30 Minute HIIT Workout – Spartan Warrior Fat Burning High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

30 Minute HIIT Workout – Spartan Warrior Fat Burning High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

welcome everyone
coach Kozak your trainer here from has 30 Minute HIIT Workout Spartan Warrior Fat Burning High Intensity Interval Training Workouts fit and today we are going to do a
Spartan hit workout this workout only requires a pair of dumbbells and the
weight that you use is solely dependent on your strength and fitness level I’m
going to do modifications for beginner intermediate and advanced so the
stronger you are the more weight you’re going to require I’d say most beginners
are going to use anywhere between 5 to 12 pounds intermediate maybe between 15
to 20 and advanced up above that I’m going to do this entire routine with you
we’re going to break it down into five short rounds moving non-stop action
we’re going to get it going from head to toe let’s do it
alright so your first one you only need one dumbbell so go ahead and grab one of
your two dumbbells we’re going to do a lunge plus a push your fingers
interlocked you’re gonna do a stationary lunge stepping forward press out and
pull it back in pulling back on your elbows to pull it back good we’re going
to breathe modification for this one an easier version is just a split squat
straight down but this is what we’re aiming for today is that stationary
lunge alternating legs doing this one for three more seconds two one and zero
good keeping that one dumbbell we’re moving on to a split stance dumbbell row
intermediate version is here we’re supporting ourselves down into a deep
split and we’re rowing on this side a harder version is going to be on your
front hand and it an easier version is a self supported version here so I’m gonna
do the go ahead and do the intermediate version and three two one we got to
switch sides come back down good in row full range of motion keep that back
straight core tight we’re pulling back on the elbow anytime we do a row I want
you to pull back on that elbow good core tight and three two one we’re
using the same one dumbbell we’re getting down into a high plank position
we’re going to do dumbbell transfer so I’m going to transfer it from side to
side easier version from your knees our diversion up top but either way just
transfer it side to side keeping your core tight don’t let yet but sink don’t
let it up in the air good breathe and three two one we’re
back on our feet starting to back to the beginning so interlocking your fingers
and now that we kind of got the hang of these first three moves let’s pick up
the pace good three we’re gonna burn everything out today so it’s important
you remember what brought you here because you’re going to need a little
extra motivation focus on that throughout the workout good and three
two one good we’re getting down to that deep split squat stance and bent over
row good so yes this one does work your legs at the same time it’s all about
being efficient getting as many muscle groups working at the same time nice
good this one for 10 more seconds here pulling back on that elbow and five four
three two one good switching sides and for fit straight back leg good posture
and pull good nice make sure to breathe good balance having trouble finding your
balance your eyes focus on some point and five four three two one good okay
we’re going into that high plank position so high plank dumbbell
transfers you can get creative put it down underneath if you want put to this
side do you ever want to do is spice it up make a little bit harder if you’d
like to good core stays tight throughout the
last important part wherever you bring that dumbbell most important parts just
keep it core tight and of course he breathing good and five four three two
one we’re up on our feet back to the start fingers interlocked let’s go lunge
and push lunging push there it is right there good and the blood flowing
starting to work everybody we can feel it it’s working
remember when that burning sensation kicks in that’s just the lactic acid you
don’t have to listen to that it’s not physical response it’s all mental in
your head let’s get it in five four three two one nice back into that split
squat split stance and here we are pulling last set of these last set oh
good pull-pull-pull picking up the pace what do you got let’s go put it out
there put it out there that set of these on this arm keep those legs nice and low
I know they’re burning mine are burning to come on good posture
give me ten more seconds nice and five four three two one switching arms for me
switching sides okay let’s hit it be a better angle there good going back
on that elbow core stays tight keep yourself stabilized try to keep your
shoulders parallel to the ground good come on keep it working keep it
working nice and five four three two one I playing position here we go
transfer side to side side to side remember if you need to you can go to
your knees but what I don’t want you to do is to stop moving
you got to go to easier version that’s one thing but I don’t want it come on
let’s go get it moving guys get a movement what brought you here
focus on it what are your goals when are we working towards good nice
breathe keep it up keep it up four five four three two one zero
good I say enter the first round okay it’s a quick break a couple of deep
breaths quick drink of water if you got it and we’re returning back and five
four three two all right so we’re going to start with a warrior lunge elbows are
up dumbbells are up we’re pivoting to the side straight down and pivot back up
to square easier exercise is just a front squat but Raymond for this warrior
lunge go in side to side turning those hips and to a 90 degree angle breathe
tricky balance we’re going to go straight down back up straight down back
up drop that back knee good and five four three two one back up now we’re
