15650 отжиманий за 30 дней. Трансформация. Отжимания

15650 отжиманий за 30 дней. Трансформация. Отжимания

Hi everyone! I’m Vlad! I’ve stumbled on the video
in the internet today, where one guy made
300 push-ups per day during 30 days Then I thought how will my body change
if I make 500 500! push-ups per day during the month So, I’m going to undress to estimate my body condition for today A bit lean Arnold Schwarzenegger 15000 push-ups for 30 days Enough talking, let’s start Day 1 Each descent brought more doubts: What do I do it for? What if I give up? What if everyday push-ups are harmful? I never liked push-ups They always seemed to be
incorrect, incomplete 30 times! Then it was something like this Or this In this way Or in this Finally I collected in total… NINETY!!! My muscles warmed up and I felt nasty burning inside,
slightly painful But I’ve done… First 100 times out of 15000 So, I’ve done 130 push-ups! I’m fine fellow! It’s my fridge What I usually eat Mango Shelf with tomatoes Strawberry Something green Asparagus, I don’t like it Apples, kiwi Have you seen such an avocado? AVOCADO! I’ll orange fresh I don’t know if I’m able
to make 500 push-ups today The most important
what I’ve done today is plan I’ve even filled in here I may give up and
no one will watch this video Orange juice The biggest problem of fruits and vegetables
is that they rot quite quickly Honestly, I still have
the dyspnea after push-ups I’ve just finished 300 push-ups. Dasha came home
and said one interesting thing Muscles can get tired They won’t like it and you won’t
be able to do anything for several days So, I thought to start gradually I want to stop at 300 push-ups for the first day and analyse what will happen with me tomorrow Oh, my salad is ready, look! Finally, I haven’t done 500 today Day 2 There’s a little pain in the chest Like nothing falls off Let’s try how my muscles work So, it feels like
I was pushing up a little yesterday Let’s work on We have the home office Go on pushing up I’ve done 100 at home
and 400 more for today We work at the kitchen Prepared plan for the week I’ve bought some fruits 18:47 of the second day There’re 15 times to 400 It’s my partner Vanya Yeah, he’s more muscular than I I go to university now Yes, I’m still a student
and have diploma submission I will make last 100 at home 400 for today! Handsome! Last 100 for today
and 500 will be done! Strong pain in chest here Acute pain in triceps Last 15 push-ups for today Hands are falling off 500!!! Day 3 It’s raining outside My shoulders, triceps, biceps, chest hurt me I make push-ups like a cripple,
it’s really hard today They renovate the road under the rain! I have sore right shoulder It started aching They deceive on the market,
palm off spoiled goods That’s their work I’ve bought everything,
bring it home now and go at work In general I’m engaged in
Youtube channels managing We’re shooting videos for Igor Fresh now It will be express course
about gymnastic twine I have 290 push-ups more for today How old were you when you made
your first gymnastic twine? 23 years old – How long did you train to cope with it?
– 2 months Really? You’re boring In the office again! A bit more push-ups I have awesome socks! I’m going to the evening training I can’t raise my hands,
but I’ve already done 410 push-ups I was able even to practice Some other muscles are needed there I’ve made 480 push-ups in all
and left 20 times for the home And 500 will be done Day 4 They renovated the road here yesterday Look how it was done Greece rubber but tasty strawberry I decided to ease the exercise today
because it’s really hard and painfully I’ll make kneeling push-ups 23:30
I have 50 push-ups more It’s so difficult Day 5 The weather is perfect!
We go on shooting Igor, give me an advice What good or bad things may happen
if I make 500 push-ups every day per month? Hm, bad is that you Adam’s apple will get out Good is that you’ll be strong Like a dull muscleman If you don’t want to be a dull muscleman
you have to stretch your shoulders Like this Guys, we’re creating a channel for Igor Fresh now He’ll have an incredible content I’ll dance in a bullet tutu.
With celebrities and without You can find link in the description Subscribe even if you only want to have fun 23:30
450 full push-ups I’ve done 50 times I tried close push-ups Went down once and fell down, can’t manage I understand that I have to plan
the time of training during the day Day 6 It’s poorly planned out day today It’s evening and
I’ve done just 250 push-ups It seems like nothing changes with me No any visual progress I know it’s only the 6th day What is worse, I don’t have enough time today I will have to make 250 times late at night Ok, it’s my last year,
I graduate in a month, so… By the way, I have to return to exam I’ve met my teacher first time today.
