25 Min Chest and Tricep Workout at Home for Women & Men – Chest and Triceps Exercises Chest and Arms

25 Min Chest and Tricep Workout at Home for Women & Men – Chest and Triceps Exercises Chest and Arms

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a 25 Min Chest and Tricep Workout at Home for Women Men Chest and Triceps Exercises Chest and Arms workout this workout
is divided up into two parts first we’re going to hit your chest and then we’re
going to hit your triceps the only equipment required for this workout
today is a pair of dumbbells now the way that you’ll use will be dependent upon
your fitness level follow along with me for the intermediate through Advanced
exercises and follow me for the beginner modification if you haven’t warmed up
yet go ahead and click the link up top and that will send you over to our quick
five minute warm-up otherwise let’s get it going it’s okay we’re actually going
to start down on the ground and we’re going to do a hand release push-up so
I’m going to do it from up top of my feet Claudia is going to go ahead and do
it from her knees so that’s why she set up her mat so hands shoulder-width apart
we’re going to go and bend at the elbows lower your body all the way down bring
your hands up and press back up so it’s a hand release push-up we’re actually
totally bringing our hands up off the ground on this one so you’re forced to
press up from a dead stop position bring that core up with you keep your core
tight on this one it’s really easy to like just press up and then let your
butt hang behind you but don’t do that bring those hips in that core up with
you along the way making sure to breathe all the way up all the way down you’re
going to notice we’re not going to count reps today but instead we’re just going
to get as many done in the allotted time frame good that much more on this first
one keep it going I know we’re jumping right
into it soft born today and three two one zero good okay we are going to need
your dumbbells for the next one we’re staying down on the ground we’re moving
into a lying dumbbell fly so we’re lying back feet are planted on the ground a
little bend in both elbows we’re going to spread your arms lower the dumbbell
stretch your chest all the way down and then squeeze your chest bring the
dumbbells back together so stressing your chest keeping a little bit on those
dumbbell or bending your elbows and pull them back
together really feeling that chest stretch on this one and be careful not
to bounce your arms off the ground at the bottom of the position definitely be
easier just to let them flop get a little rebound going but we really want
you to avoid that today control the dumbbells throughout the
movement till that chest engage as it stretches
and contracts up at the top now you notice we’re both doing the same
movement on this one so it really just comes down to you choosing a weight that
you feel comfortable with to encourage you to make this workout your own today
good there’s many reps in as you can a lot of
time period you start to feel comfortable with it you pick up the pace
a little bit that much less than this one we’re almost there
let’s go for 10 more seconds on this one good 5 4 3 2 1 nice ok
dumbbells to the side moving into another push up variation this one
specifically really targets the chest we’re going to have your fingers out on
this push up variation hands are a little bit wider than normal finger out
push up let those elbows come out to your side as you lower your body and
press back up again you decide if you want to be up on your feet or if you
need to be on your knees for this one okay nice and controlled to lower your
body and see your elbows get to about a 90 degree angle and back up good
starting to feel it now anytime you know claudius it out feeling it as when she’s
getting tired good usually when I’m quiet it is he is usually when you’re
quiet I don’t want anybody to hear me suffer although they probably would love
to well unfortunately I don’t have that luxury
keep it going guys you got it squeeze that chest up at the top stretch
and squeeze good let’s go for just five more seconds four
three two one zero and we are done with our not one really
stinks grab one dumbbell we’re on our feet we’re going to keep this pace up
we’re doing a spin press squeezing the dumbbell on either side arms extended
out in front of you squeeze it as you pull it in and press it out won’t you
try your best to keep your arms parallel to the ground and keep squeezing don’t
just hold it good actually squeeze and force that chest to engage good my chest
is starting to feel it yeah listen really it’s not feel that good after
those put up feels amazing I love when people are like how do you work your
chest without getting down on the ground for push-ups yeah good answer right here
you really can’t squeeze good making sure to breathe guys keep it up fight
you through that burn our arms are burning too you’re not alone keep it
going it’s going ten seconds on this one fight through it fight through it you
got it almost there in five four three two one zero
okay let’s go to the ground okay doing a dumbbell floor press we need both
dumbbells for the next one the line flat on our back you would put your feet down
for balance so we’re just going to do a standard floor press or chest press
lowering the dumbbells trying to keep them over your elbows not bouncing your
