40 Minute KNEE FRIENDLY Cardio + Weights Workout for Women over 50

40 Minute KNEE FRIENDLY Cardio + Weights Workout for Women over 50

– Hey, Killer Bs, it’s Pahla
B from pahlabfitness.com, and on tap today, I’ve got
a great knee-friendly cardio and weights workout that is perfect for women of a certain age. Ladies, today, we are going
with absolutely no jumping, no transitions to the
ground, and no squatting, but plenty of both cardio and strength to get a great, efficient
and effective workout. Now you’re going to need
a pair of dumbbells. I went with a very moderate weight today, because honestly, that’s what
sounded good for me today. You should always set your own challenge, and if you need a better challenge, make sure that you open up
the description box below, so that you can get my
exact three-pair set that I got from Amazon. That way I always have the right
amount of weight for today. You guys, today is a thorough Thursday, which means that I’ve got
both a warmup and a cool down and plenty of sweat in between. When you’re ready for this one,
I’m totally ready, let’s go. (upbeat music) All right you guys, let’s
get moving and grooving, and I’m actually gonna start
my timer (gasps) for the warmup and I’ll tell you why in just
a second when we get started. Let’s go ahead and get
started with some arm circles and high knees like we do. If you are new around here, you didn’t know that that’s like we do, but I promise if you subscribe and hangout for a while and do these
workouts with me, you’ll get to know and possibly love
this warmup, my friends. We do the same one every time, because honestly, this is the easiest way for us to get warmed up both
mentally and physically. It’s one of those Pavlovian things where when you do the same
thing every single time, you get the same response
every single time. When you start doing this warmup before every single workout, your body and your brain will know that it’s time for a warmup. It’s time for a workout. Here we go with arm
crossers and booty kickers. We’re gonna do our three normal. So we’re doing the arm
circles with high knees plus these arm crossers
with booty kickers, and then we’re gonna
do welcome to my homes, and we’re actually gonna
do them twice in a row. This is the day. I’ve got my handy-dandy Gymboss
here, set for 40 seconds. It’s just the right amount of interval for everything that we’re doing today. It’s challenging, and I don’t know if you already noticed there, there’s no rest in between the exercises. Today is all about cardio
endurance, which AKA heart health. It’s also all about
kinda managing yourself. Let’s go ahead and do
those welcome to my homes. And by the way, welcome to my home. This is the first time that I am filming after we redid my whole
set, which is truly my home. You guys, we got all new flooring. We got some new furniture. I got a little bit fancy
with a new rug here. I got a whole new attitude. (laughs) Do you remember that song? That was from a long time ago. You guys, I’m feeling a
little bit silly today, and that is how we do sometimes. When it beeps again, we’re gonna go back to those arm circles with high knees. I wanna make sure that we go
through the whole list twice, and that is, again, apropos of our day. I’ve got a great handful,
not even a handful. No, it’s two handfuls. It’s two handfuls plus of
cardio exercises for us. We’re gonna go all the way
through a cardio workout. I’ve got, again, quite a few exercises. We’re gonna do 40 seconds each, and we’re gonna make it
through the list twice before we move on to weights. This is such an efficient
and effective way to workout. Now sometimes, I do like to go back and forth between the two,
in fact, very frequently. I like to go back and
forth between the two as a way to kinda manage our heart rate, give us a little bit of a
break from all the cardio or a break from all the strength. And here we go with arm
crossers and booty kickers, but today, I wanted to
do a little bit more of, I guess you would call
it a traditional workout in the sense of, we’re
getting all our cardio done, and then we’re gonna get
all our strength done. You are always welcome if you want to to break this up into
two separate workouts, but if you’ve got the time and the energy, I’d love for you to do the whole thing and really get a nice, full-body burn. Both cardio and strength have excellent benefit for your health. The cardio, like I mentioned,
is all about heart health, all about endurance today. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do those welcome to my homes for the last time by the way. The strength work, we’re
all about building muscle and also building bone
health, improving our balance. Yes, that’s foreshadowing. (laughs) And also improving,
