1000 Reps a Day for 4 Weeks Challenge 2016 – [100 Push ups, Pull ups, Dips, Squats, Burpees a Day]

1000 Reps a Day for 4 Weeks Challenge 2016 – [100 Push ups, Pull ups, Dips, Squats, Burpees a Day]

– Hey, what’s up everyone. My name is Marc from 12weekathlete.com. And in this video, I’m
gonna show you how you can transform your body within just 30 days. So stay tuned. Hey, what’s up everyone, my name’s Marc. And welcome to the 1000 reps
for 30 day challenge video. Now, if you haven’t seen
my 500 reps for 14 days, click over here. That was my very first sort of experiment in terms of how can you
change your body shape within 14 days. And you know, after that challenge, I got a lot of feedback
and people were saying, do another challenge. So I thought, let’s up this. Let’s try something different. So I basically did instead
of 500 to 1000 reps each day. And instead of two weeks,
I said okay, fuck it, let’s do four weeks. Let’s do a whole month of this. Now, if this was a good idea or not. You gotta find out by watching this video. And by the way, I just
wanna give you a quick sneak peek of the results
I got with this 1000 reps challenge and I think
it was quite amazing. But yeah. So let me talk you through
what actually happened. I did 1000 reps every single day. 100 push ups. 100 squats. 100 pike push ups. 200 sit ups. 100 high knees. 100 dips. 100 burpees. 100 jumping jacks. And 100 pull ups. Now I had rest days. Four in total. And the way it worked
is, I started off with six days of doing the 1000 reps. And had one day break, another
six days, one day break. So every Sunday was my rest day. And until I completed all 30 days. So that’s basically the
protocol I was following. And I also documented this
whole thing in a series which you can also see here, just click over there if you
wanna see every single day. I documented it, how I felt, what I ate, and so on and so forth. But I’m gonna talk. I’m gonna wrap this all up in this video, so just stay tuned. This video is quite
long and I sectioned it so it’s easier for you to watch. And you can skip ahead if you go down in the description box below. And we’re start off with
the very first part is where I take my body
measurements before I go into the journey. Then you see me doing the warm up routine I normally do. Then you see me doing the actual work out. Then I’m talking about my diet. Then you see me take my body
measurements afterwards. And at the very last, you can see me, I’m
doing like a comparison how I look before, how I look after. So you have a very good visual
sort of cue of what happened. And all my stats and everything. But I urge you to actually
watch the full video, that would be awesome. Now my other video, the 500 rep challenge got over 5000 likes, 350,000 views which is absolutely amazing. Really crushed it. And I’ve got so many emails
and comments from people who were motivated by just watching that. And taking up their own journey. And this is something
I would love to happen with this video again. But I can’t make that happen, you need to make that happen. And so please keep punching like button. If you haven’t subscribed,
punch the subscribe button. Be part of this awesome community. And share this everyone you know because I think the more
people who get motivated and get into believing that
they can change their body shape then we can really take it further. And make something happen in this, on this planet. It would just be amazing. I know it’s a big vision
for a very small channel but hopefully you can help me out here. And I would say, it’s
time to enjoy the video. Let’s go. Okay, welcome back. Now live out of my testing
studio here in the gym. So what am I gonna be doing? I’m basically gonna take four measurements to track my progress. And it’s something I do
as a personal trainer, something I wanna do and
show you how to do it because I think it’s important. So the very first thing
we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna take sort of 360
spin video of my upper body. So you can actually see how
my upper body looks like. What state I’m in right now. Second, I’m gonna jump on the scale and I’m gonna use the same
scale now and 30 days later just to be consistent. We’re gonna take the body fat measurement with the scale body fat measuring tool. And then the fourth thing, I’m gonna take tape measures in certain places. Hip, belly, waist and chest. So we can see how many inches
or centimeters we might have gained or lost. Okay, so let’s have a
look at my upper body. I hope that’s all right. That should be enough to see
sort of my upper body state. You can see there’s a
big of fat going on here. On the sides and here. So it’s a lot to grab and stuff. Obviously, there’s some muscle underlying. But we’ll see. That’s the whole point of
getting rid of that fat, right? Okay, so next step is measuring my weight. So how do we do that? We’re basically using this scale which we’ve used in the 500 rep challenge. If you haven’t seen that, click over here. And important is, when
you weigh yourself guys, is that you put the scale
