100 thoughts on “5 BEST EXERCISES FOR A BIG CHEST | 2018

  1. Hello man can you tell which size of rings are you using please anyway you are doing great job, thanks for videos like this 🙂

  2. Hi Chris ! I’ve been doing gym for 5years , searching for sth can take myself in the next level, and I found u ! Been following u for ages! But no one is doing calisthenics around me, but whatever! Thank you so much! I made my mind , just start today ! Please come to Hong Kong if u got time! Looking forward to meet you! 😆

  3. Chris love the videos! But I just bought some joggers and the Large is a little small on me. Any plans on making bigger sizes? Also how often do you restock sold out items. Thanks chris.

  4. I want to be really seriously incredibly unbelievably unimaginably strong sorta like uncle from "avatar the last air bender" or at least like Chris heria. One or the other, but I'm a 13 year old girl with no place to train.

  5. Hei chris, are you going to do a video about what and when you eat exactly during the whole day ? Keep up the good work !

  6. I would like to know how or what I/we can do for meals since you said that it depends when you eat, how much and what you eat that matters the most when trying to be the best. Id like to know that process or a breakdown. Any link or program I can get into for that would be awesome!

  7. I pray for good price for vest because in Poland our currency isn't good and every price in dolars We have to multiply 4 times 😀

  8. Amazing vid, Inspirational to see the exercises you can do once you’ve trained long enough….Btw Chris Your TATS ARE DOPE AF

  9. чувак ты охуенен. Респект с Севера. Не знаю что и как будет, но я хочу также исполнять))))))))))))

  10. No Chris thank you for inspiration to start Calisthenics know I am 20kg down doing straddle front levers and handstand pushup and many other things know I am train for planche and it doing great cause of you giving me help on things how to increase my strength in and how to eat right and basically help me have me dream body

  11. Hello Chris. I'm your fan, I'm on your programs. I am from russia and want to buy WEIGHT VEST, can you arrange delivery to Russia?

  12. HEY chris i cant use Heria Pro because i have the Thnx app??? They always say my account is in use or Password is wrong i re install the app 100 times 🙁 and i sign in with password and email adress so i did no mistakes..

  13. Hey brother, i'd like a video on how to do the 1 finger and thumb push ups.

    Also, what are your thoughts on finger tip push ups?

  14. Big thanks to you my man .. I was 110kg when i first watch your videos. Now im at 63 ,never been this great all my life. You're an inspiration brother..

  15. Hi Chris, I'm currently mostly doing weight training to improve my overall strength and eventually I want to shift to a more Calisthenics focused routine, however I'm overweight right now (about 30% body fat) , do you suggest getting down to about 15% body fat first as top priority before picking up calis ? Sorry for the long question.

  16. Hi Chris, thanks for your fantastic videos. I wanted to ask you if you could make some videos where you explain the correct measures of the bars to use. Heights and widths. Thanx Man!

  17. Hi Chris, big cheers from a Brazilian girl fan! I can't seem to manage the exercise where I hold my body off the floor on the 90 degree holds. And I carry heavy weights for more than a decade. Any advice on how to progress on this one? Tnx!

  18. The explosive straight bar dips, they kinda look bad for your albow joints. Is it healthy doing that move(if done like Chris does)? 🙂

  19. exercises you can do at home. First, we are gonna start with these rings that nobody has at home and nobody can put anywhere

  20. Got a question for all those who are experienced , how come I stay on same weight but belly is almost completely gone ? Where all fat has gone ?

  21. When I try to do pushups the vest comes up from the chest and sometimes from the back it slips off. Is there a video on how to set it up?

  22. I got into calisthenics bc of you, now 1 year later i'm wishing that chest weight for christmas, i'm ready for it 🔥

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