35 Min HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily – HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss at Home Men Women

35 Min HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily – HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss at Home Men Women

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and i’m claudia 35 Min HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily HIIT Workouts for Fat Loss at Home Men Women and this is a hiit routine for people
who get bored easily it’s a great routine because we’re not
going to repeat the same move twice just going to keep it fresh keep moving
one after another today great routine for both men and women i’m gonna do the intermediate through
Advanced modifications today and follow along with me for
all of the beginner modifications now it’s not required but if you want to do
a little five-minute dynamic warmup go ahead and click the link right up here
the only equipment you’re gonna need today is a pair of dumbbells
other than now ready to get this thing started you ready I’m ready let’s do
this let’s get into it okay we’re gonna do a dumbbell posterior
swing we’re actually going to both do the
exact same movement on this first one she’s just going to use lighter weight
our feet are wider than shoulder-width i’m going to interlock my fingers this one is all about the hip starts a
slight bend your knees and it’s gonna go butt back,butt forwards
you’re going to use your hips as a hinge and your arms are really just along
for the ride so your butt goes back and then
your butt goes forward I want you to either bring those arms up
until they’re parallel to the ground but again it shouldn’t feel like
you’re using your arms to pull the weight up instead it should be all in your hips,
trying to keep a consistent slight bend.. in those knees along the way
and I always like to give myself a little or get my glutes a little squeeze right up the top,that’s right
to make sure i’m emphasizing those glute muscles back there and
contracted them up at the top you’ll notice we’re not counting
any reps today we’re just gonna complete
as many repetitions as you can in a lot of time period,so make this workout
your own push yourself but at the same time work at a pace that you
feel comfortable with good let’s go for 5 more seconds that’s it
on this first one and 3,2,1 alright so we need just that one dumbbell
again,we’re gonna the ground for the next one Claudia is gonna that high plank
on her knees,i’m gonna do a bear plank either way core is tight and bring your
elbow up or doing a tricep kickback on this one arm only bending at the elbow there’s a lot going on this movement, see we have both knees bent trying
to keep them at a 90 degree angle and Claudia’s bringing her hips forward
keeping her back straight either way on this tricep kickback,
only bending at your elbow extending your arm back and definitely trying to keep your shoulders
square to the ground yes square and parallel to the ground exactly and you also don’t let your hips
sink nice and tight let’s switch sides here in 5,4.. 3,2,1..switch sides good elbow up and hit it
good again this one.. get your legs,shoulders,core
almos there,let’s go last 5 seconds and four three two one and done okay we’re gonna need your second
dumbbell for the next one so going to stand up with both dumbbells
feet a little wider than shoulder-width we’re going to start the sumo deadlift
weight back in your hips and down i’m gonna curl on down here and then press for Claudia is actually going to come up
and then hit her curl so i’m using my legs to help press up
and I’m stand down for a little bit longer right because I gotta perform that curl
on down here but claudia is going to come up
right away anytime we’re doing a sumo deadlift
like this really emphasize putting your weight back in your hips as
you sit down try to get your thighs parallel
to the ground that’s the point you’re trying to reach good making sure to breathe keep pumping them out there was a few different parts on this one
requires a little bit of concentration contration for sure,anytime Claudia is quiet she’s either concentrating
or I’m hurting or she’s hurting entire who wants to talk while
they’re hurting at me well you know part of the job I suppose keep it up guys are doing great let’s go
to 10 more seconds on this one keep it up again another total body
movement everything’s getting hit today
you got it,for 5,4,3,2,1 and done okay we need just one dumbbell for the
next one I’m going to do a Shot Put Press split squat,split stance right hand up
by my chin i’m going to do a split squat while
i drop this back knee and I’m gonna stand up and shot put press,
Claudia’s just going to do the press you decide which one is right for you
but notice how we’re rotating our bodies pivoting our feet and using that energy
