Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel. My name is Emi And so many of you have requested another thigh workout You want a fifteen-minute one and you wanted a no jumping so I put everything together And I specially designed this one for you guys I made sure every single exercise in this workout is going to help slim down your thighs And not bulk them up, not make them muscular, so don’t worry about that These exercises are going to help slim down your entire thighs as a whole Especially the inner thighs and also outer thighs and also working the front and the back as well So before we start the workout, I also want to answer some of your questions On what do I normally eat before my workout because a lot of you who watch my vlogs and my Instagram story know that I work out before lunch So a lot of the questions I always get are “do you feel tired?” “How do you get the energy for the workout?” So this is what I normally eat before my workout So on most days around 30 to 45 minutes before my workout, I would eat a small piece of dark chocolate for a boost of energy. Let me show you guys up close So this is the one that me and my family have been eating, it’s called the Seven Day Delight dark chocolate box from Godiva That’s actually designed in the perfect amount for your health to eat per day I really love this one because it’s just so easy It’s the perfect portion and it has the daily amount for you And I personally choose dark chocolate because Well, it’s yummy and it’s actually really good for your heart, it helps lower blood pressure It reduces oxidative stress. And super important, it’s also good for your skin. You don’t have to eat it only before your workout like me For example my mum has that every night before she sleeps So for her It’s more like a healthy dessert that makes her happy Dark chocolate actually also helps you to improve your calmness and allows you to be more restful. Alright. If you guys are ready, let’s get to the workout Can I have one juju? No! She is selfish Make your filming ready. It’s already filming We will first warm up our body to facilitate the fat burning processes in the rest of the workout Starting with leg scissors Lie on the mat with your back firmly on the floor Hands below your bum, legs up pointing towards the sky in a 90 degree angle Then, working your thighs to flutter them front and back The faster and the more you move them, the more you get the burn going in your thighs Work it guys! First exercise, let’s start this workout strong Now, let’s stand up for our second exercise: sumo squat pulses This is the perfect exercise to burn your inner thighs Take a big step to the side So your feet are apart in a wide stance Toes turned out Hands together in front of your chest and squat down So your thighs are parallel to the floor Knees over the ankles Here, start pulsing up and down without standing all the way back up Every single pulse really engages your inner thighs, so you’re burning the right area Here, I’m standing back up after every 10 pulses This will allow your thighs to have a quick break But, if you want to have a more intense burn, you can do more pulses for example 15 or 20 or even just pulse non-stop until 45 seconds is up You’re doing great. Let’s move on to our third exercise Full and half ballet kick. We’ll first work on our left leg. So lie down on your right side Resting your upper body on your right elbow bent at a 90 degree angle Then work your thigh to lift your left leg up as high as you can This is one rep, repeat it for twenty-two seconds Then switch to having your upper thigh pointing towards the sky For spending your knee and then kicking your foot up for every single rep I call this ballet kick because my toes are pointed the whole time You’re going to feel a burn in your left thigh. This is what we’re here for. So keep going! Good job! Next one, we’re working the right thigh So same thing but this time lie on your left side and lifting your right leg working the whole of your thigh First twenty-two seconds lifting the whole leg Then switch to half a leg kick. Push it guys! Put more force into every single rap to give a powerful kick so you can burn even more And let the exercises really help you slim down the thighs And we’re done with the ballet kicks Now, let’s get to our fifth one: knee squeeze glute bridge Lie face up on the mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground Shoulder-width apart Keep your arms at your side with your palms down Knees together and lift your booty up to as high as you can Then lower back down to lightly tap the floor before you lift up again What makes this exercise different than regular glute bridge is that we’ll put our knees together and squeeze them tight as hard as you can throughout the whole exercise This will allow you to work your thighs instead of your booty The harder you squeeze your knees together, the more it’s burning your thighs One-third of this workout done. You’re doing awesome! Sixth is top leg circle with lift. Again, we’re first working on the left leg Lie on your right side with your right elbow bent at a 90 degree angle to support your upper body Then bend your right leg at 90 degree angle as well Straighten your left leg and extend it off the floor to rotate in small circles for twenty-two seconds After that, instead of doing circles, switch to leg lifts Raising your left leg up and down in small and quick motions Your foot is off the floor throughout the whole exercise to keep the tension in your thigh As you work it in circular and up-and-down motion for a complete burn in all angles. I know the burn is real but let’s focus on our goal Next one is the same but we’ll work the right leg instead Remember why you clicked into this workout, why you’re here with me and why you should not give up now It’s only 15 minutes Actually, we’re almost halfway through, so keep it up together with me Nice one guys! Let’s stand back