upper arm off the ground lower them and press them back up all the way up all
the way down now ideally we have a bench for this one and we could get a little
bit rate more range of motion in our chaps if you have advantage feel free to
use it otherwise getting down on the ground works great too good pushing
through getting as many reps in as you can and that a lot of time period but
again being careful not to bounce those arms achieving yourself on idea
nice work keep it moving pushing through all your chest shoulders and triceps or
probably starting to catch on fire a little bit that’s alright that’s just
that lactic acid starting to burn you can fight through that signal don’t
listen to it your muscles got plenty left
just keep it moving all the way up all the way down nice good good good keep
look go another ten seconds on this one how many reps can you get let’s go push
your pace guys push the pace breathe you got let’s go five four three two one
zero good okay next we’re moving into a
dumbbell pullover so again from the ground I’m going to do an ISO hip up
we’re actually bring my hips up or quad easy to keep her hips down you choose
which one is right for you today both palms are facing one another slight bend
in the elbows bringing those dumbbells all way back feel that stretch and pull
back over until your arms are perpendicular to the floor good breathe
and if having to ace is too much for you and you need a drop one you can just go
ahead and move it back with just one dumbbell and just right on over your
chest again important you just make this workout your own guide being careful not
to bounce that or bounce your dumbbells off the floor either a light tap and if
you don’t quite have the mobility to go all the way back without causing pain in
your shoulders then maybe you know half the way back here and forward is okay
the fact this exercise will actually help you improve your mobility so you’ll
get a little better at it every time just keep coming back repeating it
you’ll get a little bit better every time
nice work keep it up let’s go ten more seconds on this one
almost there almost there breathe you got it let’s go five four three two
one zero nice all right so we’re only going to
take a 10-second break that’s the end of round one so you pretty much just have
enough time to turn around and get ready for these hand release push-ups one more
time through so we’re up in push-up position hand three two one drop it all
the way down release hands up and press up
so the second round now that you’re a little more familiar with the movement
you try to pick up the pace put it all out there give it everything you’ve got
no holding back let’s go let’s go out there and get it three nice one wrap
right into the next keep that core tight make sure to bring your hips up with you
do not let your hips sink down to the ground so one into the next three you
got it keep it going guys you’re doing great right through that burn there’s
definitely one of the tougher ones today go one right into the next almost there
let’s go ten seconds last ten seconds how many can you get how many can you
get good five four three two one ah zero Oh horrible
dumbbell flyes the neck getting right into position grab both your dumbbell no
break no stalling let’s go one fly right into the neck a little bend in those
elbows like you’re wrapping your arms around the tree and squeeze that chest
up at the top good work keep it up you got it
getting a little bit better with every rep focus on what brought you here today
whatever that is whatever goal you’re working on think about it be there right
now how to use it throughout your day good
stay focused one wrap into the next breathe feel that stretch and squeeze
you got it you got it good no letting up no letting up let’s go ten more seconds
that’s it play through it come we loose go five four three two one zero
ok dumbbell to the side we have our last set of push-ups for the day hello
fingers out push-up so fingers out this time again rope hands are a little bit
wider than normal or all the way down all the way up bring
those elbows to a 90 degree angle feel that chest engage good you got it guys
think about what brought you here today you can do it they focus they motivated
keep pushing yourself because nobody else is gonna do it for you all comes
down to you all in your head right here no giving up good
pushing through pushing through we’re burning to thousands maybe millions at
home all that same burn you’re not alone we’re fighting through right here let’s
go come on half a tribe let’s go what you got what you got let’s go five
four three two one zero up on our feet we need one dumbbell we got spend press
mag handles up squeeze that dumbbells bring it into you squeeze and press it
out this one’s pretty deceiving I’d say uh yeah like it doesn’t look like much
when you combine it with everything else it’s definitely worse good you got it
guys we don’t have much laughter you’ve been saving it now’s the time to put it
out there no more pushing no I push cross that off the list
can you tell those are Claudia’s favorite just keep that in mind
come on Stephan I get you through this let’s go
they focus you got it good job guys let’s go ten more seconds on this one
time is flying by flying by gooo and five four three two one zero to the
