20 Minute KNEE FRIENDLY Weights Workout for Women over 50

20 Minute KNEE FRIENDLY Weights Workout for Women over 50

– Hey Killer Bs, it’s Pahla
B from PahlaBFitness.com, and on tap today I’ve got a great knee friendly weights workout that is perfect for
women of a certain age. You guys, today we have
absolutely no squatting, no transitions to the
ground, and no cardio, but you are going to
need a pair of dumbbells, and I went with a heavy for me pair today. You should always set your own challenge. And if you need a new challenge, make sure that you open up
the description box below, to get my exact three
pair set from Amazon. That way you’re always ready for whatever the day brings you. You guys, today is a Thorough Thursday, which means that I’ve got
both a warmup, and a cooldown, and so much strength in between. When you’re ready, I’m totally ready. Let’s go. (light music) All right you guys, let’s go ahead and get moving and grooving. That means that we’re gonna get started with some arm circles with high knees. Oh my gosh. Let’s, let’s workout some of
those cranks today, shall we? It’s funny how sometimes
that first arm circle, whew, all of a sudden I realize just how tense my shoulders are. I realize that I have, I’ve
been moving around today, but I have not done anything that I would consider exercise yet today, and my arms, and let’s see, my knees, my hips, my ankles, my toes, everything is kind of
feeling it right now. How about you? You might have been more active today. If you have been, then this was probably not that big of a deal for you. Totally depends on what
time of day you work out. You guys, oh my gosh. You guys, I’m gonna do a nice… I mean, I always do a thorough and very chatty warmup, but I really, really wanna make sure that we’re ready for this today. This workout… This workout is one of my
favorite kind of workouts, basically in the whole wide world. It is slow moving. I’m gonna just warn you of
that one right up front, but it is not going to be easy, in any manner whatsoever. This kind of strength work, where we are really challenging ourselves, is so good for us on so many levels, and almost none of it has anything to do with how fast we’re moving. Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers, with booty kickers, and see if I can get my balance
going better today. Speaking of balance, yes, we’re going to be doing
a fair amount of that. You know anytime that
we are not squatting, honestly my go-to for lack of squats is some kind of single leg work. Now here’s the thing, this is excellent work for you, whether you have rough time
with your knees or not, whether you like squats or not. This kind of balance work is so perfect for us at this age, because the time to practice
your balance, my friends, is right now, before we
need it, before we fall. When you practice your balance, you are working everything in your core and your lower body, and that is the kind of moves that can really help
you age very gracefully, without falling. Or, if you do fall, have the
ability, the core strength, to get back up. Now, today is also just
really ridiculously good for you in so many other ways as well. Let’s go ahead and do
some welcome to my homes. Strength training, you know, I know for lots of us who
love, love, love our cardio, strength training feels like
an unwelcome change of pace. It’s very slow, it takes a
long time to do very little. It doesn’t burn a ton of
calories while you’re doing it. It doesn’t have that kind
of bang for your buck, the way that cardio does, but let me tell you something my friend, it is so good for your bones, it is so good for your muscles, it is so good for your metabolism, which I know, we all have such fun with at this age, don’t we? Here’s the thing about muscles, actually you know what? Here’s the thing about today’s workout, I’m gonna tell you more about our muscles while we’re working them. Let me tell you about
the workout right now. I have the interval timer here, set for a ridiculously long interval. I’m not even gonna tell you right now, we’re gonna get through the first one, and then I’ll, then I will
reveal how long it is. It’s long. It’s long. We are challenging ourselves. So, make sure that you
have the right amount of weight with you,
whatever weight that is, and we’re going to go… These are single sided exercises, so we’re going to go the entire interval on one side, and then the entire interval on the other side, before we move on. So it’s a repeating no-repeat. This is not a circuit. Let’s go ahead and grab our dumbbells. And here’s the thing, you can actually, you know
I’m thinking about this, because they’re all single sided, we can go with one dumbbell. I just now realized this. You can actually have both
of them in your hands, if you’d like to, as like a little bit of balance. On some of these that’s gonna
be trickier than others, but here’s thing, I’m gonna start by
standing on my left foot. We’re gonna do an overhead
to balanced high knee with extension. Doesn’t that roll off the tongue? Let me go ahead and get (beep)
the interval timer going. So you’re gonna bring up that right knee. For me it’s the right knee, whichever leg you’re standing on, you’re bringing up the other
knee to about waist height. You’re gonna start with your
hand up overhead in a press-up. You’re going to bring
it down to that knee, and then you’re going to extend that leg, and then bring the knee back in. Hand goes up. So when your hand is coming down, your foot is coming out. When your hand is going up, that foot is coming back. Yes, we are balancing the entire time. Now of course, if that’s too much for you, go ahead and either have
like a chair nearby, or standing next to a wall
or something like that. You could also very easily
just tap down in between. I guarantee at some point in time, I will be tapping down. I’m not making any
illusions about being able to get through this whole interval without tapping down. I’m trying very hard to
challenge myself today. Today… Today feels like a good day to kind of, kind of give this what I’ve got. And here’s the thing
about challenging yourself with your weights, with the exercise, with a workout, with whatever: sometimes, sometimes we can, and sometimes it’s harder than others. Whatever today has brought you, is what I want you to
bring to the workout. If today has brought you aches, and pains, and soreness, and just
not feeling your best, go lighter on the weights,
tap down with your foot, have a chair nearby. Be proud of the effort that you are putting in, no matter what that looks like.
