Overhead press
    7. Push press to break plateau

  29. Good stuff, man. Thanks. By any chance, are you from the Boston area. I used to live there and your accent sounds familiar.

  30. damn,, i was doing a push press the whole time, thank you for sharing this video.. now i realize that mistake and change it to overhead press,, it's more harder to lift and unfortunately i need to decrease my lift to get a better form

  31. My left shoulder clicks (like a first thing in the morning strecthing out sound so no pain) when i do this move after front squats so i must not be rolling my shoulder back on the negative

  32. That's Olympic weightlifting… you are doing the top half of a clean and jerk… a squat snatch is a wider grip…. what you're doing has little to do with bodybuilding…. Some more fruitless ego lifting!

  33. As a powerlifter, this explanation is okay but some key factors are wrong. There is strength involved in this lift but it has technique to it as well. We call it the rebound, we present the chest to the sky which gives us an arch and we rebound that with the hips, not just bending your back and cause an injury. The cue is to have the spine neutral and flex the glutes and use the hips core and back as one and spring it up like a piston. Striaght up and down is great but once the weight gets really heavy you need to incorporate more techniques to get the weight up and keep you as safe as possible.

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