always onto the same spot. It shouldn’t be pivoting around. And yeah. So let’s give it a go. You hear the beep. And I’m gonna jump on it. Good. As off, I always click
this thing on the back. There we go. 93.6 kg. So 93.6 kg. That is where we are gonna be starting off with my journey today. All right, so next up is
measuring my body fat. So how do I do this? I use this tool called Sculpt. Sculpt body fat measuring tool. You find a link in the description below if you wanna read up about it yourself. And you know, find out more about it. Generally speaking, it has
something called a quick test. So it takes three parts of your body. Which we measure with
these sensors at the back. And they… They somehow put a current in
your body and transmit it back and can give you sort
of your muscle quality and your body fat percentage of that area. And then based on these three points, it gives you an overall
accumulated body fat percentage. And that’s what we’re looking at. Just one side note
here, I know body fat is a massive topic on Youtube and people say, you’re not that or you are that and so on. It’s a massive debate. Now one thing you just need to know here is we’re using the same
tool now in time, so today. And then 30 days later I’m
gonna use exact same tool. So that is what we’re looking at. We’re looking at the progress we make within that time. It doesn’t matter if the body
fat percentage is exactly accurate and that’s not
what I’m looking at here. I want to show you the
progress I’m making in 30 days. And that’s really it. So if you have a different opinion, leave a comment, I’m happy to
have a discussion with you. But let’s get on with it now. So I’m gonna clip you onto my pants. So you can hopefully still hear me. I’m gonna do this live with you now. So basically you need
to fire this baby up. It starts up. And then you go to measure. Then you just go to
quick test, press start. Begin. And now here these sensors,
they need to be wetted to be able to transmit the signal. So you just do that. And then you hold it onto that place which is the triceps. And you can see it working. If it turns blue, like now,
it actually got the measuring. The measurement of that area. The next thing is, we
need to wetten it again. Say continue. Which we do. Now we’re gonna hold it onto the abs. And press it down. Didn’t work, again. Good, here we go. And now, last one is gonna be your quad. I know you can’t see this really but pressing it down here. Oh. Need to press continue, right? Continue. And pressing it down. Good. Okay. So I press continue. And it says my overall
body fat percentage is 11.7 and muscle quality is 97. Point, no, 97. So we start at 11.7% which might be, when you look at me right now, you can’t really see ab definition at all. You can see that there’s
a little bit of wobble going on here, wobble going on here. Okay, so the fourth thing, the
last one we’re gonna be doing is taking tape measurements. We’re using this tape measure here. Just a simple tape measure. And we’re gonna measure
the sort of biggest area around the belly, which is for me, the area where I wanna lose
the most of the weight. Or the fat. And then we go to your waist, which is the slimmest part of your body here. And then we’re gonna take my chest area just to see if we lose
some weight there as well. Yeah, so… I’m gonna clip you onto
my pants and let’s do it, here we go. That is 94. Go a bit higher to your waist. That is 89. So 94, 89. Then we go to the chest area. This is normally easier,
guys, if you have someone doing this for you, right? But I don’t have anyone, so… 121. Okay. These are the measurements, that’s what we’re gonna be taking for now. And yeah. So now enjoy my workouts, here we go. (electronic music) We’re in the gym now and I use chalk a lot which you can see here. The reason being is that
it just takes the moist out of your hands and
makes sure that you’ve got a proper and solid grip. Now I focused on warming
up my shoulder girdle really really much. And you can see now, a
area of different exercises I’m doing. I’m using sort of light weights. Just to get the movement going. I did sort of 10 repetitions of each. And it’s to get the
synovia, which is the liquid in your shoulder joints moving again. It’s a bit like motor oil,
getting it sort of going. ‘Cause it puts a lot of
strain onto your shoulder. Now so afterwards, I went
straight into sort of a normal stretching, mobilization
routine, I would call this. Make sure that my spine got
also sort of a twisting motion. That you don’t strain
yourself while you do burpee exercises and some sort of things. And also make sure
that, get a good stretch into the shoulder girdle
which you can see here. It’s just sort of something I did every time before I
started 1000 rep challenge. Also, I did this more
extensively on my rest days. Like I told you guys, I had four rest days in
between and then I did this kind of mobilization just a bit more in detail and depth. That’s all I did. Yeah, also here you can see
I’m focusing on my lower body because I’m up, I’m very much into martial arts. So you can see me doing
the splits in a second. It’s just something I’m used
to and I’ve always done. It’s probably not necessary to do that in that extreme before you