Hope he will be gracious I had 200 times more I’ve done 10+20+20+15 I have 35 more
And I’ve done it! Day 7 Some experts and musclemen in Youtube say if you train one type of muscles every day
they won’t have enough time to be restored On the other hand I know that
the body can adapt to any conditions At first my body resisted when
I started to eat only fruits and vegetables I had high temperature, cough and runny nose But finaly my body condition
stabilised and I felt perfect It’s the same now I imagine that I’m on a planet
where I have to make push-ups There’s no any choice for my body and
it must to adapt to such conditions Actually it happened At the 6th or 7th day
I didn’t have intense muscle pain I could think about the quality of push-ups First 100 close push-ups Let’s see what will happen next I have a problem with the cervical spine My grandpa constructed special apparatus for me I should put my head hear.
Look Like was born again Vertebrae bones gradually put their places I hope, you’ll notice It looks something like this Roma is my coach Roma, show something cool please Bye Nothing changes Huuuuulk… No, Wolverine Today is the first day when
I made more than 500 push-ups! 505!!! Day 8 Friends, it’s the 8th day of my challenge I tried close push-ups yesterday I’m going to try something new today All in all, I feel quite good There’s some pain in shoulders,
hands and chest, but it’s pleasant How is your mood? Like it’sunday Alisa, how is your mood? Perfect! You look beautiful today! Thank you! Do you know, what is the most important? It’s to make a decision to start doing Everything is in your head! You said to yourself that you will do it every day, you believed it and started doing Day 9 What is the most cool is that
I don’t have pain in the shoulder any more! I had the injury It reminded itself during the
push-ups in the first four days And I’m really glad its over We’re going to set now We’re in Roistat Chess Sonny Playstation There’s an amazing terrace in the office German also eats only fruits and some vegetables How long? About 1 year How do you feel?
Are you still alive? Yes… #he tries joking Everything is perfect I wake up at 5am, go to bed at 11pm I swim, make morning exercises,
have lots of energy! Incredible!
Is it possible?! Shooting is over!
It was cool! Day 10 I’m visiting Georgiy Solovev He’s the founder of Skyeng They say you also eat only fruits!
Is it true? Yeah, I try! My friends who are following raw food diet
or don’t eat meat look very young! Others look much older than they are -I’m 43. Is it noticeable?
-No, of course no! I’m mounting video of the 10th day I made only 200 push-ups then Day 11 Day 11
Day 12 I made just 200 push-ups the day before yesterday It was hard day with awful schedule I made 560 times yesterday and I have 420 push-ups as a debt It’s the 12th day I want to try push-ups on uneven bars Dasha makes juice in the kitchen What juice do we have? – Juice is from everything we had in the fridge
– Perfect juice! I’ve bought cherries to try It’s not tasty yet But strawberry is a bit tastier Day 13 The 13th day! Everyone wants to be a blogger Day 14 I’m sitting at university for the sixth hour Only 70 push-ups have been done I have such a presentation I don’t pretend to do ideal push-ups, but my body can make 50
at least some push-ups And that’s cool Study well! 1:30am Dasha is already sleeping
and I’ve done 475 push-ups 25 left, and I go to bed Day 15 The 15th day I’m so glad to see you today You’ve spent 15 days with me.
