5 Treadmill Workouts You Can Do in 30-min or Less

5 Treadmill Workouts You Can Do in 30-min or Less

hey guys today I'm gonna share with you five running workouts that you can do in 30 minutes or less so during the winter it's cold outside a lot of us don't want to be out there therefore that mom or we're on a treadmill which is incredibly boring and we want to get off as soon as possible so these workouts are gonna be boredom they're gonna be more effective and efficient so you're gonna burn more calories in less amount of time than you would just a regular steady state long cardio session so the first one is for more beginners you're gonna warm up for five minutes at an easy pace then you're gonna start your first heart interval for one minute that means you're gonna run out of challenging pace if you're on a treadmill this might be somewhere between a seven and a nine you're gonna do that for one minute and then you're gonna recover for three minutes running at a nice easy pace if you're a beginner that might even be a walk if you're intermediate to advanced that's gonna be somewhere between a five and a seven a nice challenging jobs but it will allow your heart rates come down you're gonna repeat this circuit four times total and then finish with another 5-minute cooldown interval for a total of 26 minutes the next workout is one of my favorites I do this all the time outside so it takes 29 minutes if it's cold out I promise you're gonna get warm really quick so just bear with me the first few minutes you go outside if you're on a treadmill and you have a would way you can do this in dynamic mode otherwise it's a little challenging because the speeds change pretty quick you're gonna start again with a five-minute warm-up then you're gonna start your first interval it's gonna be a ten seconds all-out sprint as fast as you can run really push yourself for these ten seconds then you're gonna jog fast for 20 seconds and then recover for 30 seconds if you're on a treadmill for your fast jog that might be somewhere between a seven and a nine and for your recovery it's either a slow jog or a walk you're gonna complete five rounds of the sprint fast jog and recovery circuit followed by a two-minute recovery you can jog it you can walk it and then you're gonna do the five-minute circuit all over again you're gonna do the circuit three times total resting for two minutes in between finish it off with a five minute cooldown promised this workout is gonna have you out of breath I love it and it kills me every time the third workout is my easiest one to follow you got to first create a killer playlist make sure each song is about three minutes long you're gonna alternate between songs which one you're gonna run fast to and which one you're gonna recover to if you're doing this on a treadmill your fast run to me somewhere between if you're a beginner maybe between a six and a half and an eight if you're a little bit more advanced it might be somewhere between a seven and a half and a nine so you're gonna be running at that fast brisk pace for about three minutes or however long your song is and then when the next song comes on you're gonna bring it back down to a nice recovery pace if you're a beginner that might be a walk if you're a little bit more advanced maybe somewhere between a five and a six on your shred mill you're gonna repeat this until you get to 30 minutes to total the fourth running workout is one of my favorites I've been doing it for years it's a ladder so as the duration of your interval gets shorter your speed gets faster you're gonna start with a nice easy five-minute warm-up then take your speed on up somewhere around a six for three minutes then pick your speed on up another full point for two minutes and then again pick your speed on up another point for one minute so it's a three-minute easy jog a two-minute fast jog and a one-minute sprint if you're advanced you're going to repeat that a total of three times and then cool down with a nice five-minute easy job the last running workout that you can do in 30 minutes or less it's pretty basic and if you can't remember it you need some help you're gonna warm up with five minutes of an easy jog and then you're gonna pick your pace up for 20 minutes total this is a tempo run this is what a lot of runners do to make sure that they get faster for race season so try to challenge yourself don't do a pace that is comfortable get out of your comfort zone and stay there for 20 minutes so if you go on the treadmill and you're always at a 5 or a 5 point 5 or 6 try to challenge yourself with at least 1 to 2 points faster than you normally would do for 20 minutes total you're gonna finish it off with a five minute cooldown so those are my five favorite running workouts that you can do in 30 minutes or less this winter or even this spring or summer you don't necessarily have to do them on a treadmill which is why I gave you suggestions for speeds but also about how fast you should feel like you're going if you guys want more treadmill workout stay tuned to the end of the video click on some of my Barry's bootcamp shred mill workouts I think you'll really like them and click the link down below to print out some of these treadmill workouts I'm Sarah and I'll see you soon

24 thoughts on “5 Treadmill Workouts You Can Do in 30-min or Less

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  2. I tried the 5min warm up and 20 min run at challenging pace which was 6.5 for me the 5min cool down. This was awesome!!

  3. I am definitely going to try this, thanks for this video! I'm starting to record my workouts on my weightloss journey and I'm going I try this one on camera 🙂 wish me luck lol

  4. i will print these out, thanks! Im a beginner and need and want to lose weigth, i have bought a treadmil and just wating for my cold to disapear 🙂 will this be a good work out to to one of this and after do one of your 10 min workouts, 3 times a week? 🙂 

  5. Why do i always have breathing difficulties while running at fast pace for a short amount of time? Does this have to do with scoliosis?

  6. I hate treadmills with a passion (actually running is what I truly hate). Can I do this in a trampoline instead? That I love!

  7. Hi Sarah! What are the videos that you had at the end of the video (with your insta, fb, etc info).  They weren't clickable for me

  8. Great video! I'm completely off the treadmill recently after having issues with joints and have been replacing my treadmill workouts with HIIT bodyweight circuits. If I ever go back though or I'm running outside will definitely try these 🙂 especially love the playlist idea! 

  9. Do you have any tips on how to increase the time running so I can run for long periods of time? I definitely couldn't run for twenty minutes straight without stopping for a bit

  10. I have a fear of treadmills like I can't let go on the handles and that just doesn't give me the full workout. I can't even walk without holding on to it. My life is a joke lol

  11. I love this! I'm so excited to try some of these. I run on the tredmill all the time but I often find myself getting bored or feeling like I'm not working hard enough or that I'm not buring a lot of calories. This will be so great for switching up my workout routine a little & make it way more fun rather than boring & getting me to work a little harder. Thanks so much!

  12. Hey Sarah – What about the incline? Is it best to vary it – or remain at a steady slope/no slope.

  13. Great video Sarah!!  I just started using the treadmill again (used it a lot a few years ago) – and your workout ideas are very inspirational!!!  Thanks so much!!

  14. Hi sarah do you talk in mph or kmph? Because I'm a regular gym go-er and I would say 10kmph is a comfortable pace for me so I would have to work at a 12kmph to achieve a sprint but, I don't want to push these work outs to these levels if you don't think it would be beneficial. Thank you, I love your channel xx

  15. Thanks for the tips! I try to do indoor treadmill workouts 3x a week and get outside for longer runs 3x a week during the Canadian winter but it gets boring quick. Love the ladder idea, and this whole series on winter running and motivation!!

  16. Is these workouts as effective as running at 9,4-9,7 for about 15 minutes, jogging at 6-7 for about 10 minutes and again running at 9,1-9,4 for 5 minutes?

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