honestly, our proprioception, as well as just our mental
feeling about ourselves. I don’t know if you like to
do a lot of strength workouts. I happen to. One of the things that I love about it is how strong and accomplished
I feel afterwards. You guys, we’re going
directly into our cardio. So when it beeps again, we’re gonna get started with kick jacks. It’s just like jumping
jacks except for the fact that there is absolutely no jumping today, and so we’re doing our
arms like jumping jacks and our legs are kicking. Now, I’m already thinking about this. I’m gonna go a little bit slower. I know that sometimes when we get started on a cardio workout, you’re
like, okay, gotta go. Let’s get that heart
rate up, up, up, up, up. We’ve got 40-second intervals
for each of these exercises and absolutely no rest. My friend, I promise you, no matter how slow you’re doing this, your heart rates gonna come up. When it beeps again, I’m gonna do something
I call double knees. Gonna start with our hands overhead, bringing our hands down to
one knee, two times in a row, while bringing that knee up
to your hands in the middle. So double knees on this side. Double knees on this side. Well, always, always, always thinking about pulling your core in. I don’t care what kind
of exercise we’re doing, what kind of workout we’re
doing, pulling in your core is the best way to ensure that you are getting your best work, even when we’re doing cardio. I know, sometimes we forget
to think about our core, but when you’ve got
your hands up overhead, you wanna make sure that
your spine is protected. When it beeps again, doing something I call
forward hinge arm flappers. It’s literally exactly
what it sounds like. We’re going to hinge forward
while flapping our arms. So make sure that you’re
pushing your hips back to hinge forward. Sometimes, it’s real easy
to just kinda bend over. This is actually a very
deadlift kind of move. Your legs are straight. Your knees are soft but strong. Your core is pulled in tight. Your back is straight, and you’re flapping your
arms like jumping jacks, which is what’s bringing
your heart rate up without doing any jumping at all. But oh my goodness, you feel
that work in your booty? Yes, indeed. Hey, speaking of not jumping, when it beeps again, we’re
gonna do modified jumping jacks, which is, again, exactly
what it sounds like. When in doubt, I always name my exercises exactly what we’re doing, because sometimes, we
get into these workouts, and I’m reading my whiteboard, which today, by the way,
got a lot of exercises, so the writing is very small. So sometimes you might
find me squinting at it. I like very descriptive names, so that no matter what I’m doing, I can remember what we’re
doing with the exercise. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do toy soldiers, which means that we’re starting
with our hands up overhead. We’re gonna kick our opposite foot while reaching with our
opposite hand down towards it. Having those hands up overhead,
whew, I know you feel it. I know, when I started slow, you were like, “Pahla,
is this really cardio?” And now just a couple of
exercises in, oh yeah. This is cardio. My heart is thump, thump,
thumpity, thumping, and I know yours is too. This is the magic of a
cardio endurance workout. Sometimes we like to do HIIT workouts, where we work really hard
for a short amount of time, and then we get rest. Absolutely has a place
in your fitness arsenal, but cardio endurance is
a whole nother beast. I know you’re gonna feel it
by the time we get done here. Coming up next, here is rainbow jacks. You’re bringing your hands up
overhead from side to side, like a rainbow, and then
bringing up one knee on one side, the other knee on the other side. Now I’m sure at this
point you’ve also noticed that even though we are
doing cardio, and of course, your heart and lungs
totally feeling this work, are you feeling it in your
shoulders a little bit too? When we do a sustained,
low-impact cardio like this, I always notice it in my upper back and shoulders the next day. You guys, when it beeps again, we’re gonna need a little bit
of space from side to side. We’re doing big arm side shuffles, which means that our hands are going big in a circle right in front of us while we’re shuffling very
gently from side to side. Now I’ve got my weights
right here behind me, and I’m being very careful not to accidentally bump into them. Hopefully, yours are
completely out of the way. When it beeps again, you guys, okay, here comes the coordination
part of our day. We’re doing something that
I call inside touch jacks. It’s a jumping jack without
any kind of jumping at all, which means that your hands are doing that jumping-jack motion, but your feet, you’re going to