going right into a hammer curl easy one so shouldn’t take much time for you to
get it palms are facing one another we have good posture and for thirty seconds
you’re getting as many curls in as you can that’s what we’re doing right here
let’s get it come on let’s get it going let’s get it going
why are you here today why are you here come on gonna give it your all
no regrets after this one come on let’s go go go go go go go five four three two
one nice keep them both dumbbells we’re going to the ground we do a renegade row
either here or on your knees you decide and now we’re going to pull back on that
elbow keeping your shoulders square throughout the exercise but down you got
it three good on back good good good keep
it up keep it up meet ten more seconds of this one you got it you got it
and five four three two one and we’re up on our feet we’re right back to the
beginning so that means warrior lunge to the side back up to the side back up
come on let’s go whoo-whee re-remember it’s not about how
bad you want it it’s about how hard you’re willing to work for it
so we got to put in that work right here that’s what we’re doing right now
laughing everybody who’s on the couch everybody who’s now working everybody
who’s just using their mouth and that’s about it
come on and five four three two one nice right into that curl which I know is a
little brutal because you’ve just been holding those dumbbells yes that is by
designed just in case you were wondering oh come on let’s go
pumping it up here getting in the groove right here let’s go
remember thousands of us doing the same workout potentially millions we’re all
hurting just like you are let’s go burning through it that’s it
burning through it and five four three two one
to the ground renegade rows come on let’s go core tight you know the drill
pulling back on those elbows like somebody’s got a string attached that
elbow and you’re pulling back here it is right here let’s go good just that much
more important to remember to breathe when you’re in one of these plank
positions this gets easy to hold your breath come on five four three two one
hopping up 100 feet we’re gonna going back the legs warrior lunge ready let’s
go move tell the other side switch it get good at it take pride and learning
these movements getting better papayas Epson their use of your overall body
where it’s at how it’s working together let’s go whoo come on breathe last set
of these last set of these let’s come in give it everything we got I’m gonna give
you everything I got I want in return let’s go
five four three two one hoes get harder back into curls let’s get harder as the
ground gets sweaty underneath you I’m finding that out the hard way let’s go
come on big power every curl come on keep it up
keep it up keep it up put it all out there put it all out there bite you
through that burn you got it give me ten more seconds of this just ten more
seconds that’s it and five four three two one to
the ground for one last set of renegade rows ran again man gain that’s why my
YouTube Fitness guy not a singer just give Sun wheels running all right come
on let’s go elbows in go go go go go come on breathe
fighting through this last set on this one last one of the round right here
last one of the round that’s it good come on keep it moving your powerhouse
our factory you do this all day all day all day and five four three two one zero
nice into the second round alright we’re sticking with these short breaks we only
need one dumbbell for the next one just one of your two dumbbells okay get ready
in three two grab them one dumbbell we’re doing one set at a time you’ll see
what I mean we’re gonna get into suitcase squats
weight back in the butt just holding that one dome on the side forces your
core to really engage on these good that uneven weight on each side good we’re
doing fifteen seconds here three two one now we’re going to get into a bent over
row right here pulling back on that elbow 15 seconds here I see the trend
just working this one side at a time nice pulling back pulling back three two
one standing up now we’re going to do an overhead press
palm is facing your head facing inwards pressing straight up keep my shoulders
square and I’m not using my legs at all on this
one all upper body on this one three two one
switching sides now we’re going to a squat good now you see the sequence here
we have three on one side then we hit up three on the other back to the beginning
repeat yeah burn these legs out on this set make sure you get that butt back
first anytime we’re squatting sitting back so we don’t have our knees loaded
I’m sorry yes our knees loaded over our feet three
two one bending over then over row let’s go core is tight good shoulders are
square and we’re pull pulling let’s go go go go go go come on
getting into the groove guys getting in the groove what are you waiting for
put it all on there right now let’s go good we’re gonna empty that tank out
with this workout up top go into the press good up overhead a little bend in
the knee keep your core tight all the way up all the way down again don’t use
your legs in this one taking the legs out of the movement good
almost there five four three two one switching sides okay that was one time
through actually do that two more times so he shot hit two more you got come on
paces aces up fuck through with me here guys fight and through yeah remember
don’t try to keep up with me I want you to beat me actually but I want you to be
the best version of yourself because that’s who you’re competing with at the
end of the day we’re back two rows let’s go row row row row you got it come on
row boom boom hit it power every time come on get in the zone guys get in the
zone there it is there it is we should I’ll
pull it out good good good good and press overhead nice see this pool of
sweat collecting underneath me that’s okay I’ve never heard anybody drowning