(beep) And then let’s go ahead and do this, ha. Exact same thing on the other side. Let’s go ahead and stand. Let’s catch our balance. Let’s bring that knee up. Let’s bring that hand up. Oh my gosh, okay. Let’s bring the hand down. Ah, and extend the leg. Oh my goodness. It feels so completely
different on this side. This is my allegedly stronger side, as far as balancing leg. Oh my gosh, but it’s absolutely
my more difficult side on the knee extension, and just on coordination. Oh wowzers. This is why I love single sided work. It really points out to me some of the ways that my
body still needs work, that I still have practice. Here’s what I was saying about
choosing your own challenge, and doing your own thing
with today’s workout. At this age, sometimes, sometimes we have a lot,
sometimes we have a little. But here’s the thing
about doing weights work: you know, no matter what
you’re lifting, you’re lifting. If it feels heavy to you, it is heavy. There’s no, there’s no like minimum number that you need to be lifting here, that’s going to make it like okay. If it feels like a
challenge, it is a challenge, and oh my gosh, this
feels like a challenge. I’m gonna go ahead,
(beep) there we go. Our next exercise. It’s a side raise with a side kick. So go ahead and switch your hand here. We’re gonna side raise, ooh while extending that leg out. I am fully tapping down, and actually like planting
my foot in between. I didn’t tell you yet, oh my gosh, how long these intervals are. They’re a minute and 1/2. They’re really long. Some of these exercises are going to feel utterly ridiculous, and really, by the time we get
to the end of this workout, it’s all gonna feel ridiculous. That’s kind of, that’s kind of the point of a great workout like this. Strength work… You know, all work, you know what? All workouts end up being cumulative, meaning that when you start off, you know, it’s pretty doable, because you’ve just started off. The longer you go, the
harder it is on your body. I’ve saved some of the
more challenging exercises for later in our workout,
but I tell you what, I don’t even have a lot of exercises. I’ve got barely a handful today, because the interval is so long, we are overloading these muscles, we are really getting everything we need in one round, because
we’ve challenged ourselves with a weight that feels heavy right now. Oh my goodness. When it beeps again,
we’re gonna switch sides. I think that’s obvious. I mean, I feel like I said that about the repeating no-repeat, but I just wanna make sure that you know that we’re all going to balance out everything that we do.
(beep) Oh my gosh. Ah, take your time here. Again, it’s a long interval, and we are getting plenty of work. I know you already feel that burn, and let me tell you
something about that burn. That burn is a good burn for so much longer than just
the length of this workout. Here’s the thing about strength training: I mean, of course it’s good for you. It does still release endorphins. You will still feel good in that good way that we do at the end of this workout, but this kind of work helps
you burn more calories every minute of every day, afterwards. Muscle is more metabolically active, meaning that it burns more calories than any other kind of
tissue in your body. Now we are, technically speaking, using our muscles, and
therefore toning our muscles, when we do cardio work, but this kind of muscle building activity can help us maintain or
even build muscle tissue in our body no matter our age. When it beeps again, oh my gosh. We’re doing, oh you’re
gonna love this one. We’re going across the body. So if you are standing on your left leg, we’re gonna hold the
dumbbell in your right arm. We’re doing a biceps curl,
and a fly, with the arm, and drinky birds with the leg. Drinky bird is my lovely little term for a single leg deadlift.