Thank you! As you noticed it’s the first video
on my YouTube channel Subscribe to my channel,
leave some kind comment or just call your mom and
say how much you love her Or clean your room Or make orange fresh Oh, my juice has came I have an apple one today Day 16 It’s storm outside 570 for today! 3pm, 100 push-ups Day 17 I want to make one experiment I’ll try to make 300 push-ups as fast as it I can 100 200 It’s very warm, I need the air 100 more 300 Last 50 times were close push-ups I’ve fulfilled more than
a half of daily task for 23 minute Cool! I have a dream I wish my family, my friends and
people around me to be healthy I wish they don’t have headaches, cough, colds I want there was not such diseases
like diabetes, tuberculosis, cancer My grandpa dead because of cancer I wish Dasha, our families, grandparents
could get rid of their illnesses Actually, I created this video for them I wanted to show that I’m not dying
because I changed my eating habits On the contrary, I’ve got rid of lots of problems I had herniated disk, allergies I had runny nose every summer because of blossoming I haven’t touch cats for 8 years If you’re inspired by this video write me about it Subscribe on my channel and
start to improve your health, your body I want everyone in this world to be healthy I’m not debtor any more! Day 18 New experiment I want to make 300 push-ups with repeats
by 15 times and not 10 as it was earlier 10 minutes later 14 minutes more 300 It was more difficult I didn’t make close push-ups I couldn’t do it faster than yesterday
but I tried to make more proper exercises Day 19 First exercise for today I tried new push-ups yesterday
(in an angle position) My muscles hurt me again Ananas is tasty but it starts to hurt lips Tweaks, but tasty Day 20 The 20th day It’s boring to make standard push-ups I liked angle shaped push-ups I wish to learn handstand push-ups I want to make one-arm push-ups Properly The most valuable thing you have now is your body! I wish you to start listen it Try to convert more with your body
by nutrition, sport and even push-ups Simple push-ups Because when you start talking to your body
it gives you feedback Your body says you that
something is wrong or right with it Stop the video right now and make 10 push-ups Two times five Nothing terrible But it will be the fist step to begin changing Only 10 push-ups I’ll say no-one Day 21 They say we need 21 days to form a habit But what is next? Will I stop when 30 days pass? No! I won’t! I spy you! I recovered from herniated disk six months ago That time I had a choice what to do Go to climbing wall I could have high-power hands,
shoulders, legs and great stretching I’m fond of stretching The second option (which I’ve chosen) was pool dance At the first class I was shocked how your body works Back, abdominal muscles, hands, shoulders – everything is involved There’re lots of elements which strengthen your back Furthermore, it’s dancing My passion I experience unbelievable pleasure
when I come to these gyms and dance Meet my second coach – Ksusha Ksusha, I want to make some
special offer for my followers Let’s give them 10% discount
for the first subscription – Ok!
– So simple? I left link in description Call your girlfriends, gift them subscriptions Day 22 I force Vanya exercising I’m blogging in Vkontakte since 2015 I’ve just read my first article I tell their how I earned first 7.000 rubbles It was when I started making videos, by the way There’s link in description, you can peek there The 27th day I’ll exercise with my good friend Alex Mokrov today Lesha has founded the coolest
Tattoo Studios in Russia So, what is with my hand-standing? I’ve almost touched the floor! Alex celebrated his birthday 3 days ago I prepared small surprise for him We launched the channel for Lesha last september I know almost everything about tattoo world Hello! It’s Lesha I have a present for you! It’s sleeves tattoo
on the sleeves tattoo Thank you! It’s the penultimate day of my challenge I wish to make 500 push-ups for one hour 100 push-ups for 7 minutes 200 14 minutes 300 push-ups for 20 minutes 400 push-ups I’m already sweaty 26 minutes 100 more Pull baker!
30 minutes 40 push-ups left Not enough time!
Last 10 push-ups 31 minutes 500 push-ups for 31 minutes Don’t scold me for improper push-ups This video isn’t about push-ups! Thank you! Day 30 My last push-ups It’s the most important moment My results I sat at the same place 30 days ago Let’s estimate what was reached 15.650 push-ups You don’t have to be the professional sportsman,
coach or nutritionist to pay attention to your health You may work, be friend, love, play the fool
and do something for the health every day My dream is to see less ill and
more healthy and happy people around me I need your help to make it happen I wish 1 million people to watch this video Repost this video or send it to your friend If you’re really inspired by my experience
help me spread this video please I need 150.000 rubbles to buy
advertisements in Vkontakte The average price for it is
between 300 and 5.000 rubbles per ad I don’t have such an amount now If you’ve found this video in some community
that means someone helped me I’m grateful to that person! 1.000, 500, even 50 rubbles will be cool Write me a message vkontakte
that you made the transfer I’ll send you my collection of books and videos
about the health, body, state of mind and deal
which once changed my life I collected them for a long time
and want to share it with you Requisits are in the description It’ll be cool if you help me I wish to launch 30 days push-ups challenge I’m waiting for your own video under this one I’ll watch it for sure Show how has been your body transformed I have an idea for the next video So, let’s create amazing content together! Thank you!

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