twist one foot in at a time. So you’re going to tap your hand on, well, more or less the
bottom of your foot, depends on how high you
can bring that foot. While we’re doing this, please think about pulling in your core. Please think about standing
on a soft but strong knee. We’re being very careful
of your knees today, but we’re also doing a lot
of single-sided exercises, which means that you need
to engage all the muscles that surround your knee to
make your knee stronger. When it beeps again, you guys, doing a little something
I call punch, punch, kick. You know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna punch, punch, and kick, and then punch, punch, and kick. Now on this one, I do
try really hard to think about which leader hand is punching first. That’s just a mental device for me. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. I do try though to go back and forth between my left side and my right side. My right side is very dominant, so I like to ask my left
side to lead sometimes, because it doesn’t want to. It’s a workout for your
brain as well as your body. When it beeps again, we’re gonna do something I
call reach across crunch, because we’re going to
reach across and crunch, and then reach across and crunch. Tapping that foot out to the side, and then bringing that
knee up nice and high. Swinging that other hand,
whew, wide, up and over. You’re reaching across and
then pulling up and over. Yes, this is targeted abs work in the middle of our cardio exercising. You guys, there is no such
thing as moving your body without toning your body. No matter how fast or slow you go, when you’re moving your muscles, you’re working your muscles. You’re training your muscles. You’re helping your muscles get strong. Coming up next, we’re
doing drinky bird jacks, oh my gosh, which means that your hands are doing jumping jacks, and your feet are doing
what I call a drinky bird. It’s a single-leg deadlift. You’re pulling up one foot behind you while making sure that your
core is pulled in tight. Your back is super, super straight. Your knee is soft but strong. Again, working on
strengthening those leg muscles that can help you have less knee pain. oh my gosh, you guys. When it beeps again, we are
doing our last cardio exercise, and then we’re going to
do this entire circuit just one more time. Here it comes, swinging tappers. Hands are swinging from side to side while we’re tapping your
feet also from side to side. Your feet, not doing a whole lot of work, but your hands swinging nice and high, making sure that that heart
rate stays moderately up, right? By the time we get this
far into a workout, you know what kind of
work you need to be doing to sustain the high heart
rate without needing a break. When it beeps again, gonna
do that whole circuit just one more time, starting
with those kick jacks. Hands are doing jumping jacks, yay, and feet are doing some kicking. What a terrific job you’re doing. You know my friend? You do know my friend. But do you know, my friend,
what we’re getting out of today? I’ve already told you that we’re getting some
excellent heart-health benefit. By the time we work on our strength, gonna get some bone
strengthening, some muscle toning. But you might also be wondering, well first of all, you might be wondering what we’re doing next. It’s double knees, but
you might also be thinking to yourself, “Pahla, I’m
actually using this workout, “not necessarily to strengthen my bones “or strengthen my heart,
I actually have a goal.” Here we go with double knees. Maybe you’d like to lose a couple pounds. Maybe you’re already pretty fit, and you’d like to get fitter. My friend, this workout can work for you no matter what your goal is. There’s always a way to make a workout help you get where you wanna go. This one, in particular, treating it nice and
moderately like we are. Coming up next is those
forward hinge arm flappers, by the way. Taking it nice and
moderately like I am today. Moderate pace, moderate weights,
not trying to go too fast, not trying to be too sore,
not trying to go too long, not adding on anything extra. Here we go with those arm flappers. Whew, it’s perfect,
perfect for weight loss. I know you think you have to
work harder to lose weight, but my friend, moderate is the way to go, making sure that you have enough energy to do something exactly like this, not necessarily exactly this workout, but something exactly like this
tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next, makes this a perfect weight-loss workout. But let’s say you’re not really interested in losing weight. Well, first of all, next
we’re doing modified jacks. But if you are looking for fitness, and here we go with those