up for eighth exercise: side lunge This is absolutely my favourite exercise for burning both the inner and outer thighs As you guys see how often I include this in my workouts First, legs wide apart with toes pointing out Hands in front of your chest Then bend your right leg until it reaches a 90 degree angle As you shift your body weight to your right leg with your butt pressing back behind you Left leg extended straight. Then, pushing through your heel to return to central standing position This is one rep Repeat for twenty-two seconds on this side and we’ll switch leg My tip for you here is to try enjoy the burn If it’s not burning, it’s not working So try to embrace it and know that your hard work is going to pay off We’re more than halfway done. Don’t worry Next one, we can lie back down Ninth is lying single leg circle Arms extended on the floor, palms facing down to stabilise your body We’ll first work on our right leg with the left leg on the floor Raise your right leg to draw a big circle in a clockwise direction So first, 90-degree pointing towards the sky and then Lower it down to the side and back to the centre while keeping it off the floor the whole time Repeat for twenty-two seconds and we’ll switch to the left leg Here, we want to focus on working the thigh of the moving leg So try your best to keep your butt and the other leg on the floor. Keep it moving guys Every single rep is getting you closer to your goals Nine down. Only six more to go Tenth is side-lying single leg circle We’ll first work on the left leg Get into the same position as the leg kick Right side on the floor. Both legs extended straight out Then engaging your left thigh Raise your left leg to rotate in a big circle from back to up and then front The bigger circle you draw with your left leg, the more you’re working the thigh and giving it the burn you want Try your best to keep your right leg stable on the floor Repeat on the side for twenty-two seconds and switch to work on the right leg Our thighs are getting tired but don’t give up Remember what you’re here for, so keep pushing We’re done with two-thirds of this workout Stand back up for our eleventh exercise: squat side kick Start with a regular squat with your hands held up in front of your chest But as it comes up Extend and kick one leg up to the side Go straight back down to a squat and this time perform the same movement with your left side Alternate between sides and repeat for 45 seconds The harder you kick your legs to the side, the more burn you get in your thighs. Hang in there guys! Remember our motto: no pain no gain. You’re stronger than you think, so keep it up Next one we can lie down on the mat again for bottom leg lift to really give the inner thighs another good burn We will first work on the right leg by lying on our right side But this time cross your left leg over your right leg and plant it on the ground in front of your body Engaging your inner thigh Raise your right leg off the floor as high up as you can You should be feeling a slow burn in your thighs. Repeat for twenty-two seconds and switch side Also engage your core and abs to stabilise your body, so you’re not rocking back and forth too much We’re so close to the end guys! Thirteenth is leg rainbow. Come onto all fours Hands directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips We’ll first start on the right leg. Keeping the right leg straight extend it behind you to the left side and then lift it up to draw a rainbow arch and land on the other side Tapping the floor with your toes, then lift it up and draw another half circle to go back to the left side Repeat this for twenty-two seconds and we’ll switch to left leg Try to make the rainbow arch as wide as you can Meaning your moving leg goes as far as you can to the side Keep it nice and controlled Try to keep your back and spine neutral And be mindful that we’re moving the leg with our thigh and not with our upper body Only two more to go guys, let’s get this done! Fourteenth is split pulses. Lie on your back Hands extend it out next to your bum. Palms facing down Raise both of your legs up to the sky, then here split them to the side How low your legs can go depends on your flexibility Start pulsing up and down as you work your inner thigh and outer thighs The faster and the more you pulse, the more burn you’ll get in the thighs I know this might look funny. But trust me, this works Really focus on engaging your thighs here for every single pulse Because we’re coming to the end. So push it through to give them the final burn Now stand up and let’s get ready for the last and the most intense burn in this workout: chair pulses For this exercise, I’m incorporating the chair pose from yoga but trust me the burn is going to be real! Feet hip-distance apart Arms extended up then sit your bum back and bend your knees to almost parallel to the floor Here, your knees will be slightly over your feet. Chest up and eyes looking to the front Start pulsing up and down The faster you pulse, the more distance you pulse up and down, the more it will burn in the thighs If you feel like you’re dying here, trust me, I’m in the same boat as you. I just want to scream but this is exactly what we want coming into this exercise To burn and slim down our thighs, so do not give up on me here I’m doing it together with you and I get how painful it is. So stay on together with me. We’re almost done Push it! We did it, guys. Shake out your legs and we’ll do some simple stretches for our legs You can also head over to my complete stretch routine video, which I’ll link it up right here Thank you for not giving up and staying on together with me for the whole 15 minutes. I’m so proud of you for working so hard towards your goal No pain, no gain. You’ll thank yourself one day for putting in all this hard work Enjoy the rest of your day, and I’ll see you very soon. Enjoy the rest of your day, and I’ll see you very soon


