2019 IFBB Vancouver Pro Preview

2019 IFBB Vancouver Pro Preview

hey everybody welcome to the Ron line report this is the Vancouver pro preview Vancouver pro is happening this coming Sunday July 14th and it's one of only three contests left for open bodybuilding and 212 bodybuilding to qualify for the Olympia so things are getting things are getting pretty heated there's a lot of people still want to get to Olympia and do not have their qualification yet either if you haven't won a pro show this year or they're they're in the point standings but they're not at the very top and that's where you want to be to get those special slots Olympia because Olympia is elite its prestigious they do not let everybody compete at the Olympia so let's take a look we'll start with open bodybuilding at the Vancouver Pro and the heavy favorite has to be Nathan to Asha from the UK Nathan just won the British Grand Prix he says he was heavier than ever a lot of people thought he was a little smaller but definitely the best condition we've ever seen Nathan and I've seen him a lot fuller looking I don't know if the weight was was actually heavier or not but I can tell you I have seen fuller looking I've never seen that really crisp dry condition and I think that's a better look for him you know people say at the Olympia you better be a lot bigger and this and that but you know what Shawn Rhoden wasn't the biggest guy last year he was the most king one of the most conditioned or one of the most conditioned guys up on that stage and that's that's what got him the win so I would say keep going Nathan keep going with that condition don't try to come in big and fall and sacrifice that awesome condition that you showed so Nathan to Asha has to be the one with the best chance of winning this show but let's let's give proper credit to Ian Valliere from Canada Ian was second place at the Toronto pro which his first pro show the season he's competing one more time in Canada and hoping to get enough points here well obviously if he wins he's going straight to Olympia but hoping to either win I'm sure or get enough points to secure that Olympia spot ian is a massive guy he is married to Chris Bumstead sister Melissa relations on the wedding guys I know it's been a while but Ian is is one of the few guys that has that combination of really thick dense mass with the condition the grainy condition he brought it a tremendous package to Toronto wasn't quite good enough to beat Jonathan Delarosa but he was in the running he's gonna he's going to push Nathan you know I like both guys I have no horse in this race I have nothing against anybody I'm not anyone's cheerleader but based on the history and what I've seen Nathan capable of doing in bigger shows like the Arnold and the Olympia I would say this I would say Nathan's probably get the edge but let's look at some other guys we also have new guy from the UK Sampson Doda Doda who I just saw for the first time in Chicago didn't do that well I condition was a little little off 7th place he had just taken 2nd place the week before at the British Grand Prix to Nathan Sampson is definitely somebody to watch this this young guy I guess he's not that young but he's somebody who's going to be doing much better as the months and years go by tremendous shape this beautiful shape structure he's lacking nothing just needs more refinement more polished better conditioning and you're gonna see Sampson moving up the ranks for sure he's gonna be in the running at this show another guy who I was very impressed with at Toronto show making his pro debut was Quentin areaa Araya Quentin Araya from Toronto he was fifth place in Toronto at his pro debut he is training partner one of the training partners Antoine Vallon and coached by Dorian Dorian Hamilton Quinton is another one with Quinn Quinn's case he's someone who's gonna fill out and be better and better as he puts a little bit more mass on fills out that frame of his because he's got tiny little waist super wide shoulders flaring lats flaring quads you know great arms shoulders everything he's not lacking a thing he just needs to keep keep gradually adding quality muscle if he's improved his condition significantly since Toronto which I assume he has he's going to be in the running for the – he's gonna be in that first call-out and pushing these other guys Lucas says Lydell from Czech Republic who I just saw at the Chicago Pro where he took fourth and I definitely could have had him higher there were actually a lot of people talking about him for the win in fact after the judging when I talked to eventual winner Michael Lockett that was the guy he was most concerned with was Lucas Lucas was bigger than I've ever seen him now he's known for his condition and his condition was I'm not gonna say it was off I've seen it a little sharper a little crisper but with the added size I think it was a good trade-off Lucas is a key issue that I'd like to see him work on this is posing in the mandatory poses that's that's the critical posing you know we talked about posing and guys people assume we're talking about the routine which isn't even judged except that the Arnold shows but I'm talking about