2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships Begin in Ningbo

2019 Asian Weightlifting Championships Begin in Ningbo

The Ningbo Yage gymnasium is newly furnished. The 2019 Asian Games will begin here today. From today until the 28th, all athletes are looking to display themselves in these nine days. The Chinese team has sent 20 competitors to compete in 13 events. All 13 events are Olympic categories. No matter if the athlete is an Olympic veteran or a young newcomer, they all treated their sessions with intensity. This event is also a qualifying event for the 2020 Olympic along with an opportunity to earn more points. Everyone knows how important this event is. Tian Tao, with his new haircut, summed up everyone’s mood in his short interview. I wanted to change my style up a bit. Moradi isn’t going to be here but Ilyin has moved down to join the competition. How do you think things will go in this category under the new circumstances? After entering this class, I never really paid much attention to any one athlete or how much of a threat they are. I know I am not as competitive as the top guys so all I’m concerned with is training and performing to the best of my abilities. In an hours time, the men’s first event will start with the 55kg division. The Chinese athletes will start with today’s 61kg class

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