  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. It’s day 6 of my doing this workout. I don’t see a difference yet but I’m able to do all the workouts without modifications and not giving up. I do feel GREAT after each time I do it. I’m going to continue doing this for another two weeks to see if results will show. I’m also trying to eat healthier but not always so I know that’ll affect my results too.

    Will keep you all updated 🙂

  3. I rlly thought i was gonna quit in the begining but after she said no pain no gain 🤷🤷 i just kept going thanks for this awesome workout ❤❤❤

  4. i will do this for 2 weeks

    current weight: 72.5 kg/ 159 lbs
    my right thigh: 63 cm
    my left thigh: 62 cm

    day1: i did it and i feel so good and i sweated a little

    day2: i didnt do it cause i was mentally exhausted

    day3: i did it and it feels gooooood the burning ugghhhh (when i woke up i weighted 71.2 kg/ 156 lbs)

    day 4 to day 8: didnt do it because i had some school stuff and i was busy but tmrw i’ll do it

    day 9: i did it

    day 10: i did it and i can feel the burning! it feels torturing but its soooo worth it

  5. I'm starting doing this exercise from today! Hopefully I'm not lazy and consistently doing this 🙂

    Day 1 ✅
    Day 2 ✅ i feel pain when i woke up in the morning, but i must keep going ☺
    Day 3 🚫 i'm too busy 🙁
    Day 4 ✅

  6. 2:25 if anyone wants to see when the exercises start. And is anyone scrolling through the comments just to see if it works?😂

  7. Can someone please explain why I don't lose a single millimeter of fat when I ride my bike every day for twenty minutes, at least three miles??

  8. Day 1 :my thighs ;-; they are BURNINGGGGG🔥🔥🔥
    Day 2 :hmm much easier i suppose😗
    Day 3:my legs .. are crying and someone hit my left
    Day 4:its 5 am rn and i did the workout .. i sprained
    my right ankle🤧😢but .. that didnt stop me
    from doing this workoutttt🔥btw i feel like my
    thighs arent touching that much anymore .. a
    liiiiiittle bit🤔😗😆 .. now it's 4 pm and i just
    finished the workout!✨
    Day 5:i can now do this workout easily and omg im so
    motivated to keep this going🤧✨😚🔥
    Day 6:i noticed that my thighs doesnt hurt anymore
    😳 😆✨yeet cant believe i could keep this up
    🍀also cant wait till the day comes!😚✨heyy its
    2 pm here and this is the second time for
    Day 7:i did the workout at 9 am (just now) and im so
    excited to check my thighs😍

    I do this workout 2-3 times a day😙🙆✨

    Yall this workout literally burns ma thigh meats awayyyy😂😆🔥

    Also im gonna keep on editing this comment till my thighs are barely touching😆✨

  9. It's been 10 days I am doing this workout. I can feel more strength in my legs and I lost 1 inch in upper thigh 😃. Seeing the difference, I am encouraged to continue the workout…thanks Emi ❤️

  10. oh noooooo !!! I have been doing these thigh exercises and also other exercise videos from Emi for 3weeks now. I successfully lost about 4 pounds, absolutely loving the burn, but!!!! my thighs got even bigger not slimmer now 😰 and they are all muscles !!!!🤦🏻‍♀️ What do I do???? Anyone having the same problem??