from our legs to help press the dumbbell up so
again named shot put press just like the Olympic event right
so it’s pretending launching that shot put up into the air opening at
the feet stay in balance yes definitely requires some concentration
on this one for sure five more seconds on this side 321 ok opposite side so again the hand stays up
at the chin you’re doing the squat drop the both knees until they’re
at a 90 degree angle and back sorry guys it’s a little
confusion on my part it’s okay i know this is a complex movement
lot of little moving parts going on here again you really have to concentrate right definitly one,i always hear people giving
coach Kozak a hard time on comments about not being able to keep his balance
and so on and so forth it’s like he’s got a lot going on well I’m also human I know and don’t
pretend to be perfect out there come on guys i’m not perfect it’s getting better
little bit every day just like y’all just working right here putting in the work let’s go home five more seconds that’s it almost there three two one and done
nice! you can set that dumbbell down
we don’t need to wait for the next one we’re going to either a 180 jump squat or
180 squat for sitting down weight on hips,you’re
doing a squat but at the same time hands are out we’re going to pivot
reach down,look up I’m gonna jump Claudia’s just going to come back up
into the squat you decide which one of the two
is right for you either way keep that weight back in
your hips on that squat pivot,good one for not only core strength
but also for core mobility,good one right to the next I know legs are
starting to burn,workout’s starting to work it’s ok how we know it the working keep going let’s go ten more seconds on
this one almost there breathe and 3,2,1,0 nice alright we’re are moving into
the battling ropes next so we need two dumbbells,
Claudia’s just going to use lighter weight we’re putting both
putting our weight in both our hips and if you haven’t seen on battling rope
actually perform before i’ll post a little video appear onthe screen
so you can see what you’re emulating but getting a nice little wave pattern going
with your arms straight up and down working those shoulders good and you’re not imagining it
it’s not fun no it burns baby! good keep that weight back
in your hips keep your core tight and keep moving you’re doing great good about that time the workout you
start remembering and focusing on why you came here right what’s that goal
you’re looking to accomplish focus on it that’s the only
way you’re going to achieve it got to make it your focus 24/7 three two one whooo well I’m going to do a side lunge+curl
Claudia’s going to do a lateral squat so I’m stepping out Real Big
keeping both legs straight popping up curl Claudia is going to step to her side
and basically perform a squat on the step so on this one,keep that
inside leg straight and we’re all doing one side first,
on the curl,curl those pinkies in palms come up and breathe either way make sure you’re getting
your weight back in your hips yeah it doesn’t matter which move you’re
doing either way that’s going to be your key driving that hip back so you don’t
have your weight over your knee your hips are like the strongest muscle in
your body let’s use them good breathe let’s go for five more seconds
on this side then go switch last one good
ok hit it up opposite side now everybody big out step up and curl another great one that isn’t just
working strength but you’re also getting some good
mobility and stability in the same time working on that balance we can get a nice stretch in the leg inner thigh,all the way down your growing
gracilis you got it,one of the next guys breathe,now it’s started to burn but we’re
pushing through that we’re not gonna listen to that burn today
we are stronger than that burn let’s go 5,4,3,2,1 last one 0,ok we only need one dumbbell
for the next one and guys i’m losing them no dumbbells,such here that’s the modified
version so we’re going to load our legs
we’re doing a diagonal cross body Chop or Wood Chop
loading our Leg reaching up on the side gonna twist and then big power
explode down twist and look up,explode down to the
outside of your leg doing a little pivot with your feet
on the way up and then using that energy from dumbell putting it back into the ground and
thrusting it down use that core boom!,big power again like
your wood chopping hence the name Wood shop,good breathe,big power
engaging your core and your hips and every rep last one
and let’s switch other side to your left up,reach,big power,
up,reach,big power,good one right into the next,you are machine
you could do this all day long good work weight back in the hips every
time,you don’t want you coming forward.. onto the balls of your feet at all good
fighting through that burn that shoulder burn,you got it 3,2,1,0 nice what we got next,next we have