modified jumping jacks, one leg at a time. Hands are doing jumping jacks. Feet are not jumping at all. You can absolutely make this
workout help you get fitter. You can take this cardio,
maybe, a little bit up a notch, maybe go a little bit faster than me, maybe even add jumping if you’d like to. You can use some very heavy
weights on our strength portion. When it beeps again, we’re
doing toy soldiers, by the way. You can make this workout be very intense. You can also make this
workout be very not intense. Here we are with those toy soldiers. Any workout, truly, can
get you where you wanna go. There are very few workouts in the world, and I’m trying to think. You know what, every workout
offers you something, whether or not it’s gonna get you exactly where you wanna go
depends on how you use it, how you pile it up in your
week or your month of workouts. Any one workout, yes, you’re getting lots of benefit from it, but it’s not the only thing that determines where you’re
going with your fitness. You guys, when it beeps again,
we’re doing rainbow jacks. Hands going up overhead like
a rainbow, one knee at a time, making sure that you have
pulled in your core super tight, keeping that bellybutton
all the way to your spine. Woo, doggies. Anytime we have our hands up overhead for an extended period of time like this, not only are you working your shoulders, but you are also, hoo, putting
yourself at a mild risk, if you do not pull in your
core, of hurting yourself. It’s why I remind you so often. First of all, coming up next, we’re gonna do those
big arm side shuffles. But it’s why I remind you so
often to pull in your core. Your core is the core of all your fitness. Here we go with that side-to-side shuffle, and those big hands
swinging in front of you. When you pull in your core,
you’re actually working, not those visible ab
muscles that you can see, but your deep core stabilizers that hold your spine in place. When your spine goes all Willy Wonka while you’re working out, you can, over time, give
yourself sciatica pain, give yourself a bulging disc, give yourself all kinds of hip
and knee and ankle injuries. And here we go with
those inside touch jacks. Yes, that was me, totally
squinting at my whiteboard, thinking, what are we doing now? What are we doing next, and oh my goodness, what
does that say? (laughs) Inside touch jacks,
twisting that foot inside while we’re doing jumping
jacks with your arms. oh my gosh, you guys. (sighs) This didn’t get
easier on round two, but this is why I love a
two-round kind of workout. When it beeps again, we’re gonna
do that punch, punch, kick. We have just enough
time to feel really good about all these exercises. These are long intervals
but also not so much time. Here we go, punch, punch, and kick. Punch, punch, and kick. When we do long intervals like this, for some exercises it is really tough, but for the most part,
you can live through it. And since we’ve only got two rounds, it’s not too much mentally. I always like to make sure
that we get a great workout. I wanna make sure that I challenge you but not so much that
you dread working out. Working out should be fun. When it beeps again, we’re
doing that reach across with the crunch, getting a
little bit more targeted abs. whew, so reach across and crunch, pull in your core and
crunch, reach across, crunch, reach across, crunch. This one is like the perfect amount of kind of bringing it down a notch while also still making it super tough. There’s a lot to think
about with this exercise, making sure that your
body’s in the right place, focusing on your balance,
focusing on your core, squeezing your abs, whew, while also getting a great cardio sweat. My friends, we are
getting low on the list. That means the next thing up
is those drinky bird jacks. They’re almost always
very low on the list. I know they’re tough, but I
also know they’re good for us. Swinging your hands like
jumping jacks, oh my gosh. Balancing on one foot at a time, thinking about keeping your
back very, very straight, thinking about driving this motion by pulling your leg up behind you. This is all glutes all the time. It’s actually all heart
and lungs, I know. (laughs) When it’s cardio like this, it’s all about moving
as quickly as you can. When it beeps again, we’re doing
those big swinging tappers. Feet are just tapping from side to side, but your hands, woo doggies,
are swinging up, up, up. My friends, this is the very last exercise in our cardio circuit, check this out. Now here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m gonna take 40 seconds as a little bit of a bring-my-heart-rate-down
sort of a thing. It’s the only rest we’re
getting in this entire workout. So feel free to grab a sweat
