25 Fitness T-Shirts Giveaway | Subscribe & Win | Win Free Fitness T-Shirts | Thuglife Mallu Fitness

25 Fitness T-Shirts Giveaway | Subscribe & Win | Win Free Fitness T-Shirts | Thuglife Mallu Fitness

Hi friends, I am here before you with an awesome giveaway it is nothing other than 25 Free TShirts from Wraptor Gears So to get this, you will have to answer a very simple question So once again welcome you all to another episode of Thuglife Mallu Fitness. Wraptor Gears is one of the most leading brands in Kerala which supply Fitness Gears so Thuglife Mallu Fitness and Wraptor Gears collaborate to give you this free gift that is free high-quality fitness TShirt will be delivered to your home I don’t think I need to mention too much about the quality of this Tshirt already my best friend BB Fitness has already explained about this Tshirt I am discussing 4 important qualities of this Tshirt First one, this is Zero-weight i.e when I received the packet I realized it is very lightweight when you do a workout, having a proper dress is of utmost importance if your dressing is not comfortable then it would affect your workout based on my observation this dress is very comfortable So I have just repeated what he has told this is a high quality, lightweight fitness Tshirt So to win this Tshirt you have to do one simple thing First, subscribe to this channel Second. visit the Wraptor Gears website and understand your site The website address is available in the description After that, you have to understand how many times I mentioned Wraptor Gears and tell me how many times I mentioned this word to my WhatsApp number – 9744063570 whoever sends the correct answer The selected 25 winners be will send this Tshirt So please participate in this contest to win the price which ThuglifeMallu and Wraptor Gears is conducting because you are going to get a high-quality fitness Tshirt If you check the site, the Tshirt is worth 500 Rs So don’t miss this chance So to understand more about Wraptor Gears offers please check their Instagram I have given the Instagram Id in the description So friends to win, subscribe and send me the right answer to the WhatsApp number mentioned So till we meet next time, take care and stay strong

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  2. ഞാൻ subscribe ചെയ്തിരുന്നു wats app ൽ ഉത്തരം അയച്ചിട്ടുണ്ട് ന് അന്നും ചെയ്തിരുന്നു ഒന്നും കിട്ടിയില്ല gyന്ന ൽ 7 മാസമായി പോകുന്നു ProteinPowder നൊന്നും വാങ്ങാറില്ല സാമ്പത്തികം മോശം I am a Student of plus one

  3. Njn beginner aanu enik push up polum edukkan pattanilla athinte video already undenki link tharo allenki onnu create cheyy enik thadi onnumilla normal aanu but pull up and push up edukkan pattanilla😢

  4. Chetta ennikke oru tshirt therrumo oru t shirt kittiya ennikke schoolil pokkumbol iddame therrumo. Plzzz😔😔😔

  5. kittilla ennu arinjittum njnum oru hope inte peril msg ayachittund😉✌ engannum briyani kittiyalo #giveaway 🔥

  6. Bro youtubil kore nokki . body showyude weight categoryum age categoryum patty oru video cheyyavo 💪💪💪💪😍😍😘😘

  7. എത്തായാലും. സംഭവം പൊളിച്ചും 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  8. Chetta hai… Glutamine ..bcaa..Creatine .. ithokke enthannu onnu paranju tharuo … Muscle blaze isotonic ntha sambhavam .. ? Njn netil okke nokkeett onnum manasilayilla .. oru video cheyy chetta plz

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