(beep) So I’m gonna be standing on my left leg, dumbbell is in my right hand, and I’m gonna turn this way so that you can see what I’m doing. So we’re gonna come
down into a drinky bird. Wow, I’m gonna go flying
into that drinky bird. We’re gonna come down into a slow and controlled drinky bird, and then come out into a fly. As we come up from it, you’re gonna tap that foot
down, and do a biceps curl. The only reason we’re doing a biceps curl, if you’ve ever been around
the Pahla B Fitness Channel, you know biceps curls, working one of the smallest
muscles in your body. Yes it looks good, but those muscles work every time we’re using any, doing any other exercise in the world, so you don’t really need to
train them all by themselves, but it gives us a break from this drinky bird and fly, which I knew was gonna
be like way too much. It’s a lot, it’s a lot to hold onto that drinky bird. I wanted to make sure we were
coming all the way back up, into a standing position. Now here’s the thing: make sure that you are
pulling in your core. I mean, I should have warned
you that numerous other times during this workout. We’re keeping our core
pulled in super duper tight, anytime we’re doing any
kind of balance work here. Ooh, but especially on this drinky bird. There really is something about
that tipping forward motion that sometimes when we come out of it, we come out rather ungracefully. Oh, just like that one. Hey, see? Just like that one. When we come out of it ungracefully, tap your foot down as
fast as you can, so that you don’t accidentally,
(beep) oh my gosh, gonna switch sides here. So that you don’t
accidentally twist your knee on the way down. You know the whole point here really is… Oh my goodness, here we go. Is to strengthen your knee. Oh, that fly is so much
harder on that side. Ah yes, the drinky bird
significantly easier, but the fly and the curl, so much harder. Really thinking about squeezing your glute to pull that leg up behind you. Fly that arm open,
hopefully without momentum. You can actually see the difference. This side is not as strong, so I’m using a lot more momentum to try and get it up. Here’s what I’m gonna tell you about that, here’s what I’m gonna
tell myself about that. Bring that weight to
wherever you can get to, by squeezing the muscles in your back, not by hoisting your arm, and yanking from your shoulder. Use the big muscles in
the back or your body, because that is what
they are designed for. You guys, oh my gosh. Woo doggies, okay. Coming up next. I’m already laughing. This is a ridiculous exercise, but it is our last one,
or kind of our last one. Oh my gosh. It is a high elbow
opener, with a side kick. Once again we are gonna
be across the body. So I’m gonna switch the
dumbbell to my other hand. I’m gonna be standing on my left leg. Oh my gosh, my right leg is
gonna kick out to the side, just a side kick like we already did. Your…
(beep) Okay. Your right arm, your elbow is gonna remain at chest height. No, across your body. Sorry, I apologize. Standing on my left leg
means the dumbbell’s in my left hand. Kicking the right leg
out, left elbow is high, and you’re opening up out to the side. Oh my gosh, bringing the leg down. Ooh, only bringing the arm in. Yes, the arm is working the entire time. There’s no resting position. Oh my gosh. But please do breathe. Now here’s the thing: oh mama. I almost don’t even have
anything to say during this one. This got super hard. This is the thing about being
across the body like this, having that right leg out,
and the left arm opening. This actually for me, in a lot of ways, gets the difficult side done first, because my left arm is less strong, my left leg is… Actually, you know what, my left leg at this
point actually balances almost as good as my right,
and sometimes better, because by the time I get to my right leg, I’m like shaky and had enough of it. Pull in your core. Thinking about good form. Thinking about how beautiful
you are shaping your muscles. Oh my gosh, by challenging them like this. We do not shape our body
without challenging our body. Oh my gosh. (beep) I’m so happy to hear that beep, okay. Ah. For me, right leg is on the ground, right elbow is high. This doesn’t feel easier on this side. Oh my gosh. The balance is slightly easier, but bringing up that left
leg, feeling that work on the outside of your glutes, the outside of your thighs. Oh my gosh, my elbow is totally dropping. Okay. Here’s the thing, here’s
what I was saying. This is the end of what I would consider our regular workout. This is the last exercise
in what is not a circuit, but our repeating no-repeat. Here’s the thing, I do have
one final thing for us. When it beeps again, oh my gosh, ooh, I’ve got one final exercise, and it’s weirdly like
almost the easiest thing. I know it’s an exercise
that you guys don’t love, but for me, because we’re
gonna have both feet on the ground, and we are not trying to challenge our balance anymore, I find the finisher to be almost easier than everything else today. I am gonna grab my second
dumbbell for the finisher. It is a deadlift with a full front raise, meaning, oh my gosh, that if we live through this exercise, we will do deadlifts, which means that you are really, really challenging your whole rear chain. The reason I’m picking