towel, grab a sip of water, whatever you wanna do. Make sure that you have an
appropriate set of weights for the work that we’re doing today. Same exact format for our weights. We’re going to work for
40 seconds on one thing, and then we’re switching exercises. There is no rest. This is our only rest. I just said there’s no
rest, but this is our rest. I’m gonna bring my heart
rate down a little bit, because here’s the thing, we
are totally shifting gears. This is a 180. That was all of our cardio. We moved fast, we got some great toning, we got some great heart health, but now we are taking it down a notch. No matter what size weights you are using, we’re moving slowly and with control, because we’re thinking
about firming and toning and really pulling in those abs. I’m gonna go ahead and grab my weights. We’re gonna get started, oh my gosh, with something that requires
a little bit of brainwork. This is on purpose
because I knew that with that high heart rate that it
would be tough to think about. We’re doing a
front-raise-side-raise combo. One arm is doing a front raise. The other arm is doing a side raise. Both palms are facing the ground when we’re in that raised position, but you’re moving very differently, and you really have to think about where each arm is in space. We also still have that high heart rate, so I got started way too
fast on this exercise. You guys, I want you to take this at whatever pace you need to. We’re not trying to get in a million reps. This is not, thank goodness,
not a counting day. Here we are with high-knee twists. The weights are gonna stay right here at about chest or head height. We’re going to bring up one
high knee and twist into it, and then bring up the other high knee and twist into that. Oh, my goodness, we are
thinking about balance. We are thinking about pulling in our core. We are thinking about keeping our hands at about shoulder height the whole time, which all of a sudden
got very difficult to do. This is why I want you to consider what weights you are using. I chose a moderate weight for me today, because I knew, oh my gosh, we’re gonna get into a
drinky-bird position. Drinky bird the whole time, which means that I want
you to think really hard about holding your balance,
pulling that leg up behind you, and then we’re gonna fly
our hands out to the side. Now this is obviously
a single-sided exercise as far as your leg. I promise you, we’re gonna do a drinky bird on the other side with a different exercise
later in the circuit. Right now, we’re just
thinking about excellent form, excellent balance, (sighs)
and pulling these flies from the middle of your upper back, pulling those shoulder blades together to bring those weights out
as wide as they can go. Coming up next, we’re doing
a high-hand side bend. oh my gosh, so your
feet are nice and wide. Your hand goes up while
we reach down to the side, and then we’re gonna reach down and do a side bend on the other side while your other hand is reaching up. Oh, my goodness, thinking, oh, yes, about pulling from your abs. Not only are you pulling in
your core, but you are squeezing and crunching those
abdominals and obliques. Knees are soft but strong. You’re moving at a pace
that you can manage. This is arm work, shoulder
work, ab work, and hip work. Okay, here we go with those
drinky birds on the other side. So whichever leg you
were standing on before, we’re standing on the other side now. We’re gonna pull those
weights up to your armpits, and then push back into
a triceps pull down. Now here’s the thing, the
weights are gonna come from your armpits to your hips. Elbows are locked into your sides, the entire time we’re in this
drinky bird, the entire time. There’s basically no rest here, kinda like this whole workout, am I right? When it beeps again, oh my gosh, we’re going into an overhead side crunch, which means that your weights
are gonna start off overhead. We’re gonna bring one
weight down to the side, so hands are facing out, bringing one weight down to the side while we bring that knee
out to that same side. Then return to the top,
crunch on the other side, thinking about balance,
thinking about your core, thinking about your
biceps being right next to your ear the whole time. This is such a complex exercise, working that upper back, working your abs, working your hips, your legs. Oh, my goodness, when it beeps again, we’re gonna do a curtsy tap with a twist. Now this is not a curtsy lunge. We’re going to step
back and step out, whew. Hands are right here at chest level. We’re stepping back and out, and then back to the front. And I apologize, I meant to
twist into it at the same time. I was thinking about that curtsy, about not going down into a lunge, but we’re also twisting our torso. This is more abs, whew, more obliques. Thinking about keeping