  11. I started doing the workout 3 days ago but I’m gonna update everyday on how it work for me. I do it once a day most of the time and so far I can see a difference even though I’ve only done it for three days. I’ve always been self conscious in jeans for some reason because I always thought my thigh bulged in them so I hope this helps. Wish me luck I hope to keep going for a month 🙂

    Day 1: was a little tiring but still felt the burn and fatigue for a bit after

    Day 2: had taekwondo class but still managed to do it and have a small workout at class too. Felt some of the fatigue from yesterday but I could still keep going

    Day 3: had an intense workout from taekwondo the other day so I struggled a little with the workout. I have taekwondo today too 😭

    Day 4: had a tough time doing the workout today after 2 consecutive classes of taekwondo but managed to finish it :). Right now I can’t really tell if there is any difference in my legs but we’ll have to see

  12. I did this workout for the first time today and you said “it doesn’t work if it doesn’t burn” well…. it didn’t really burn for me even when I’m doing the exercises right I just got sweaty, did it still work…?

  13. Please tell me there are 9/10 year olds who are doing this because they wanna be able to fit size 7 ripped jeans so they don't have to get rid of it

  14. I have been doing this workout for about 1 months and I can say this works and now I have skinny thighs.
    Thank you so much and remember NO PAIN NO GAIN

  15. 2:15
    DAY 0: doing one later tonight (its 9:30pm) and im hoping to do it 2 times a day (doing this in secret in my room too 😂)
    DAY 0.5: have the first one done ✅ at one or two points you could see my tshirt moving from my heart racing so fast
    DAY 1: done! ✅ just finished at 8:46am and i havent weighed myself yet but im feeling that my thights are getting thinner!!
    DAY 2: my legs hurt when i stand up 😂
    DAY 3: had gymnastics training so im taking a break 💀

  16. Ima try this for a week oof
    WiSh mE LuCk:
    Day 1: ngl it hurt pretty bad and I stopped for 2 minutes and then continued. Oof

  17. Hi everyone! I will start those exercises because I'm tired of that I don't like my body and most thighs so I read a lot of comments and saw that if I keep working I will burn fat. So I will keep you in touch every day.(sorry for the bad English😅)


    1day:💛 I do it and the burn is real but it was fun🤗

  18. If it hurts just laugh. Laugh to hide the pain.

    On the last one I laughed way to hard because I was thinking about how stupid I probably looked

  19. Do this Workout with abs one since 17 Aug, almost one month..finally I feel it really work and first time feel confident with my thighs.. I feel my stomach flatter and thighs slimmer.. All the best guys

  20. Been doing this work out for 1 week, once a day, I was 47cm now I am 45cm. This is only one week it works for everyone looking it the comments to see if it works. IT DOES WORK!

  21. I will be doing this in 1 week

    Day #1:✅I don't know why I did 2 set of this and my thighs are burning but like she said it's worth it and before I did this I warm up first because it help you not to feel the pain the day after you work out (And maybe it will not work on some of you)
    Day#2:✅I only did 1 set because my thighs really hurt but I guess it worth it

  22. i usually dont comment on videos but i always find myself coming back to the comments of this video and i thought i might as well share my experience with this workout

    last year during summer i decided it was time for a change. my insecurity was and will always be my thighs. i started off with eating healthier in july and started incorporating this workout into my routine i used to do this atleast 4x a week (on good weeks everyday :’) ) with a combination of (10 min walk 10 min run 10 min walk). i really liked doing this because the burn from this workout made me feel like i was achieving something. and i was!

