15 MINUTE BOOTY BAND WORKOUT 💖  Pilates for abs legs and butt!

15 MINUTE BOOTY BAND WORKOUT 💖 Pilates for abs legs and butt!

Hey guys, it’s Bailey and today We’re going to be using booty bands for our workout, and it’ll be toning our abs our thighs and of course our booty Let’s get started Alright, let’s get started with our booty bands on around our calves if you don’t have a booty band You can double up a regular resistance band, or you could just do the exercises Without it but it’s really gonna. Help us get that little extra burn We’re gonna start sitting down into a squat then lifting our left leg to the side three times Sit down nice and low switching to the other side So this one’s really good for our balance Because we have to really stabilize through the abs on one side as we kick the leg If your balance is off bring your hands onto your hips And it’ll help you stay a little bit more stable lower down good, and you really want to sit back on your heels and Then press out using all the muscles down the side of your body You’ll really start to feel those side glutes working Really sit back on your heels and then lift to the side, so this one’s great for our obliques our outer thighs It really really increases that burn Try to really tense your abs each time you lift the legs so we start to work into those side line muscles Good let’s go to some singles now squad lift squat lift really starting to elevate through that heart rate Good sit back on those heels really press back, working all those muscles in the outer thighs Make sure you got nice and low in those squats working that booty It doesn’t have to be a big lift for it to be effective Those sideline muscles are really going to be working in the hips and glutes Just keep it in a range where you feel like you’re controlling all the exercises Good give me two more on each side and Then we’re gonna hold for some pulses. You know I love my pulses That’s all the little muscles burning good holding here Really squeeze your abs feel the muscles in the hip Good we have 10 Keep those abs on tight good four five four three Two Last one lower down get nice and low in that squat little pulses here Good knees tracking out over the toes booty is back Keep those abs engaged Good we have five four three two last one right to that other side We’re really squeezing into our obliques pressing the heel away you should feel the support glute your abs Your hips really good for building that hip area. We have five four three Two last one bring the feet together little pulses to finish good Give me two give me ten more here sticking those booties out Good we have five four three? Two one hold it here get low four five four three two and One good stand and give yourself a little shake for our next move bring your feet a little bit wider And then you’re gonna sit your bums back, and it looks really funny, but it works So we’re still working into those outer thighs, and we’re just gonna do little crab walks So just keeping that weight in the back really keep your abs in tight Sitting back on those feet so going the full end of your yoga mat all the way to one end and We stay low the entire time You should feel burning all the way through the back and hips so good at toning our outer thighs our glutes This is one of those ones that looks really funny if you do it out of gym, but if you do it at home you’re totally fine I Do it out of gym anyway whatever when you see how good your butt looks you won’t be laughing Oh, yes you should feel those glutes burning We’re going to go one more time to the end of our mat and all the way back Staying low But let’s go back to the center and then from here really pressing those knees out in your sumo squat We’re gonna pulse. It low really pulsing out through those toes stick your glutes back Just feeling in that final burn Good little pulses take those booties back good Pressing out 4 4 3 2 now I want you to hold it low just come in and out with those knees Little butterflies here squeeze your abs this one really turns up through the back of the legs and booty Gives us that little butt lift Good 10 more butterflies staying low 10 9 Six five four three. Oh it burns two one hold Reach the arms get lower five four three two and one Good give your butt a little shake from side to side Pat it out And then we’ll go into our next move Okay So we got a little bit of extra fat burning in this workout With the knees nice and close together bring your hands to heart center We’re just gonna hop the feet in and out so little in and out hops and This will really just help with some fat burning While we’re toning so little cardio intervals just fifteen seconds I Lied maybe thirty seconds just breathing through it light on those toes Let’s speed it up Really sticking those bums back staying low ten more seconds Good we have five four three? two last one Land with those feet nice and narrow and Stand up nice and tall good good little cardio interval Okay, keeping our legs nice and close together We’re going to come into some work for the back of the legs we sit down into our squat Then we lift three two one come back through Center other side three two and one lower down three two one lower down Good now you want to keep a nice soft Bend through the support leg And then really think of lifting with the back of the leg Because you are coming slightly forward. You really want to keep those abdominals engaged And I’ll show you some from the side Sit down nice and low into the squat Let’s go into singles lift squat lift Get nice and low then kick back Really squeeze those abs It’s great for our bums and our core really helps the balance and stability and Really tones up the back of the legs and hamstrings so if you do have cellulite this really will help to sort of reduce the appearance of that and tone up Those hamstrings good hold this next one back little pulses Squeeze those ABS for five four three two last one lower down into that squat little pulses Good five four three Two last one transfer your weight little pulses back Five four three Two last one give me ten last pulses get nice and low weight in the heels We have five four three Two one hold stay low for five four three two and one Good shake it out great job you guys. I hope you enjoyed that booty band workout Leave me a comment below and let me know what workout you want to see next and please subscribe Because we post new workouts every single week We’re gonna waddle so it’s gonna look really funny great job you guys. I hope that you enjoyined that booty workout… .. enjoined?

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  1. Wow this workout kicked my butt (pun intended lol) but this is definitely one of the most effective and fun workout I've done in a long time! Thank you!<3

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