your hips pointed forward, but your torso twisting. When it beeps again, oh my gosh. I know I named these
really obvious things, but I’m having a hard time thinking about what we’re doing next, ’cause I’m concentrating so hard. We are doing a wide-open step back. Okay, so we’re gonna
put our hands wide open while we step back and then
bring them back to middle, kind of low, about waist height. We’re not trying to go any
higher than that unless you can. If your weights are lighter or you’re trying to get more out of this, you can start at shoulder height. I’m keeping my hands kind of low, so that I can manage, oh
my gosh, the step back, the concentrating on my abs, and the entire 40-second interval. When it beeps again, we’re gonna go into an overhead front kick. So hands are overhead once again. We’re gonna bring both hands down though while we bring up one high knee, and then straighten that leg, and then hands go back up overhead. Palms face each other the entire time. Bring that knee up, straighten
that leg in front of you. Do you feel your thighs engage? This is slow and controlled
and very difficult. Woo, doggies, yes, because
we’re pretty low on the list. When it beeps again, we’re
doing a front-punch side kick. Again, very complex, thinking
about where your body is in space and time, thinking
about moving with control. So we’re going to have
one hand down to the side. The other hand is at your shoulder. We’re gonna come up in a side
kick while we front punch, and then we’re gonna switch. So side kick, front punch, and other side. Side kick, front punch, go
as slow as you need to go. I’m thinking about balance. I’m thinking about core. I’m thinking about moving
my body, oh my gosh, in a way that it doesn’t
really want to at this point. When it beeps again, we’re doing a deadlift with a front raise. I know lots of you don’t
actually like deadlifts, So we’re taking a little
bit of a break with it. Feet are a little bit
wider than hip-width apart. We’re going to hinge by
pushing our hips back, and then as we come up, front
raise all the way up overhead. whew, thinking about that core, really focusing on keeping your back as straight and flat as you can, tucking your tailbone under and pulling from those
big muscles in your back. You guys, I turned this way,
because I needed to remember. Our very last exercise in
this circuit, here it comes. It’s star balance. We’re gonna start with
our hands up overhead. We’re going to lean to one
side while, oh my gosh, we’re keeping one arm really,
really close to your head, and we’re moving the
other arm out as ballast. I used to call these plus signs, because the object is actually
to get all the way over into a plus sign by bending
all the way over to the side. I cannot, so I started
calling these star balance, because I look a little
bit like a shooting star when I’m in this. You guys, when it beeps again, we are starting this circuit over, for the second and final time, with that front-raise-side-raise combo. Make sure your core is pulled
in tight, tight, tight. Oh my gosh, okay, (sighs)
knees are soft but strong. Front raise, side raise,
thinking about good form, thinking about your knees
being soft but strong, thinking about pulling your
shoulders back and down. If you need to drop weights for round two, I am strongly considering it. I tell you what, I’m glad I
went with a moderate weight and not a super heavy weight. These exercises got tough. When it beeps again, we’re
doing that high-knee twist. So we’re bringing up one knee,
and we’re twisting into it. So hands are gonna be just about chest or shoulder level the whole time. Okay, one high knee, twist into it, and then switch sides. Take your time on this balance. I know this isn’t cardio, but have you noticed that your heart rate is still up, up, up? (laughs) Yes, this is the magic, oh my gosh, of a non-stop workout. This is the magic, whew, of finding the exact right
weight for you today. When it beeps again, we’re
doing that drinky-bird fly, whichever leg you wanna stand on. It doesn’t matter which
one you do for the flies and which one you do
for the triceps pullback as long as you are balancing yourself out. So for me, I’m starting on my left side, but it really doesn’t matter. Come down into that drinky bird, get yourself set and
settled, and then we fly. Nice, nice job. Knee is soft but strong and getting stronger every
minute of this workout. My friend, you do not have to do squats to get an amazing tough workout. Okay, I’m gonna probably fall over, because I’m trying to
read what I have here. Oh, high-hand side bends. Okay this exercise is
written particularly small. I ran out of space, so