    this new routine made me feel healthy and i was healthy!
    i had never felt this confident

    i ended up losing 8 kilos in 1 1/2 months

  23. I’m trying to glow up a lot I’m trying to get my thighs slimmer and get a bit of abs what is working so far I’m glad to say and maybe get my bit bigger I can’t wait to see the difference in my thighs so I hope this works cause I’m most insecure about my thighs good luck everyone else as well 👍💓

  24. Day 1 – it’s 5:50 and I’m about to start doing this . I want to become a skinny ledgend . 😍 I can do this ! I’m secretly doing it in my room hoping that my parents don’t come and watch me . 🤞🏽🍀 I just finished and it’s 6:23 . 😩🧡 I’m so tried . And I had to keep stopping every 3 minutes bc of my parents coming upstairs and my phone was acting up . 14 minutes of work ! 👅📎 no pain , no game ‘

  25. Hey there everyone looking for motivation! From 7-100 years old, you might be trying this. I promise you on my life this works! I did it for about 4 days, sometimes twice a day, and oh do I see results!! It’s amazing.

    Before: when I stand: ( ) ( ) when I sit: ( ) ( )

    Now: When I stand ( ) ( ) when I sit: ( ) ( )

    My legs haven’t changed in size much, but I’ve only done it for 4 days. They have become much less jiggly, and I feel great. If you want change, I really recommend this exercise! I’m 11, and yes I did do this secretly in my room, but I’m still glad I did. My ego has gone up so much and I’m very happy. I will continue this workout and I’m exciting for the results after doing it for awhile. It is only 15 minutes out of your day, for this much of a difference. Persevere please!! It just takes motivation. If you are reading this, good luck and stick to it!!!

  26. Okay guys. I'm gonna try this from today and aim to do it for a month. I'll keep you updated every week, see if I notice any difference, lost any weight etc. Let's do this 😩💪

  27. Weight: 56 kgs 123 lbs
    Height: 160
    100 Squats + Diet + Emi's Workout
    Im doing this on Saturday because i didnt do emi's workouts. I only did 100 squats.
    Wednesday: my legs felt dead.. I drank 7 cups of water, and dieted. 56 kgs

    Thursday: the squats felt so much easier, but still hard. Dieted and drank 7 cups of water. 56 kgs still.

    Friday: Emi's Workouts at night, 100 squats at day. 50 squats at night, 8 cups of water.. Dieting 700 calories.
    56 kgs. Squats were so easy to do.

    Saturday (today): i did 100 squats this morning, im going to do Emi's WO's now, and this night with 50 squats tonight. + Diet. 55 kgs

    Sunday: 100 squats, emi's workouts, with some other thigh gap workouts & a diet + 7 cups of water
    55 kgs

  28. I'm going to do this exercise for 10 days…. Wish me luck!!! And one question…. Do I have to eat normally or do I have to do a diet….? (Sorry for my bad English…. I'm from Germany)

  29. Hi I am 13, 5 ft 3 in, and 105 lbs (so freaking fat ikr)
    2 likes=whole workout
    1 likes=no junk food for a day
    I will keep you guys updated
    Edit=did it 3 times for fun and got to 101
    Edit:I got two like yayyyy gonna do it again

  30. Thank you so much Emi!
    I’ve been doing your leg exercises everyday for one whole year and my legs look lean and toned. For anyone out there who is starting just now, don’t loose motivation because working out changed my entire life.

  31. 《RESULT》 still on progress~
    I need motivations please🙏 give me like :))

    DAY 1✔: Very tired and I sweat a lot. Nothing has changed in my thighs, and I checked the scales. My weight dropped 0.30kg. My thighs hurt after doing this exercise. Hopefully I can do this regularly. Wish me Luck ;))
    DAY 2✔: Less harder than before, not like the first time I tried. My thighs felt a little bit harder than before.

  32. I’ve been doing this workout inconsistent for about a month now, and despite the inconsistency, I’ve already seen such a big difference!

