50lb PUSH UP CHALLENGE – Chris Heria VLOG 8 S1

50lb PUSH UP CHALLENGE – Chris Heria VLOG 8 S1

100 thoughts on “50lb PUSH UP CHALLENGE – Chris Heria VLOG 8 S1

  1. Hey bro I’m new to ur page and work just downloaded the app iM from Guyana but love this move and wanna be apart of the training and purchasing ur stuff

  2. Hi Chris I want to ask about the bar installation, this video made me want a have custom bar installation in ma house 😀

    1. How much the diameter of the bar?
    2. How height is the bar? Is there any height recommendation for pull up bar installation?

    Thanks Chris

  3. honestly if osvaldo went first, chris would have won the push up round because chris was not tired at all (he was not shaking like others including osvaldo) but his friends told him to do only 50.

  4. Thank you all for not cursing excessively in your videos! It sets an amazing example that you can be funny, entertaining, and cool without the need to be vulgar. Y’all are dope, man! 💪👊👌

  5. How can I get started on calisthenics? Is there a routine I can do at home to get better. My max push up is around 40 and for pull ups 10 but I’m not sure got to start

  6. you are doing great chris,thanks for making believe in me ..of my ownself.thanks hope that one day i will collab with you voluntarrily.

  7. actually Osvaldo and Chris used to train together long time ago when they first met at a gym. so it kinda explains why Osvaldo is that strong 💪 💯

  8. That last dude is rock solid. He looked like he could have done more. He doesn't even look that strong.

  9. Hello,

    great Video, great channel…very inspiring!

    I've 2 questions:

    1. what is the diameter (cm/inch) of the bar?
    2. at what height do you install the bar? (at the highest point of bar)

    Thanks 🙂

  10. I was actually surprised you didn't get more with how much of a 'sick kunt' you are at other BW stuff tbh. I can do mid 40s with a 20kg pack and am useless at all bw stuff except dips.

  11. Does anyone else get neck pain from push ups not related to posture? I’ve had people check my posture and they say it is great. But when I do push-ups after I get a pain I’m my trapiezus. I had one friend tell me when I do push-ups my trapiezus (where it hurts afterwards) literally shakes out of control. I don’t know maybe this is a weakness in my neck? Has anyone ever felt that pain after doing push-ups even with great form?

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