3 Muscle Supplements Worth Your Money

3 Muscle Supplements Worth Your Money

After highlighting the lack of scientific
support for three very popular muscle building supplements in my previous video, I’ll be
remiss not to address the other side of the coin. Although the list might seem a lot shorter,
there are supplements that have solid research suggesting it can be helpful for muscle growth. So, without further ado, let’s look at three
muscle building supplements that ARE worth your money. Number 1: Caffeine. Caffeine is perhaps the most widely used stimulant
in the world, taken almost religiously by many sleep-deprived individuals for a quick
energy boost. But, it also has very capable ergogenic, performance
enhancing effects that can aid muscle growth. Studies consistently show an increase in performance
measurements such as totals reps and anaerobic output, explained possibly from caffeine increasing
calcium mobilization into muscle cells, allowing for greater muscle contractions. One study in particular, found a notable 12
percent increase in total bench press reps in the 6 to 12 rep range when subjects supplemented
with caffeine. More reps ultimately mean that you can lift
for more volume, one of the best dose-dependent factors of muscle growth. Caffeine can also acutely increase metabolic
rate by an extra 14 calories burned per hour with up to 30 or more the more active you
are. Such an increase can help speed up short term
fat loss for those on a cut. However, there is a catch. If you habitually drink coffee, you will develop
a tolerance, which vastly reduces any of these potential benefits. That means to stay on top of the benefits,
you’ll have to intermittently cycle off of caffeine for a few weeks to a month. Also, an effective dose is highly individualized
with no set amount guaranteed to work for everyone. It’s a matter of testing out for yourself
but do try to stay below 500 milligrams, which is roughly 5 cups of coffee to avoid adverse
effects. Number 2: Whey Protein
The reason to supplement whey is simply to help you meet your protein goals when you
cannot meet it with food alone. Whey protein provides the convenience of getting
30 grams of protein or more in just a few quick gulps. Among all protein sources, it does also rank
the highest in biological value and protein digestibility corrected amino acid scores
(PDCAA), two ratings measuring a protein’s absorbability and protein quality. Indeed, it does absorb rather quickly, hitting
the muscles an hour after ingestion and quickly elevating muscle protein synthesis, and it
does contain all of the essential amino acids you need. But… other than that, the overarching benefit
is that it’s still simply… protein. Yes, you can consume other protein sources
like casein or soy, but given that whey is often the most inexpensive and most abundant,
it takes the crown by a slight edge. If you want to know more about Whey, you can
come checkout my Whey Protein video as well. Number 3: Creatine
Creatine’s main role is to replenish the energy phosphates within our ATP-PCr system. This system is chiefly responsible for the
energy we use within roughly the first 15 seconds of intense physical activity, the
time in which we are our strongest. Because of this, it’s believed to improve
performance, which again can enhance our total work volume. Two meta-analyses, tallying up to over ONE
HUNDRED studies, supported this belief. One of them found significant increases in
lean mass, improvements in various lab-based resistance exercises including the Wingate
test, and improved upper body strength without any notable discrepancies between genders
or level of training. The other meta-analysis found that when paired
with resistance training, strength was increased up to 78.5% greater with 8 weeks of supplementing
creatine relative to a placebo. (squats bench)
Although creatine can increase lean mass, much of it is from water weight. But that can also hypothetically enhance muscle
hypertrophy via cell swelling, triggering multiple growth factors. Studies even suggest that it inhibits myostatin,
a hormone that suppresses muscle growth. Only possible concern is creatine accelerating
baldness, with one study suggesting that creatine increases DHT, a hormone linked to hair loss
but only if you have a family history of hair loss. As for dose, 5 grams of creatine monohydrate
per day is optimal for most and a loading phase isn’t all too necessary. And there’s also no need to cycle it unless
you want to drop the water weight. Considering that it’s safe, effective, and
inexpensive, it’s almost a no-brainer to supplement creatine if you’re even slightly
interested in building muscle. And there you have it! Three supplements, Caffeine, Whey, and Creatine,
in my opinion, definitely worth bringing with you on your one-way trip to Gains town. Let me know what you guys think of my three
choices in the comments below. If there are other supplements you think worth
your greens, feel free to share that as well. As always, thank you for watching!