in a pool of their own sweat hope you’re joining me I do tend to sweat more than
average person now come on let’s go good breathe switching sides we’re back
to the squat oh I know those legs are burning but they’re lying to you they
got one left they’re lying to you don’t listen to him
don’t you listen to him come on let’s go keep those knees out three two one we’re
into the row let’s go boom pull it pull it
let’s go in that back work remember see very important anytime you’re working
out even out your pushes and your pulls got to work your back just as much as
your anterior muscles good good and here we go pushing speaking of
anterior muscles go remember no legs go get that heart rate up let’s go let’s
put a pedal in the middle today that’s what we’re doing come on let’s see how
fast you can go and see how fast you can go and three two one one more time
through this I know you got it you got it
don’t quit I know you want to say oh it’s good man I’m good with two no
you’re not good with two don’t quit on yourself whatever you do don’t cheat
yourself go let’s go let’s go burn them up into the row yes yes burn so good
guys it burns so good come on that’s the attitude you gotta have towards it so
all mental take control that mind mind runs the body not the other way around
push push let’s go come on remember who’s in charge you’re mine hundred
percent good good nice pace nice pace five four three two one switch inside
last set their promise last set I promise you’re not gonna give
up on the last set you’ve come this far come on last set of these this good work
them up work them out what do you got what do you got let’s go give it come on
put it out there three two one then over rows one side at a time
nice pull back on that elbow good let’s go guys come on what are you waiting for
put it on put it up five four three two one
pricing overhead nice pressing overhead good I’m gonna keep that palm facing in
don’t let your legs help I know you really wanted to as your shoulders start
to tire don’t let him help keep him out of it
nice three two one end of the third round alright here we
are three rounds down two more to go that means we’re more than halfway
through I know this is tough you knew that going into it
remember focus on what brought you here today what are your goals what are we
getting better at where we’re trying to get to tomorrow let’s get it going
all right we’re picking up the dumbbells we need both of them for this next set
going down on our backs lying down we’re gonna do an ISO hip up so we’re staying
right there and now we’re gonna fly with our dumbbells so I so hip up pressing
off your heels and if you can’t quite make this one with your back you can go
ahead and do it just from a normal lying down position your feet up but I want
you to work on that core lower back glutes hamstrings all at the same time
good hand of course a upper body chest shoulders on this one good three then
move come on get it going get it going and three two one we only need one
dumbbell on this next one watch closely so it’s a rocker
grab your one dumbbell we’re going to rock back and as we come up working up
press if you can’t quite handle that let’s just go ahead and press and crunch
but we’re aiming for the rock press overhead good rock back press overhead
good work on our core shoulders all at the same time as you get better you can
extend more go remember this is too much right here
today or right here it’s perfectly fine do what you can
back repeat this workout get better every single time that you do it that’s
what it’s all about a little better every time good no
dumbbells for the next one set them down moving on to a hollow body so start by
curling your head up here’s the easiest version right here hold and the more you
extend your leg and hold the harder it gets so you decide where in here is
right for you but the key is to keep your lower back flat on the ground you
don’t want any arch keep it flat keep your head up and hold that that means
you got to be here then that’s perfectly fine good put that back flat and on the
ground hold hold that’s it right there that’s the whole
thing I know it doesn’t look like much but it can be brutal good you want to
kick it up a notch hands overhead three two one nice okay we need both those
dumbbells for the next one because we’re going back into you guessed it lie so
hip up Plus fly nice good core tight breathe on this one person off those
heels this is probably a little bit of an active recovery one compared to some
of the other movements it’s okay we’re still hit multiple body parts on this
one exercise good good good I mean ten more seconds of this one ten
more seconds five four three two back to the rocker and press one dumbbell we
rock back press and back rock press or you can like I said be right here with
press and reach crotch you decide which one’s right for you today or another
variation here again so many little different ones but you can keep your
knees bent really up to you to decide we’re at today nice next time we come
back a little bit better and three two one last one nice okay moving into that
hollow body so no weights need it for this next
remember some way to curl up first that helps keep your back flat maybe there
extend knees up or like I’ve seen at the end if you’re really feeling good right
now feel free to put those arms up behind you definitely increases the
intensity on this one good breathe focus and breathe five four three two one
nice okay two dumbbells you know the drill going I so +5 right there boom
nice Oh hip foot plus flat pressing off those heels squeezing the
glutes so you don’t want to feel like you’re arching your lower back but
instead you really want to push off those heels good good nice nice nice
last set of these last set of these third time through the fourth round
get in there getting closer every step every rep getting just that much closer
in four three two one good we only need one dumbbell for the next one moving on