ooh i’m sorry Halos we need one dumbbell,Claudia’s just
going to use lighter weight we’re coming around your head
all the way around the head and whip down opposite side
Whip down opposite side whip down keeping a little bend those elbows again
another good one for your shoulders back to back right here good use that core your shoulders are work together
work with straight down, grabbing at the end of each dumbbell
further each end of the Db i should say good you got it keep a little bend your knees and hips along the way good fighting through guys fight through..all right near in the end let’s go for the last five seconds
on this one breathe a little bit in the hips you got it 2..1..last 1,0 good okay let’s grab
both dumbbells for the next one I’m doing a reverse lunge+curl
dropping back both knees at 90,backup for claudia’s just gonna go and
start and that staggered stance and she’s just going to drop
her back knee down into a split squat that’s right we’re going to do one side
for half the time they’re going to switch legs
I let you guys know in whichever version you choose really
the key is to try to get both knees to a 90 if you can’t quite do that
on the split squat that’s ok just know that’s what you’re working for all right and we’re gonna switch legs
here you’ll get come back to this workout again
you get a little bit better every time that’s how it works putting in the work you’re going to see the progress
you’re going to see the results let’s go got put in that work though so
we’re doing right here work work work let’s go to the rihanna
work soundtrack you know just getting moving to do that too
good job that back knee let’s go horrible song,Elbows are in only bending
at the elbows on that curl don’t get a bunch of momentum involved
nice,in 5,4.. 3,2,1 last one,nice alright we only need
one of your two dumbbells the next one we’re heading to the floor,we’re going to
a High Plank Dumbbell Transfers Claudia’s going to do it from her knees I’m gonna do from up top so
reaching through grab the dumbbell we’re switching side to side,so we have one
arm on the ground at a time we’re just moving that dumbbell back and foward it’s pretty simple and
application but it catches up to you keep a little bend in both
elbows along the way and again keep that core tight,if
you are doing the one from your knees like Claudia notice how she has her hips
down having butt way up in the air keep your hips forward and down so basically
drawing a straight line with your torso from your shoulders to your knees
good,keep a little bend on the elbows side-to-side core stays tight and keep
that belly bouttom drawn in and keep breathing isn’t an easy one
to hold your breath if you’re not careful all this set you’re under two minutes
from now while you’re dying while you’re about to pass out so keep breathing we don’t want any
breaks with no video pauses we’re going to just going to keep
fighting through this you and thousands of people home
doing the same thing all fight together let’s get it guys 5,4,3,2,1, ok dumbbells to the side moving
into a classic but effective one I’m going to mountain climbers switching,
Claudia’s going to do a modified version and basically just doing a
little toe tap right at the top but difference between the two
she gets a little break in between or my feet have to go right back and forth
anything a little bit of a longer break just slow it down a little bit nothing wrong
with that,again making this thing your own so it’s all about core stays tight
you got it good moving at your own pace whatever that is remember doesn’t matter how slow you’re
going,still happen everybody on the couch come on let’s fight guys fighting right
here where it’s getting hard that’s where you gotta get tough mentally tough not just physically good
fighting fighting go 10 seconds breathe you got it 321 we need both dumbbells for the next one up on our feet combo move Claudia’s just going to use
lighter weight on this one bent over on 45d,palm stays front the other
i’m gonna row pulling back in our elbows,down
reverse fly so bent over row pull back in those elbows
reversed fly in a little bend in both elbows and then you separate and squeeze
the middle of your back they’re 2 separate movement
1-2,1-2 one into the next good and this one it’s nice to
imagine on that reverse fly wrapping your arms around a tree
that little bend your elbows along the way good,core stays tight waiting your hips
one of the next you got it grinding through guys
grinding through right here what are you made up put it out there
whooo reverse fly are probably one of my least favorite of all time and of course
usually those least favorites are your weaknesses,oh yeah my back is
always been my weak spot so for working on those weaknesses not
avoiding them you got it,let’s go last 5 seconds on
this one,almost done three two one and done okay Dumbbels
