2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships: Men’s 81kg Summary

2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships: Men’s 81kg Summary

The men’s 81kg class was a highly anticipated competition. Both Lv Xiaojun and Li Dayin were on the starting list. But from the the announcement of athletes onward, Xiaojun was nowhere to be seen. He weighed in at 79kg at the weigh but wasn’t feeling in top form. He is 35 years old after all. The coaches were afraid he might suffer and injury. They chose for him to forfeit this competition. As the competition went on, both Samenov and Rejepov also withdrew. The competition was left with only 6 athletes. In these remaining athletes, the world record holder Li Dayin was the most competitive. When everyone else finished with 162kg, Li Dayin took the stage with an opener of 163kg. But from his movement, we can see that Li was not in top form today. Even though he finished with gold in the snatch with a 168kg lift, his movement was not as clean as we have seen in past competitions. The clean and jerk portion is Li’s relatively stronger event. But even his stronger event was an issue today. He had the heaviest opener of 195kg. But due to excessive sweating, the barbell failed to rack and slipped off. The coaches backstage immediately gave him a t shirt to put on. He was obviously effected psychologically by the failed first attempt and was too forward in his clean. Thankfully, his jerk was there and the lift was successful. But his next attempt of 200kg was obviously too heavy. There was little confidence in the jerk. The 195kg lift only gave him a fourth place in the clean and jerk. The North Korean athlete Choe Jon Wi lifted 197kg and won gold in this event. With his 6kg lead in the snatch, Li totaled 363kg and took gold overall. I still lack experience. It’s different from training and I need more experience with dealing with the many changes of events in a competition. There were a lot of athletes who forfeited after only one lift. I didn’t adjust to the new pace quickly enough.

9 thoughts on “2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships: Men’s 81kg Summary

  1. 1:59 That jerk was bullshit. His elbows locked crooked and then started buckling before the down signal. It was not a voluntary drop. I thought the jury would come in and overturn the white lights which seemed to have been given in haste but they let it slide.

  2. Choe Jon Wi got problems with lockout. Did you notice? Especially on his C&J. It appears he isn't even completely locked out on his jerks.

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