we’re going rocker hand press bring those knees up and press overhead these
two are pretty brutal back to back for the ABS getting a lot of work done in a
short period of time sure you’re noticing that theme I keep talking about
it’s all about efficiency because you know very few people have to three hours
ago spend at the gym come on let’s go Oh working it working it I’m right here
with you last one ah nice okay how about ease
last set it is when you’re asking who are our ABS I should say a little break
okay throwing up number either here oh we’re overhead breathe on this one good go to your happy place
go to your happy place and say five four three two one zero
whoo okay up on her feet here we go four rounds down only one to go okay here it
is start of the last round you know time it
is time to put it all out there give it everything you got there’s no holding
back this is it right here this is it all right let’s go we’re going to grab
one dumbbell get started in three two one we’re going to take our one done but
we’re going to go to the ground we’re going to do a your a high plank or from
the knees we’re going to do a one-armed reverse flyes either here or reaching
through and fly keeping your elbows bent good guess you decide which version of
this exercise is right for you good and three two one we’re up on our feet with
that dumbbell sitting back waiting our but we sit down and we press up overhead
squat thruster we’re going to get a twist on this hand at the same time good
breathe press straight up overhead finish up nice and tall good three two
one moving into same arm one arm dumbbell snatch weight in the but sit
back elbow comes high flip that dumbbell up overhead
good get this one side and then moving on to the next good breathe elbow high
use your back posture your hips and switch inside going to the ground again
with the high plank reverse fly either or again from your knees you can even go
here you’re really getting exhausted but again remember I don’t want you to stop
it’s a whole focus keep moving we are a calorie burning machine right now let’s
keep it up and three two one at one dumbbell we’re up on our feet
sit back press up now they get the hang of these we can pick the pace up
remember this is it for the day we got about four minutes remaining and we are
not going to give up until we are done we’re gonna see this through I’m seeing
it through with you remember I’m right here with you every step of the way
couldn’t be more real switching to the snatch good whoo come on let’s go
keeping it together just a few more short minute elbow high flip it up
overhead use those hips to come forward so it’s not all upper body three two one
we’re switching sides going to the ground here we go come on
get it done guys get it done so it’s all about right now let’s go hoo-wee let’s
hit it you’re doing it right here we got one
round down two more to go and you’re done for the day that’s it fight with me
work with me and we’re up on our feet that thruster dumbbell thruster good
sitting down try to get those hips to parallel to the ground nice and if
you’re getting a little burned out on these you can go ahead and drop that
weight just keep moving that’s the key remember nice and three two one switch
into a one-arm dumbbell snatch come on keeping that energy up let’s hit it
let’s hit it right here with you no time to give up it’s time to give it all
hoo-wee come on three two one nice switching sides back to that high plank
this workouts going to use everything I got I hope you’re putting it all out
there let’s go go go go go boom back keep it a little bend in the elbow
shoulders Square to the ground three two one
up on our feet thruster squat and press squat and press remember everything
starts to feel burned out that just means the lactic acid is taking off that
doesn’t mean the muscles are done all up here guys is all up here
come on working with me three two one one-arm snatch out of the next one come
on let’s go whoo not much left not much left pushing
the pace right to the very end everybody right to the very end
you got it you got it three two one to the other side one more time through
it that’s it don’t quit right now don’t quit right now come on let’s go get a
little crazy get a little crazy where’s that crazy
side that side that just won’t quit when all the odds are stacked up against you
and you just keep getting up and you just keep getting up and then you
knocked down again would you get your butt back up come on three two one
standing up thrusters let’s hit it let’s hit it you can do this you can do
anything you can do this you can do anything
remember it’s all up here in your head keep telling yourself that believe it
believe it you got it three two one one arm dumbbell snatch
come on lord help us let’s go let’s go breathe get that elbow up and flip it
elbow up and flip it you got it you got it three two one
other side last time through last time through right here come on focus I won’t
motivate you what brought you here today who motivates you who are you doing this
for why are you doing it what’s that long-term goal come on you want some
that got do some everyday to work towards it three two one we’re up
thrusters not much left now much left let’s sprint to that finish line
come on sprint into it we’re into it sit push your machine you can do this all
day long come on let’s go five four
three two one one hour see hmm that’s it right here yeah
ah yes ah Venus don’t think that’s real I don’t know what is come on come on use
it use it Evan you got into that tank out what’s
your Excuse three two one yes nice work ah I don’t
think anybody would deny that I gave it everything I had I hope you enjoyed it
if you did make sure you give this workout a big ol thumbs up it’s really
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coach Kozak see you next workout

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