at the side no wait needed for this one you do need
to find a wall though uh-ooh,I’m gonna go one leg wall
sit with my arms overhead Claudia is going to do a two-leg wall sit
with her arms at other side you decide which variation here is right
for you breathe and you’re not imagining things
you just did that ridiculous and horrible reverse fly and now just having
keep on your arms up I know I’m like a terrible person terrible person,my apologies,
who does this? i’m not that mean in real life I promise but less I tell you what you’ll be something
a nice comment about a month from here,switch
if you’re doing one leg..switch you got your shoulders popping
you know why there you go here’s all,when
start paying off and you get the results it’ll all be worth it right whoo think
about the end result don’t think about the process ok well what we’re moving toward where
we’re going oh man I wish I could quit right now come on no quit and I’m not gonna do it
come on keep that weight in your heels,almost there 5,4,3,2,1 ok..both dumbbells
we need for the next one going the ground,we’re gonna line up
fly back or lean back on a 40 uups i’m sorry lean back on a 45 degree angle
i’m at my feet up Claudia is going to have her feet down
so the difference between the two we’re going to do a Fly with our chests little bit and those elbows ideally
you’re leaning back on a 45 degree angle in order to do so we really put your
core to the test oh my goodness doesn’t ever you can’t
quite get there that’s ok do your best come back get
little bit better every single time you gotta come on guys finish this round
strong finish strong with a little bend in your elbows stay focus,try not to collapse
core stays tight you got it 10 more seconds that’s it breathe
everybody breathe come on fighting with you,you’re
fighting with you right here,5,4.. three two one zero nice work is in the first round
ooh gosh! alright we’re going to get right into this
thing with a One Arm Snatch either we’re going to do it for one arm
snatch and catch with both feet as claudia’s going to show or
into a One Arm Snatch and then catch in a split position like I’m doing so the weight
goes between your legs bending over in your waist,explode bring one
elbow up and then catch the weights so you’re either going to go and catch
with the weight in your hips like Claudia is doing or you’re gonna do a
split+catch,and absorb it with both legs as so,here we go making sure to breathe
and alternate arms good keep it up now when you’re doing
this snatch you want to bring that elbow up and get underneath the dumbbell
you’re bringing that elbow up big power pull and resetting in between each rep,
nice work,now we’re not counting any reps today so it’s really just about
getting in as many reps in a lot of time period as you can nice we got 5 more seconds on this one
and 3,2,1 and done okay we got a leg one next,i’m dropping my
weights guys and I’m going to keep my one weight and i’m going to do a
Goblet Drop Squat I’m just doing the drop squad here
so we’re starting with your feet together you drop down,point your toes out just
a little bit open those hips up and catch the weight in your backside,
one right into the next again you decide if holding a weight on this one is right
for you or if your body weight is enough and if your bodyweight enough today no big deal come back repeat this workout
and eventually you’ll be up in the intensity and the resistance nice work,making sure to breathe,
good keep it up,no much left on this one one into the next you got it give me 5,4,3,2,1 alright so moving into a Rotational Chop
I’m keeping my one-weight, claudia’s just gonna use her own bodyweight,
we’re gonna rotate side-to-side want you to pivot your feet use your core,rotational chop,side-to-side
go and pivot on those balls of the feet,keep a little bending your knee
and really just going for big power side-to-side,nice big power side-to-side
explode,one into the next keep those arms up,big power good
feel you’re burning already nice work,let’s go 10 more seconds
on this one big powe nice 5,4,3,2,1 alright i’m going to set
that weight down we’re going to the ground we’re going to do a Dive bomber so
either going to do that from your knees or we’re gonna do it from an upright
position,little bit of a combo so we’re going to start back,dive down,with your head
nice and close and come up into an upper cobra and then back in the starting position
so you dive down and in stand up and back reset so now you decide
if you should be up on the balls of your feet or on your knees today
as I’m sure Claudia will tell you the one from your knees is plenty of a challenge it really is,and it’is starting from what
it seems like a child pose position and then just move along the floor into
the Cobra stance,feel that nice stretch up the top of the Cobra good,one into the next