ground we go and you both dumbbell we got dumbbell floor press depending on
the weight you chose today you’re just gonna go fast on this one or struggle to
get just a few reps out either way what’s important is you just keep moving
don’t pause this video don’t take a break you have to switch to some of the
easier modifications that’s okay we just keep going you got it we’re going hard
and fast today very eficient workout getting a lot done in a short period of
time good job guys good job keep it up three the halfway done with this one
already nice work good keep grinding keep grinding you got it
let’s go ten more seconds on this one that’s it you can do anything for ten
seconds come on let’s go don’t give up don’t slow down
you got it let’s go five four three two one zero or right into the pullover so
rules up so hips up if not this is it start pulling over no break one right
into the neck slight bend in those elbows feel that stretch and pull over
this one not only works your chest but also get a little added bonus of getting
some back in and if you’re doing the ISO version you get some glute answering
core hitting a lot of muscles with this one exercise you got it good for guys no
shame if you got to drop a dumbbell no shame if you got to switch it to one
that’s very true just keep moving that’s what it’s all about
don’t give up come on not cheating me if you do cheat yourself don’t cheat
yourself let’s go you’re better than that they’re worth more than that let’s
go this is it last set let’s go ten more seconds that’s it
so close here it is here it is let’s go five four three two one zero
and now I’m going to be doing a dumbbell crusher press where Claudia’s going to
do a dumbbell Close Grip press the difference is I’m actually at the same
time as I raise and lower the dumbbells I’m pressing them together but we’re
both going to keep our elbows in throughout the whole press when we’re on
the bot the bottom of the movement your upper arm is up against your side nice
and controlled on this one all the way up all the way down now we’re not going
to count any repetitions today it’s just about getting as many reps in as you can
in this a lot of time period we just encourage you to work at your own pace
good breathe all the way up all the way down nice we’re going to hit all three
tricep heads today so we’re going to hit your triceps from all angles almost
there and five four three two one zero excellent okay set your dumbbell to
the side turning over we’re in a push-up position I’m going to come up onto all
fours where quality is going to be on her knees go ahead and walk your hands
out a little bit now drop your elbow straight down keep your elbows in and
then pop up this is a triceps pop up it is a very challenging move if you’re
having trouble doing it from on your feet no shame and dropping down to your
knees good this one really isolates your triceps
great body weight movement to do so keep those elbows in and ideally you’re
really just bending at the elbows not allowing any other joints or muscles to
get involved and definitely don’t try to keep up with our pace guys if you can
only do five in this time frame then is okay work your way up yes make this
work out your own excellent it’s a tough one who’s starting to burn me here we go
let’s go five four three two one nice okay back to our backs we go lying down
on our backs we’re both doing the same move on this next one we’re going to do
a reverse dumbbell tricep extension so dumbbells are facing backwards slowly
lower your hands and come back up we’re just bending at the elbows keep those
elbows straight up in the air careful not to drop the dumbbells on your face
stay nice and under control on this one you don’t want to just let them fly down
throw them back up but really focus on the movement on this one good breathe
you got it keep moving guys get that upper arm perpendicular to the ground so
let’s keep those elbows pointed straight in the air as you lower the dumbbell
nice work keep it up just a couple more keep breathing keep pushing let’s go and
five four three two one zero all right keeping your dumbbells but we’ll coming
up onto our feet we’re going to bend over on about a 45 degree angle bring
those upper arms up and then we’re going to do a pronate tricep kickback again
Claudia and I are doing the same movement on this one so to modify it
just use lighter weight this is our fourth exercise in a row on those
triceps and they’re going to start taking a beating here so if you need to
you can lower the weight but we just encourage you to keep moving keep that
upper arm parallel to the ground elbows up and try your best to only bend at the
elbows so you don’t want to be swinging them forward swinging them back
actually good you got it keep grind and keep grinding let’s go not much left
that claudia is regretting grabbing those eight pound dumbbells about right
now how’d you know let’s go 5 4 3 2 1 okay Dumbo setting
down to back to the ground we go we’re going to go into a diamond push-up so
Claudia is going to be on her knees I’m going to go up on my feet making a
diamond shape with their hands elbows stand lower your body and back up nice
and control and for this movement if the diamond push-up is still a little too
difficult for you and that’s okay you can just do a closed grip pushup
which is still a challenging movement good excellent work