    Thank you Emily, and I hope that everyone that’s doing this workout will see results as well! ❤️

  33. I have been doing this for about a month now and honestly I'm so much more confident and I look better . Everyone told me that my body was in better shape at school . This is actually really affective u just need to be patient ! I didn't believe at it first but I physically got so much more better . The exercises are easier to do now . I think u should all give it a try cuz it actually works ! ❤️✨❤️

  34. 15/09/19. 23:28pm, Sunday.

    I think I'll be trying to do this exercise since I'm one of the 'popular' girls in our year and I can't be having thunder thighs in school, it ruins my look.

    I'll be doing it for a month to get results. 🙂

    Day 1: I did it after I ate a chocolate bar. It was pretty decent tbh, the ones that she said would burn the most really did! Especially the last one. It didn't tire me out, though. 🥰 If you all aren't allowed to diet as teenagers, I'd just suggest to smaller your portions of dinner n stuff.
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:


    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:


    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:
    Day 15:


    Day 16:
    Day 17:
    Day 18:
    Day 19:
    Day 20:


    Day 21:
    Day 22:
    Day 23:
    Day 24:
    Day 25:


    Day 26:
    Day 27:
    Day 28:
    Day 29:
    Day 30:


  35. 15/09/19 7:47PM Sunday.
    Doing this for a month I'm sorta popular at my school and my godzilla thighs ruin my look. Wish me luck. 🙂

    Day 1 ✔
    Day 2✔
    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    Day 6
    Day 7

    Day 8
    Day 9
    Day 10
    Day 11
    Day 12
    Day 13
    Day 14
    Day 15
    Day 16
    Day 17
    Day 18
    Day 19
    Day 20
    Day 21
    Day 22
    Day 23
    Day 26
    Day 27
    Day 28
    Day 29
    Day 30

    I'm starting this at 144.4 pounds I'm 5'5 And I'm under 13 years old Wish me luck


  36. Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting gymnastics flashbacks, but here we go
    The exercise is legit, my coach used to torture me and the rest of the team like that three times a week
    Good luck to me and y’all 👍

  37. Im gonna do it every day just once [💞] day one
    For me is hard but not impossible

    [💞] day two
    Still hard 🙁

    [💞] one week
    I see a difference on my thighs, more toned and i see a little little gap ^^ im so proud of me ty emi 💖💖💖

  38. My parents aren't supporting me, and I really want to lose weight.Please give me motivation. I'm also doing an arm fat workout and a belly workout so go easy on me lol.
    1 like= 1 day of all 3 workouts
    I'll make sure to keep you guys posted about my weight and change every 3-5 days of my workouts. Thank you!

  39. My thighs look like Tree Trunks so…
    1 Like = 1 Day

    I’m going to attempt to do this for a whole month to see if there are any changes so wish me luck 🙂

    Day 1 ✅ My thighs are burning but I didn’t sweat a lot which is making me think that I didn’t the exercises properly

    Day 2 🧐

  40. I've always wanted to loose weight but failed .
    recently I've lost 6 kg and lost some motivation because my weight is not moving
    and i also want to look good for me :<
    my thighs are the only fat part of my body
    WISH ME LUCKK💖💓💕💕💓💘💘☁️🌈🌈🌈🌈🍒🍒🍓🍓
    EDIT: i just finished this work out and it was EAASSSYY and i definitely felt the burn specially on the last one i almost died.

  41. okay so, hello person in the comments that is looking to see if this is actually worth doing welp I’ve decided to commit to doing this workout for 3 weeks and each day I will log my accomplishments.
    ( weight at beginning – 103
    ( height – 5’1

    week one –

    Sunday – very tired, but felt good after doing it 🙂

    Monday – was very sore in the morning but the workout was easier to do. (take Motrin, definitely helped)

    Tuesday – okay so, I worked at 5:00 in the morning and when I do the exercises I can see my muscle start to show in my leg 🙂 and my thighs are little slimmer not by a drastic amount but definitely a little noticeable

    Wednesday –

    Thursday –

    Friday –

    week two –

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