you gotta it,no many left on this one don’t forget to breathe on this,
not hold your breath so very important ah nice almost there almost there let’s go 5 more seconds guys that’s it
and 4,3,2,1 good okay we’re gonna need your weights
for this next one I’m sorry you don’t need your weights I lie,
we’re gonna do a reverse lunge to squat so it’s either i’m gonna stay low
the whole time,I’m coming back up as you see right into the squat,so I’m going reverse
lunge,staying in this low squat position the whole time,for claudia is going to
alternate between the full range of motion reverse launch and the squad once you get the hang of the movement
pick up some speed that’s right again,you decide which one
is right for you get into it keep that weight back in your hips,on
that long for trying to get both knees to 90 d angle,this one definitely burns
your quads and,Men I can feel it yes it’s brutal it’s working that’s how we know
it’s working everybody stick with it stick with that come on now much left on this one Good!,let’s go 5 more seconds
4,3,2,1,0 nice alright next we’re gonna need your dumbbells,so grab
those weights for the next one we’re gonna move on to either a
Split Jack+curl or a step back and curl so I’m hopin’ into a split stance,back to
neutral,where claudia is just gonna go go ahead and step back and then back to neutral,each time,we’re
getting a nice curl in you decide which one is right for you,get a nice curl
make sure you’re not swinging in your body to bring these dumbbells up to a curl
exactly make sure you’re feeling that contraction in the biceps,not using a
bunch of momentum good one into the next,whooa keep that core nice and tight
and breathe,one rep right in the next everybody let’s go starting to feel those
arms working for sure nice almost there almost here let’s go 5,4,3,2,1 and done
okay so we’re going to the ground for the next one,you need both dumbbells
we’re going to do a high plank row+ Bat Wing so we’re going to pull back
on the elbow from a high plank position standout reverse back and down so
it’s 1,2,3,4..1,2,3,4 good hey guys and if your knuckles
if you’re using smaller dumbbells and your knuckles are scraping the floor go ahead and just lose one and just do
one side at a time keeping that core tight,back straight,throughout the movement
you don’t want your butt way up in the air and you don’t want it sinking
either,engaged that core along the way it’s a very efficient work out,in that we’re
working a lot of muscle groups all at the same time nice not many left on this one equally great horrible huh exactly using those come hand-in-hand
terrible sometimes equals effective looking for those results that’s why we’re here and 3,2,1 done so I’m gonna only use one dumbbell for this
next one and I’m losing my weights here we’re doing Upward Chop so squat down
weight in your butt,reach down big power extend and chop up,your power is gonna up
overhead as if you’re throwing your arms or the weight up overhead big power boom!,almost
like throwing something up over your head nice throwing something heavy over your head
exactly big power,using that power in your legs,use those hips,hamstrings
and if you’re not feeling in your legs make sure you bend down and bend at the knees
hips back,bend at the knees and power up dont’s just bent over this way
exactly good take the words right out of my mouth with you good one to the next you got it,
so your wife it’s your best it’s so true uh-huh get out of my brain big power,come on let’s hit it
what do you guys got,put it back there let’s go what are you saving it for
almost there almost there 5,4,3,2,1.. okay we need both dumbbells for this
next one going to the ground and a crab position so that’s on all fours have our
dumbbells we’re up we’re going to do a curl+press and down,so curl 1 press 2
down 3 repeat 4 and i’m going to alternate sides on this one and if for
some reason you know your dumbbells are a little smaller you can’t quite do it like this,you can do
one side at a time,claudia is gonna show how to do that yep just you gotta do this,kick this weight
to the side and down exactly then you can just do half and half on each side you don’t
necessarily have to do the alternating again really want to encourage you guys
to make this work out your own Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution so make
modifications along the way try to give you all the tools needed to do so comeon let’s go breathe guys,what’re we here
for what are we here for let’s go not much left and 5,4,3,2,1 and done okay put set those down,we’re up on our feet
speaking of feet,we got hot feet and we have high knees,
can get the heart rate up right now get it up,get it up,if it wasn’t already up
we can burning up at all right we’re burning out the legs but we’re also burning
those calories burning that fat at the same time come on feel so good it’s so good let’s go
