12 Gym Bag Essentials with Calum Von Moger

12 Gym Bag Essentials with Calum Von Moger

hey what’s up muscle & strength my name is
Calum Von Moger team cellucor athlete and three times mr. universe also I am king
of the chapsticks so today we’re going to be going through gym bag essentials
all right first one you obviously a shaker you everybody needs a shake at
the gym keep you full of like aminos carbs all that sort of stuffs on your
workout I have amino acids so I use the Alpha amino by cellucor I usually go about
one or two scoops have this during the workout to and from the gym I usually
like a sweater or in this case I have like a sleeveless hoodie this is just
keep you warm it has to have no sleeves on it so that you can always show off
the guns that’s essential especially after the workout on arm day we’ve got some
wraps so for like chest day or triceps good wrist support you know if you’ve
been doing a lot of wrist actions I’ve got some c4 pre-workout definitely an
essential for before the workout it usually one scoop for everyday chap
sticks but if you’ve been adventurous you can double up to two scoops a banana
it’s great perfect for our post workout have it straightaway it’s like fast
digesting carbs it’s got the fructose so it’s got sugars in it just
straight away to replace any of those lost sugars that you got from your your
workout weightlifting belt perfect for a leg day or back day those heavy squats
you know if you ever get caught out without a weight belt you’re gunna be in trouble
this belt does have a story I acquired it from a young chap stick from the gym I
saw it and he was wearing it and I said that’s a very fine weight belt you have
there and he said yeah so I found that here at the gym and I said well you know
I actually lost my belt here two months ago and looked very similar to this one
as ah is it your belt and I said I think it is and that’s how I acquired this weight
belt I hope that kid isn’t watching thanks buddy
I also have spare gym shorts these are gray so not like not ideal for
those cardio’s because when you get like sweaty crotch sweats it’s not it’s
just not sightly but um yeah fresh gym shorts for after the workout deodorant
one pet hate I have is when people smell bad at the gym it’s disgusting people need to
use deodorant all the time if you don’t use deodorant there’s something wrong with
you and I think that’s it for that oh yeah
headphones iPod because you know sometimes um good to listen to music if
the gym isn’t playing music sometimes I like to just put on the headphones
sometimes when the battery is flat I still wear it and that way it looks like I’m
really focused and people don’t bother me as much so headphones can be very
useful to stop people distracting you lifting straps so when obviously for lat
pulls or deadlifts back day when your forearms if they give
out more you have a weak grip these can definitely come in to help you quest bar
like sometimes you get caught out of you’re a little bit hungry or you know
you just need a bit of a fix up it can always fix the cravings okay so this is
what I like to keep in my chin back now let me know what you have in your gym
bag in the comments below

100 thoughts on “12 Gym Bag Essentials with Calum Von Moger

  1. pahhahahaha the belt story got me laughing .  And the video I saw this morning about what you wrote on the crossfit gym wall was funny as fuck

  2. poor guy, it seemed like his parents pressured him into a sports bad advert and he really didnt want to do it. but he did it anyway cause he has class and didnt wanna upset his mom and dad. Tragic, very tragic indeed

  3. Actually workout stuff in my bag. I guess this is the difference between athletes and beauty pageant contestants. What a joke

  4. You watch Cal's videos on his channel and you'll quickly realize that he doesn't carry a good 70% of the shit he just said he does

  5. I can’t tell if this is serious or not you know he doesn’t use any of this sht lol it’s like they tossed him the bag rate before the camera was turned on

  6. In my weight bag I have coconut water for after my workout. Water for during and whey protein shake for after a workout. A towel. Depending on the day, a ab roller or leg and arm weights. And thats it…. Its actually pretty sad looking gym bag lol.

  7. I would tell this man he should buy a modern lifting belt because the one he has is bad but since he's a liar then I will instead pray he snaps his l4 and l5 simultaneously.

  8. I have ointment for my shoulder and my knee, Aleve, change for buying water at the gym, my knee wrap for support, lotion, hair bands, pad to write any notes or info… plus some items you listed.

  9. It doesn’t work all the time though ( the earphones one) people try extra hard to get my attention when I do have them on

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