go into this challenge. But it’s something I used
to do and I keep it up. That’s why I’m doing it here. Now we’re actually going
into the workout routine. And this is my very first day, the very first set. And I thought, I also
here you can see the phone I wrote it all down. And yeah. So I started out with normal push ups. I did, how I broke this whole thing down. I did 20 repetitions of each exercise. So for example, push ups, now
you can see the pike push ups. I did 20 in one go. And then I had a bit of a break. And I did five rounds of those. Or five rounds of this
whole thing in total. You can see me going
into the sit up motion. And when I say sit ups,
you can see they vary. So here you can see me
doing some sit up rotations. Sit up rotation taps. And in a second, I’m
gonna go into leg raises. Now that’s what I’m… When I say sit ups, I
meant more a core exercise. And that varied a lot. But I stuck something more or less if I didn’t wanna do
anything else, just sit ups. Then went into the body weight squats. Which was sort of easy but
got also tiring anyway. Dips. Sets of ten. High knees. This is something, just
to get the heart rate up. Just like burpees. Burpees, as everyone knows,
they’re freaking tiring and they get you just … That was one of the toughest
things for me, really. So in between I did my jumping jacks then I went back into the burpees. And that was really, you know, that took it more or less all out of me when I was doing that. Now, pull ups. You can see me do the pull ups here. I did 10 in one go. And now, I needed to
rest a lot in between. Because I haven’t had, I didn’t do pull ups for a long while. And (laughs) you can
see me walk around here. Trying to procrastinate, not go into it but now I’ve managed
to go into my last set. And yeah, here’s my thoughts. Oh, fuck me. First day is over. I can tell, this is different to 500. It took me now one hour and 15 minutes to complete. One hour and 20 minutes to
complete my first work out. So I’m pretty, you can see
I’m sweaty and all that shit. Wow. Also, not training for like two weeks. Really puts a drain in you and you get, you actually
really feel that. Also, I was sick. No excuses here. I’m still gonna do it, don’t worry. My shoulders are hurting right now. What you can see here is
that I’m modifying my burpee I don’t go all the way down the ground and touch the floor. Just because my shoulder
started flaring up. And I had a bit of a knee pain as well. But I didn’t wanna cut it out. I still wanted to do
the 1000 reps every day. Therefore, I modified exercises sometimes when I had pains in my body
and this is one of them. I mean, burpee just takes it all out. But it’s more like a sprawl than a burpee, but yeah. I thought I’ll just do
what I can to keep it up and keep it going. That’s still actually
targeted my abs really well funnily enough. What I then did, I also upped my push ups and over head press motion
by doing it on these bars. And therefore, you have a
much longer range of motion so you’re tiring out
your muscle much more. This is sort of day, I think 20. And you can see that. It takes… If you have never tried
this, give this a try. You will see it’s different. Also because your legs are elevated onto sort of the same height of the bar. Which is a bit different. Now the pike push ups, these… You know, not every rep but most reps are where my shoulders nearly
go down to the bar. And that adds, obviously,
a bigger range of motion. So these ones are much more tiring. But I thought, I wanted
to up it a little bit. I wanted to make a bit more difficult. On some days I didn’t do
that every single day. But I just wanted to
show you that I sometimes varied these exercises. Now we’re actually on my last day. And this is the last set also of my… So you’ve seen me doing the very one, and this is the very last set I’m doing. And push ups, I did 25. So I changed up my routine now. Instead of five rounds, I only did four. And I upped it to 25 of each. And 50 set ups instead of 40. Overhead pressing. You can see it’s, I did 50 in one go. And then I had a little bit of a break. Next back to sit ups. These were sort of my normal
way of doing the sit ups now. And I did 50 in one go. And in total, then four rounds. Four times 50 is 200. So I checked off my sit ups here. Now you can see I went back into burpees, the full range of motion because I… The thing is, your body adapts to this… These 1000 reps really, funnily enough, somehow your body manages
to get used to it. And so I decided to go back
into the full range of motion. Every time I could, I was
trying to really stick to what I was pledging for. And saying, I wanna make
sure I can do everything. You can see me doing the dips. So for me, doing the dip wasn’t that my shoulders go all the
way down to the bar. For me, it was when my arm was parallel, that was good for me. You can see doing my pull ups. They also varied. I did sometimes wide group pull ups, close group pull ups. Chin ups, whatever I felt like. Some sort of pulling up motion, I did. Okay, next up, let’s talk
about the diet sort of things. I know you guys are interested