burn it up everybody burn it up so the last one in this first round
fightingt fighting fighting let’s go almost there and 5,4,3,2,1
break nice alright we’re on the ground
for the last round time for some abs,lying flat on our back
if you got a mat you want to set it up now we’re gonna do
Lying Leg Crossover my legs are going to be straight
Claudia is gonna bend her knees but either way we’re opening those
legs up and crossing them over good you decide which one is right for you
both of legs around about a 45 degree angle good breathe,we’re going to burn those abs
right out not gonna be easy but it will be
worth it i promise you that much come up let’s go make a decision right
now that you’re going to finish this thing and you’re going to finish it strong don’t give yourself and out if you tell yourself that you can quit
anytime pause it anytime you’re gonna do it it’s not an option not today come on let’s go fight and through
if you have modified version no big deal i just want you to keep moving
that’s the name of the game let’s go 10 more seconds on this one come on fight through everybody
5,4,3,2,1 turning over going to be in a low plank
position on our forearms and I’m gonna go elbow to knee
or knee to elbow out to the sides you bring that knee out
to the side try your best to bring it to your knee either from your knees like Claudia or
up on your feet like i am you decide which one is right for you let’s go again if you have to slow down that’s
okay but keep moving don’t stop good again is the point that workout work,where
becomes all mental right?,it’s all it is it’s all a big mental game what brought you here today
how strong are you how much of your pain are you willing to
take and keep pushing through these are questions you got to decide
for yourself come on let’s go you’re a fighter asking myself right now,not a quitter you got it,how did i decide for this,
..marriaged 5,4,3,2,1 ok we’re going
back to our backs skid a little bit we’re moving on to either
sit up or reach crunch so I’m coming all the
way up where Claudia is gonna reach.. to the ceiling you decide
which one is right for you today whoo-whee you got it guys
come on let’s go reach Crunch does not necessarily mean
“easier” no it doesn’t,she’s reaching straight up
bringing those shoulder blades off the ground reaching toward that feeling
well i’m coming all the way up you got it guys don’t quit don’t give up
don’t slow down come on you got this you got this come on those who believe they can’t and
those who believe they can both right which one are you make a decision go with it,come on,your choice
right now,and no regrets,breath give it your all or give up
come up you got it,right here,you got it,you got it
you got it let’s go 10 seconds that’s it we’re almost there
almost there and five 4,3,2,1..zero nice ok we’re turning over into that
low plank position I’m gonna bring my hips to the ground left hip-right hip,Claudia is doing the
same thing but from her knees so bring those hips down,tip hip
tap that hip back up tap that hip back up,good
one right into to the next you got it almost there everybody,fight through guys
fight through almost there breathe you got how many can you get in
this time frame push yourself no one else can do it for you,hopefully
guys you’re doing a little better than me come on,definetely feeling it
i’m feeling it too let’s go 10 more seconds almost there getting closer let’s go last 5
seconds last 5 seconds 3,2,1,0 nice okay turn it over on your back keep moving don’t slow down into a hollow body hold on my back my chin comes in,back is
straight on the ground arms are out now either you can to have your
legs straight or knees bend you decide which one of these two
is going to be right for you today but guess what,this is it right here people
this is it for the rest of the day come on give it everything you got all mental be so easy to just quit right now but guess what
you’re stronger than that you are whether you believe it or not
I believe that you are now we just need to convince you
other Hold and tight holding strong what you got
come on stick with it guys don’t give up on us
don’t give up on us we’re hurting too come on what do you got what you got
for 10 seconds that’s it 10 seconds for the rest of the
day you could do that in your sleep let’s go 5,4,3,2,1,0 nice work! oh man that was brutal,let’s go to get up
yeah she’s supposed to get up right now we’re feeling it just like you are
if you can’t tell thank you so much for working out with this today if you’ve
been working out with us for a while starting to feel good certainly see some
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with you online,again thank you so much for giving us the privilege to work out
with you today I’m coach Kozak and i’m claudia Whoo and
we will see your next workout

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