the high-hand side bend is what’s coming up next. We’re gonna reach up overhead on one side. I know, I should really come up with a much more efficient way
of writing my exercises down. Oh my gosh, and then on the other side, side bend keeping your
hips nice and solid, knees are soft but strong, really thinking about this work coming from your abs and obliques, not your hips. Your hip is not jutting out while you are bending to the side. Your hips are staying very, very stable. It is all abs and obliques
and shoulders and arms, of course, because of that high-hand part. Coming up next, we’re
gonna do the drinky bird on the other side. Whichever leg you did
not stand on last time is the leg you’re standing on this time. This is the triceps pullback. So get yourself set in
this drinky bird first, and then we’re gonna pull up
the weights to your armpits by pulling from the middle of your back. Goes from armpits to hips,
back to armpits, back to hips. You are not swinging your arm. Your elbow is actually
staying completely stable. You are using your triceps
to move those weights. If you can’t get all the
way back to your hips, it’s totally okay. I’m trying to read right now. Coming up next is the
overhead side crunch. I’m already looking forward to it, because this is tough stuff, oh my gosh. Overhead side crunch
means that we’re starting with our hands over head
just like it implies. We’re bringing one knee to one elbow, slash one elbow to one knee, thinking about keeping
your hips pointed forward, and opening that knee out to
the side as much as you can. This is working, for
lack of a better word, it’s working your side butt, okay? I know saddlebag is a much, I guess, nicer way of saying that, but it’s that outer part of your thigh where it meets your booty. Not gonna help you lose
fat from that area, but absolutely will help
you tone and firm that area. When it beeps again, we’re
doing the curtsy tap twists. Okay, hands are just about
at shoulder or chest height. We’re twisting while
we’re doing a curtsy tap, so stepping back while stepping out, and then twisting into it. Oh my goodness, really using
those abs and obliques. We do not have to get down on the ground to do abs and oblique work, my friend. This is how we get six-pack abs. I mean, not just one exercise one time, but doing this kind of work while we are challenging our abs. This is how we tone them. This is how we shape them. When it beeps again, I have
to read this real quick. Oh, those wide-open step backs. Okay, wherever you can reach to, we’re stepping back, thinking
about squeezing that glute, and then bringing your hands
back to about hip level, wherever you can reach. If you wanna go higher, go higher. You need to keep it nice and
low, keep it nice and low. I know it’s the least thing
that you’re worrying about, but think about that tap
back, that step back, think about using your glutes
to really squeeze and step. When it beeps again, oh my goodness, we’re doing that overhead front kick. So both hands going up overhead. Palms facing each other the whole time. We’re gonna bring down both
hands to one high knee, and then straighten that leg. So hands go up overhead,
pull in your core tight, tight, tight, one knee comes
up, straighten that leg out in front of you, feel that thigh engage. I’ll be honest with you, this is the toughest
exercise for me, honestly, especially this late in the game. But also, that straightening of the leg and really using those quadriceps muscles, very difficult for me. I find all kinds of weaknesses when I’m doing this particular exercise. It’s why we do them. You don’t get stronger
by avoiding exercises. My friends, when it beeps again, oh my gosh, front-punch side kick. So your hand, one side is down. We’re going to front punch
while we side kick that same leg and then switch sides, bring that knee up, punch while doing a
side kick, and back in. Oh my goodness, a little
bit of a biceps curl there, gotta work those vanity muscles. (laughs) If you are new around here,
you have not heard me talk about how biceps are vanity muscles. Your biceps actually help you with literally every single thing we do. I very rarely train them by themselves, because they’re such small muscles, and they don’t do a lot
for your metabolism. Here it comes, the deadlift front raise. I got off on a little bit of
a rant there, don’t mind me. It has gotten very sweaty. Here we go with the deadlift
and then the front raise all the way up overhead, really, really controlling
these weights, my friend. You know how you control the weights? By controlling your core. Pull it in, back is straight, tailbone is tucked
under just a little bit. Hips drive the motion back. Hips drive the motion forward. Shoulders drive the