100 thoughts on “3 Muscle Supplements Worth Your Money

  1. Disclaimer: Although I do feel that these supplements can help you build muscle, they are not at all necessary. You can certainly build a decent amount of muscle without any of these supplements or any supplement for that matter as long as you take care of your nutrition. Treat these as their name suggests: supplements.
    Also, if you are concerned of the effects of any of these supplements might pose to your own health, then please ask a healthcare professional before deciding to add them to your regimen.
    Good luck!

  2. I keep thinking you're about to say, stay Jym army strong at the end of your videos lol. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

  3. Hey man,

    Must start saying that i love your videos =) good work =)

    BUT! since you read lots of research you should know that some data are population-bias… eg increase in strenght by 78% if you supplement with creatine? im SURE that population are a bunch of people who never worked out in their life, and they would maybe have an 60% increase without the creatine.

    Supplement with creatine if youre a veteran gymbro, im sure the increase will be minute =)

  4. I just joined a gym back in September and I’ve lost 10 pounds but I still have about 35-40 to go. I would like to lose weight and gain some lean muscle. Can I achieve that without taking any supplements or protein powders? I rather not take anything. Can’t you get what you need from foods?

  5. Worlds Toughest Recipe for Gainz
    1. Drink Water (Hard for most, my opinion)
    2. Eat Clean (Lean, Green, & Marine)
    3. Adequate Sleep (6-8 hours)
    Or there’s always Dr. Miami? 🤷‍♂️😢🤷‍♂️

  6. I’m going for my cardio bike ride around sunrise and i plan to grab a cup of coffee n a bagel before hand. I only have 1 large cup from a coffee every weekday before work from a coffee shop that makes it there n not some starbucks crap that tastes like horse piss. I’m hoping it works out as i dont believe i have a tolerance to it.

  7. If I drink one cup of coffee every other day before a morning run do you think I'd be good on tolerance for a while since I'm not drinking it every day

  8. Pretty irresponsible that the only other example of protein you used than whey and casein is SOY. Part of your audience probably follows you like a cult, and now they think soy is alright.

  9. 500 mg ? Man you're completely crazy. Supplements begins at 100 mg. 200mg IS good, max 400 Never do a 500 mg to begin as you Say. There IS beginners watching tour videos be responsible a little bit.

  10. Really no study with 1 with a PHD..says takes over thousand 2 16hun for true science research. Caffeine split study more 5 hour eng = to less than half u saying. Creitiean (spelled) wrong just wv coal miner..is some wht true based on science but load face of it studys show to make dramatic difference..idk no MD. .but thks 4 other vids not B in a dick others real. Bast on litercher. Excuse spelling.

  11. Aside from good nutrition, training and rest, the only other thing that will GUARANTEE results is steroids. Side effects aside, it’s the only thing that truly works.

  12. Its important to cycle creatine because your body naturally produces creatine. When taken for a long duration your body could stop producing your creatine. You could do 3mo on 1-2mo off.

  13. I'm wondering about this; I got whey and creatine supplement, I found that the whey has 2.5g of creatine per scoop on the label. So is there much of a point in taking creatine as well?

  14. You can also push yourself hard enough to do yourself as much pain as you can, its all in your head after all.

  15. 1 out of 5 do not respond to creatine. if you have male pattern baldness, creatine will accelerate your hair loss.

  16. Gonna be honest… HMB is amazing. Since I started a month ago my physique has just started popping….
    And seriously, suggesting caffeine and creatine… Really?

  17. Have been taking caffeine eversince i had pubes…never cycled off, still as potent as ever when i hit the gym, like fucked up sweating and shitload of energy. So i dont get the research regarding caffeine….

  18. Lucky me i drink brewed coffee in the morning. In the afternoon i drink/use creatine for my pre workout and drink/use Whey protein for my post workout. I notice my gains fast of course you need to hit the gym three to five times a week

  19. You are kidding champion.
    WHEY is a total waste of money. There is nothing better than real food.
    WHEY is rubbish simple as that.
    I say to all change your whey drink with real food and i assure you that you will get way way better results.
    Whey is for lazy bums who ALWAYS have some reason for not being able to eat. If that's you STOP working out SIMPLE it's not for you

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