keep pushing guys make this workout your own you got it it’s that time the
workout where it becomes important to focus on what motivates you focus what
brought you here today in the first place whatever that may be whatever
brought you here is what’s going to get you through this workout when it gets
tough it’s all about that mental toughness come on let’s go three let’s
go five four three two one and zero nice all right so it’s just a short break go
ahead and shake out those arms I know ours are on fire as well they are and I
actually didn’t have to reduce my weight to some five pound dumbbells but we need
to drop your weight right now now is the time to do it go time just 10 more
seconds we’re going to get back into it so we’re going to drop down to the
ground remember that first one was either the dumbbell crusher press or the
clothes get grip fresh press that is a tongue twister all right so I’m pressing
together Claudia’s just going to go ahead and keep our elbows in and to10
get it going good keep those elbows in and again work at a
pace that you feel comfortable with make this workout your own
excellent work and if you know you end up doing most of Claudius today or
half-and-half whatever maybe just come back repeat this workout get a little
bit better at it maybe you’ll do some of the more some of the harder
modifications maybe you’ll be able to increase your weight but you know your
fitness doesn’t come overnight just all about those small little daily steps add
up to big results breathe keep going not much left on this
one this workouts going to be over with before you know it let’s go three two
one and zero okay set those dumbbells off to the side for turning over moving
into that triceps pop up I’m up on my feet Claudia is on her knees but either
way we’re keeping our elbows in just bending at those elbows drop on our
bodies down you’re going to get some core work in on this one as well so
boost be sure to keep your back straight you want your butt up in the air and you
don’t want your butt turn hips thinking either good breathe this is a definitely
a killer come on let’s go you got it guys you got it stay strong remember
what brought you here today never told you it was going to be easy but it will
be worth it I promise you that let’s go come let’s go let’s get this one for
just 10 more seconds you got it you got it you can do anything for 10 seconds
including this almost are let’s go five four three two one zero who are backs we
go alright we have that reverse dumbbell tricep extension so lying on our back
palms are reversed just bend at the elbow and straighten
the arms back up good read on this one try your best to keep
those elbows straight keep them from flaring out as well good the last thing
you want to do is turn this into like a like a press we’re here but instead keep
that upper arm perpendicular to the floor good
whoo darn the burn burn so good yeah it feels good that’s how it’s okay though
that’s how we know it’s working has fit tribe where you at tribe let’s go come
on we’re all burning together all fighting together right here let’s go
four five four three two one nice okay up on our feet not much left
come on we got that pronate tricep kickback bent over elbows are up and
then only bend at those elbows nice and controlled trying your best not to get a
big swing involved and do what you had to do to keep moving but try your best
not too good remember there’s no shame in reducing the weight if you need to
but just try to keep moving excellent you got it guys you got it and it’s okay
triceps I feel like it’s always one of those areas of the body that can you
easily neglect so it’s true there’s definitely not a strong of biceps right
at least for me well you know they get overlooked biceps are more of a sexy
muscle it’ll work come on let’s go let’s go five four three two one
whampire finishing strong go to the ground we got those Diamond push-ups
that’s it right here guys that’s it let’s get after it diamond or close grip
pushup whichever is easier or not as whichever wall whichever one is right
for you let’s go with that one you can get through there here we go
there it is come on is it right here guys
what he made of right here it’s all mental toughness at this point trust us
anybody doing this workout your arms are all on fire they’re all
burning ours are and all thousands of people doing this all on fire the
question is are you going to keep moving I use mentally tough enough just to
fight through it for just another 15 seconds that’s it 15 seconds I’ll tell
you what you start challenging yourself with something like this you get through
15 seconds of this you can get through anything that life has to throw edge
let’s go out five four three two one zero
excellent work oh I don’t know if I can do the high-five oh I was one of the
hardest high fives ever done notice I may be able to carry my child language
took thank you so much for working out with us today if you like this workout
you’ve been working out with those for a while and you’re starting to see some
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us because we want to connect with you thank you so much for working out with
us today it’s been our pleasure to serve you thank you for the opportunity I’m
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you your next workout

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