29 thoughts on “2003.World.Gymnastics.Championshps.Event.Finals.ESPN2.480p.MPEG2-NastiaFan101.mpg

  1. USA won the 2003 2007 and 2011 world team gold medals, and then they win the silver medal at the olympics? Do you think they will still win gold?

  2. I guess I am in the minorty but I don't like Dos Santos's dance.ย  Her tumbling is great but this is artistic gymnastics and she doesn't exemplify that in my opinion.

  3. @3:00 and @4:20 that is a whip to triple full, not a double full. The announcers couldn't even get it right in slow-mo.

  4. My heart fell for Chelsea when she fell off the beam. She really never got to fulfil her true potential….

  5. It really bothers me how both the commentators called the third pass of the first floor routine a whip to double when it was a whip to triple.

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