motion up, oh my goodness. When it beeps again,
we’re doing star balance, which is our last exercise
for the last time. Both hands up overhead,
we’re tipping to one side only as far as you can recover from, which for me is not very far. If you can get all the
way down into a plus sign, oh my gosh, please do. You never ever have to do these exercises exactly the way I do
them, make them easier, make them harder, make them
work for you every time. If you are not getting
injured, you’re doing it right. My friend, when it beeps
again, we are done, (sighs) but we’re not quite finished. I do have one final thing for us. We’re gonna drop one of the weights, but we’re gonna hang onto the other one. We are doing a dumbbell swing. It’s a kettlebell swing
but with a dumbbell. We’re holding the dumbbell the long way. It’s a little bit, not even, of a squat. You’re softening your knees and then you’re squeezing your butt to make that dumbbell come
wherever it can get to. If it’s just right in
front of you, that’s fine. If you can get it up to your shoulders, possibly even up above
your head, that’s awesome. This is glute work, glute driven. If your dumbbell is pretty moderate, it might feel like arm work, but the work should be
coming from your butt. I don’t think I mentioned
it yet, but when it beeps, oh we’re not finished yet. We’re doing two rounds of this one just like we did two rounds of
everything else, my friends. You didn’t think I would let you get away with an easy finisher after all of that hard work we put in, right? But the next time it beeps is the last time it’s going to beep. I do have some cool-down
stretching for us. whew, but we are not
gonna do that on a timer. Oh my goodness, what a
good job you’ve done. What a strong workout you’ve had. Whew, and all we gotta do
is get to the next beep, and then we get to cool it down. Such a good job, okay,
control that descent. Okay, I’m turning off the timer. I’m putting the dumbbell down, (sighs) and let’s cool it down. Much like we do with the warmup, I like to finish up with
those same exercises. Because, again, this is
very Pavlovian, you know? I know that lots of you would
prefer a lot of variety. I want a different warmup. I want a different cool down. Totally appreciate that
sentiment, however, your body and your brain,
they have a different opinion. Your body and your brain need routine, whether you like routine or not. Doing these exercises as a cool down every time signals your heart rate that it’s time to come down, whether you realize it or not. When you workout with me every time and you do these warmups
and these cool downs, your body will get very efficient at warming up and cooling down, because it knows what to expect. Even though we love variety,
variety is the spice of life, but your body operates
very, very, very well under very controlled conditions. Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers. Oh my gosh, give yourself a big hug. Oh wow, a big hug, and then open up your chest nice and wide. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I have quite a bit of
tension in my shoulders, and I’m really feeling it, and I really didn’t notice that when we were doing the warmup. I think I got a great workout today. How about you? You guys, on screen here in a little bit, I will have an extended cool down. This is gonna be our last
little cool down exercise here. Even though I promise
you a thorough Thursday, I don’t do a huge long cool down, because I know that some of you really do have to get on with your day, and some of you would prefer a much, much, much longer cool down. So I always have an extended
cool down linked for you. On the bottom of the screen,
you’re gonna see the letter P, which is an invitation
to go over to Patreon. It’s a third-party website where you can make a monthly donation
like my friends, oh my gosh, okay, I have so many
friends that I have to list that I’m actually gonna put
these names onscreen also. Because it’s Danni, and
Katrina, and Angela, and Tammy, and Ruthann,
and Paula, and Lindsay, and Sarah, and Carol, and Sherry, all made really generous monthly pledges that help me make workouts for all of us. Isn’t that amazing? So thank you Danni, Katrina,
Angela, Tammy, Ruthann, Paula, Lindsay, Sarah, Carol, and Sherry, so much for your support. On the other side of the
screen, that’s my face. That’s just a subscribe button,
just a subscribe button, make sure you click that, so that we can work out
together again next time. Thank you so, so much for
getting sweaty with me today. Click the subscribe button, and I’ll see you in the next video.

25 thoughts on “40 Minute KNEE FRIENDLY Cardio + Weights Workout for Women over 50

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