how you present yourself in the mandatory poses front double bicep front lads bread side chest sigh tricep rear double bicep rear lats bread abdominal and thigh most muscular of your choice his posing a lot of it he wasn't doing himself any favors he was sort of crunching down making himself look awkward look a little smaller it wasn't opening up you know I know he knows what he's doing he's been at this game a while but I'd like to see him present himself better than a man choice I think it hurt him in Chicago and enough people have been talking about it that maybe he is working on it this week because Lucas has a phenomenal physique you know a lot of a lot of good thick muscle round muscle condition he does this glute roll thing during his posing routine when he rolls to stride to glutes has the audience going crazy so Lucas is going to be up in the running to Josh Wade now josh has done three shows this season he was third place in Toronto seventh place in New York dropped down to eighth in Chicago when I say drop down a lot of times the placing someone gets in a show they don't always reflect whether the person's gotten better from show to show or how they looked you know sometimes you'll hear these results somebody went from third to eighth and you'll think oh well they must be going on their physique must be fading Josh's physique is getting better as the shows go by I certainly would have had him higher than in Chicago you know I'm not a judge but he brought brought the condition that he's known for he's known for flawless condition he had that grainy condition at Dorian was known for which you don't see on a lot of big guys fuller he brought a fuller look I can't say why he placed where he did but I know Josh is a warrior he wants to get into the Olympia again he made it last time for the first year in a row the first year he just turned 40 he's someone that turned pro a couple years ago as a masters and as I've said before josh is the only guy who's turned pro as a master who has done very well in open shows so josh is in the show again hopefully he gets a really good look he's able to peek again the way he did in Chicago you know I have no critique no knock on him for what he needs to do better you know he's uh structurally he's he's got a little bit of a wider waist but he's tried to really offset that by making his back and his delts much wider arms weren't the best body part he's been bringing those up leg sweep you know everything everything that people have criticized him for he's been working hard on and I do see improvements in him all the time so I wish Josh the very best of luck this weekend last guy we'll talk about in the open is Quincy winklaar which is the who is the younger brother rolling wing Clark who you all know Rolly is a heavy fan for the Olympia this year to win his younger brother is just making the transition he was a 2:12 competitor for a few years he's now an open competitor still needs to get bigger still to come in with more size more sharpness I don't know if he has the exact genetics of his brother Rowley I don't see some of the same qualities in Quincy that I've seen roly's physique but I know Quincy is working hard you know roly's helping him pushing him all the time so hopefully this will be a better showing for him because I saw him in New York Pro he was 14th place which was which was probably where I would have had him but he's had time to sharpen up maybe he's filled out a little bit more gotten a little bit bigger and fuller we'll see what happens on to the 212 the 212 the biggest story if you look at this at the sheet right now for the contestants who are entering this is once again from Iran ha teach upon Hadi was on the list for Toronto Hadi was not in Toronto Hadees on the list for Vancouver as he was last year I believe he still has not set foot on US soil or Canadian soil I don't know what the issue is he's been having trouble getting a visa to compete to get over here to to the US or Canada I've been waiting to see this guy ever since Giles Giles Thomas did some coverage of San Marino Pro where he was a very close second to subject Macmillan that was in 2017 in the bone the post Olympia shows he's an excellent competitor he's he's amazing I'm really anxious to see this guy compete in person but every time I see this guy's name on a competitor list now and it's outside of Europe and Middle East and all that if it's a show in the US or Canada I feel like he's trolling us you know I I don't think he he has the the visa or whatever he needs to get into the u.s. I hope he does please please hi dear whoever can help this guy out whoever's in his corner when it's just coach honey ran by somebody make it happen for this guy because a lot of people a lot of people stateside and up in Canada our fans and we want to see the best bodybuilders hadi is one of the best bodybuilders in the world and we want to see this guy compete in person we want to see him at the Olympia we want to see me in the Arnold Classic we want to see him in all the Big Show's where he needs to be so he's supposed to compete in Vancouver Willie wony I'm not betting that he will but I know I'm holding out hope Zane