100 thoughts on “3 Workout Hairstyles for the Gym – Easy Hair Tutorial!

  1. So, what about all the sweat and smell after your workout? I always rinse my hair (or wash) after a workout, to get rid of the smell and feel clean again…

  2. damn gurl, you have muscles! is that all from having your arms constantly up and doing hairstyles? I'm joking ;P what kind of work-outs do you do? something like gymnastics or a lot of weight training and so on?

  3. I'm a gym teacher and it gets really challenging to come up with different hairstyles to still look fashionable, so thank you!!

  4. Who has the time to do this ??! 😂
    Plus, I am pretty sure that bun will not stay in place during a Body Combat.
    Anyway, good videos 😊

  5. I'm so happy to see you posting regularly again! You were the first youtuber I ever followed and I wear your hairdos multiple days of the week! People think I'm so fancy but really I use updos to avoid washing my hair 😁 you're the best!

  6. I love these hairstyles for just every day. I hate getting my hair in my face and these are fast and super cute. Part 2 please!

  7. Those first two hairstyles are great, I'll definitely give them a try! I won't keep them in for after the work-out though, because I'll be a sweaty, goopy mess and I'll need a shower xD

  8. Omg yess workout hairstyles! I needed something cute and easy to wear, besides the basic ponytail and messy bun while at the gym.
    Also I think you look a lot like Margot Robbie.

  9. Kayley do you have any hacks for people with really short pieces of hair in the front that makes it really hard for it to look good when you brush it back?

  10. This is awesome! Could you please do some more short hair hairstyles? I recently cut my hair and I love your short hair series. Thanks

  11. You should do a video of Jennifer Lawrence's hair on The Ellen Show this past week! I bet you could figure it out since you're so talented! Just a suggestion for you😬

  12. My friend just told me that your sister is her dance teacher! I'm not sure if this is true so is your sister a dance teacher?

  13. + Kayley Melissa please please can you do a one for TEEN WOLF hairstyles. Specially for Allison Argent season 3. My hair is kinda short actually not long like yours. So can you please please please.

  14. Hi, Kayley 😊 Super fan over here! Can you please make a video on hairstyles for bad weather? It's super windy and rainy right now and my hair just doesn't survive my daily commuting… Thank you in advance! XX

  15. Can u do a video on hairstyles without Bobby pins I'm a figure skater and we can't ware bobby pins and we need our hair fully up

  16. Do you have any for crossfit i have alot of hair and my hair is a bit stubber not to mention the flyaways drives me nuts

  17. Thank you for the ideas 🙂 I know the second hairstyle would work for running, but I was imaging if you could give more ideas of hairstyles for runners. I also would love to see hairstyles for cycling! I have been trying some, but is not everything that works with the bike helmet 😐 Anyway thank you so much for all the tutorials! Love from São Paulo 😉

  18. I do suggest that if you do the barre one for ballet class you do slightly more secured bun (like a two coil bun or just a stronger bun)

  19. Kayley – will you do gym/workout hairstyles for short hair? please… you have that cute wig with short hair.. 😉
    ps. I watch your channel from Poland. 🙂

  20. after doing the first hairstyle I braided the end and it was perfect for my workout THANKYOU KAYLEY MELISSA!!!

  21. I definitely do a lot of French braiding on my hair, but for some reason I'm having a lot of trouble trying to braid upside down in the nape. Besides practicing a lot, what else can I do to make it easier?

  22. I cannot believe I have never found your channel before :O I searched for other videos similar to what I just put up as I had just put one up (': similar but the hairstyles were nowhere near as good! haha love it <3 I'm a new subscriber and can't wait to watch the rest of your videos!

  23. Thx I'm a dancer and I'll use that last one A LOT (btw I'm a girl using my dad's phone my name isn't todd)

  24. I cant even have my hair in a ponytail cause all the hair elastics break or they don’t hold up my hair good cause I have thick hair😂😪😓

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