up the extra dumbbell, is because the one for me personally, will not quite be heavy enough. I wanna make sure that we are
really challenging ourselves with this deadlift, going basically as heavy as you can. (beep)
Oh my gosh, thank goodness. Woo doggies, okay. We are gonna really take our time on this, because you know, for the finisher, we’re still gonna do two intervals. Both feet on the ground though. That makes it kinder
and friendlier, right? Push your hips back, back, back. Your back is super duper straight, and then pull your hips forward by squeezing, squeezing,
squeezing your glutes. When you’re at the top,
don’t let your glutes go, like we normally do. Front raise. All the way up overhead if you can. If you can’t, about shoulder
height is totally fine. I’m personally raising up over my head, because I wanna take
those extra two seconds. Otherwise this motion
is a little bit faster, and then we get back into that deadlift. So brace your core,
squeeze from your glutes. This is the real trick to raising weights up over your head. It’s kind of crazy, but when
you keep your butt engaged, your arms will be able to lift up higher. It’s a weird thing that your body does, but, but, your butt muscles are some of the biggest muscles in your whole body. They are meant to do really
heavy lifting like this. They are meant to do a lot of work. When you are squeezing from your glutes, you are activating the powerhouse of basically your entire body, which means that the rest of your body, your other limbs, can do more than they would normally be able to do. When you have your core braced, including your glutes,
(beep) that’s only our first beep, my friends. Here we go with interval
number two, you’re welcome. It’s a nice short workout today, but I promised you some serious sweat, and some serious strength. I know that you feel this somewhere. Hopefully not your lower back. If you feel it in your lower back, don’t go down quite so low, and don’t raise your hands up overhead. It means that your lower
back is volunteering for work that it shouldn’t be doing. Make sure that your glutes are engaged for the entire motion of this exercise. And up. Oh my gosh. Here’s the thing, it
really doesn’t take a lot of strength work to get a lot of benefit, especially at our age, and I hate to say that, oh my gosh. I sound like one of those
20 year old doctors, who’s like, well, you’re doing
really good for your age. But, at our age, we really
have to work in small doses, to get the most out of it. If you do too much more than this, I mean I’m gonna have suggestions
on the screen afterwards, if you wanna do something else, please, please, please, help yourself. Like a fun little cardio session, you get a little bit of
sweat in a different way, that would be fantastic. Shake everything out. But, if you do a whole lot
more strength training, you’re gonna get to the
point of diminishing returns. Oh my gosh. Where you are actually just not even helping your muscles build, but you could be tearing
them down, in a way that could lead to injury.
(beep) That, ah, was the last glorious beep. I’m gonna go ahead and put these dumbbells completely out of the way. I’m gonna turn my timer completely off, and we’re gonna do a complete, well, actually it’s gonna be
(beep) a really quick cooldown, my friends. Oh my gosh. I am gonna stand on one foot again. I’m gonna do those arm
circles with the high knees, because it feels so nice. I really wanted to kind of
stretch out my hamstrings after all those deadlifts. Oh, and doesn’t it feel lovely to be lifting your hands up overhead with nothing in them? I do like to keep these
cooldowns kind of brief, for my friends who are moving on to doing either something else, or just getting on with your day. I want you to cooldown, but I know that not everybody loves, you know, a full 10 minute cooldown. I will have an extended
cooldown for you though, here onscreen, and I will, like I said, I’ll have like a little, like a little low impact cardio, something kind of short, so that it’s not too much for your day, but you could kind of potentially
actually almost use it as a cooldown in terms of kind
of shaking out those muscles that we just totally squeezed and worked. Let’s go ahead and do some arm crossers. Ah, not gonna do booty kickers, just doing side taps. Give yourself a big hug, and then open, open, open that chest. Oh my goodness, what a great,
great job you’ve done today. So the suggestions are gonna be up on the top of the screen, somewhere in the last
20 seconds of the video. But then down on the bottom, there’s gonna be the letter P, which is an invitation
to go over to Patreon, like my friends Dee, and Roberta, and Kathleen, and Nicole,
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Kathleen, and Nicole, and Elizabeth, and Lynn, thank you so, so, so
much for your support. On the other side of the screen, that is a subscribe button my friends. Make sure that you click that, so that we can workout together again. Thank you so much for
sweating with me today. Click the Subscribe button, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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