Watson so Zane's first show the season was Chicago Pro I had him fighting for the win in Chicago along with guys cisternino I thought they were going to be neck and neck with lloyd dollar those three all looked phenomenal singh's condition was spectacular it's posing he's one of the very best posers both in the mandatories and even more so in the free posing routine at night he's definitely one of the best posers in the game today Bar None took fifth place III can't say why I don't know why you know if you look at his physique he could have little more back thickness for sure his arms could be bigger but beautiful shape beautiful symmetry condition on point very few people get his condition – Zayn Watson and he has a great attitude backstage after the show as I was heading back there to grab people for interviews I saw him believe he was enjoying a slice of pizza and you know other people would be down the dumps they'd be all either depressed angry or both he was perfectly calm you know he said on to the next one on to Vancouver so hopefully this is a day this is a nice day Sunday I'd love to see st. pick up a win punch his ticket and get to Olympia tons of fans obviously in Canada his home country rooting for him a lot of people rooting for him also because his dad Mike who was a legend and Canadian body bullying just passed away last December they were very close I know he's trying to make his dad proud with these showings and he is making his dad proud I'm Isaiah Watson fan so I'm rooting for him other guy will talk about in the 212 Steve Benton from Germany so Steve had 5th place in Toronto 5th place in New York dropped down to 13th in Chicago his midsection you know I don't know if he over carved or what the what the situation was but his midsection did look a little bloated a little thicker then it had been at those other two shows which I was at both of those show so I was able to see a real difference Steve's got a tremendous physique Steve's lacking nothing no weak points to speak of tons of muscle gets in great condition just control that midsection get that get that bloke down get it flatter and tighter and I see him moving right up and if it was something to do something so simple as he over carved or ate something that he wasn't accustomed to eating and it bloated him you know something like that's an easy fix I've seen people make drastic changes from week to week because maybe they tried something new at one show that didn't pan out and they knew don't do that again a week later and they end up looking so much better the next of the next weekend and I think that could very well happen with Steve Steve's a cool guy I met him there and he's got a lot of fans from Europe and a lot of fans all around the world rooting for me best of luck to him Fitness third place in Chicago with Sara Kovac both of the women that beat her are not gonna be at this show so I'm gonna say that's probably probably your favorite right there figure Desiree Jones she was third in Chicago the two women that beat her they're not going to this show so she's probably gonna take that there's no classic as you get this show but you know we have a plenty of other divisions we're gonna be having our coverage on muscular development comm starting Sunday morning remember this is a Sunday show the Vancouver Pro Saturday is all amateur it's a pro-am event so Sunday starting at 8:00 a.m. Wow early start for the judging finals will be at 5:00 p.m. we're gonna have coverage up there our man Hector Mendoza it's gonna be doing some photography and video so please log on to muscular development calm that coverage brought to you by hi-tech pharmaceuticals so thank you high-tech we appreciate you sponsoring our event coverage at all our events and please follow me on instagram at Ron Harris muscle for uh you know just for the heck of it cuz I like more followers but that's it another big show we've only got three to go like I said until the Olympia so it's getting down to the wire as to who makes it to this year's Olympian who doesn't so thanks for watching the wrong line report this has been on my preview of the Vancouver pro we'll talk to you later you

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  1. completely agree Ron that there’s something off with Lukas mandatorys. He has a craaaaazy physique so with minor tweaks he might get great results

  2. Nathan has been in best condition of any athlete this year, hed kill brandons arnold classic shape as brandon can never have that detail or hed have it by now at 37

  3. Lucas is bringing the bubble butt instead of the bubble guy LOL his glutes actually look too big for the physique and his torso structure or midsection taper hurts him. His size and condition were quite impressive. Let us know if you hear Hadi is for sure in the show! I might just make the trip from Seattle up to see him. Thanks for show rundown!

  4. Look at the Team Andro channel Steve ist training with Dennis wolf and they are working togheter on the posing and the mid section. Dennis explained very well what his problem is and the changes in the posing improved his physique like crazy

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