in this because of my 500 rep challenge I
got loads of questions. Like what were you eating and how did you do this and so on. So here we go. I just wanna plug in
here my dieting playlist. I want you go check that out. Because it sort of tells you
how I calculate my calories, my macros and so on and so forth. Like four videos, nice
and easy to understand. And I really drilled down into
the nitty gritty of stuff. But here I’m just gonna give
it to you in a nutshell. So first of all I was
in a calorie deficit. Probably like 500 to 700 calories. Generally speaking, I
didn’t track it all the time on my fitness pal or something. I sort of, because I’ve done
it now a couple of decades, in terms of dieting and
with clients as well. I know when I’m in a calorie deficit. So that was the first thing I did. The second thing in terms of meal timing, I did intermittent fasting. The 18, 6 protocol. So 18 hours of fasting, six
hours of feeding window. Sometimes I even bunched the
feeding window even closer. So I actually had only one
really big meal at night. And maybe one or two meals in the day. Let me talk you through
this how I did that. So normally I woke up in the morning and around like 8 o’clock
I had my first coffee. Because coffee also suppresses
hunger a little bit, that helped me out. Then I had a couple of clients. Then I probably did my 1000
rep challenge afterwards, I had another coffee. And around four, five
o’clock when I felt like, when hunger really kicked in. I had a banana or an apple. So just to top off my glycogen. And that kept me going to my bigger meal. Which was then around
seven or eight o’clock. And that was mostly comprised
of a big protein portion of let’s say, some sort of meat like chicken or beef or something. A big portion of veggies, and also some carbs. Like rice or potatoes or bread, sometimes. And a big salad as well. So that was sort of my food. Now what I have to say is that I did that for the first three weeks. Later on, when I got like, the lower or towards the
end of the challenge, I really felt sort of
tired and drained out. If you wanna watch the
couple days I made… I documented every day, so
it’s in this playlist as well. I changed it up and I
started eating breakfast because I need to get up
somethings really early. Like 6 o’clock or 7 o’clock
because I have clients in the morning. And I couldn’t do the
intermittent fasting thing. And wait until 5 o’clock if
I get up at 6 in the morning. So what I decided to do is
I started eating breakfast. And I had like scrambled eggs
and porridge for example. And then later on in the day, I still had my banana and apple. I ate a lot of fruit. And then night time, I
still had my big meal. So that’s how I did it in the last week. Just because I felt I needed the energy. Because also, I did the 1000 rep challenge early in the mornings
so after like 10 o’clock in the morning when I
had a couple of clients, I did my 1000 rep challenge
and I just was drained out. Meaning, I sometimes went home, needed to go to sleep. I was just feeling really nacrid. And to counteract that, obviously, food is necessary. So I tried to then change
up my food routine. So in the first three weeks,
I did intermittent fasting. Afterwards, I cut the intermittent fasting went into the normal feeding window. But still stayed in a calorie deficit. One last thing I would say about the food. It was single ingredient foods. It was like bananas, it was meat, it was vegetables, it was whole grains. It was everything which doesn’t
really need a food label. And that’s something I really
urge people to always stick to is don’t eat all the processed stuff. We hear that a lot. But you can see in these 30 days, it makes a difference. Because these foods which
don’t have a food label actually fill you up. You don’t need as much… Try to eat like I don’t know, 4 or 500 grams of protein in terms of chicken breast or beef. You’re gonna be freaking full. You’re struggling to eat
that much food anyway. So if you eat that processed, maybe not the protein. But let’s say a pizza or something. Then you can eat much more calories but not feeling that full. Anyway, now it’s time for
the results, here we go. All right, so let’s have a
look how my upper body changed. Just gonna put you guys over here. So let me try some posing, please bear in mind, I’m not a poser, I’m not a professional sort
of body builder or something. So I’m gonna just try
my best so you can see my definition, hopefully, a bit better. All right, welcome back. So now it’s time to do the weigh in, the body fat measurements
and the circumference. And without long talk further do, let’s go straight into it. Now, I’m gonna be using the same scales I’ve been using all the
time in my 500 rep challenge and also in this video, I did it before. So I’m gonna clip you guys on here and hopefully, you can still hear me. Just gonna drop them on the floor. Switch them on. Here we go. Holy shit. Not bad. See this? There you go. 86.1. Wow, that’s amazing. That’s is… that’s pretty insane. See, that’s what’s possible
when you stick to something for 30 days. Okay, next up’s gonna be body fat. We’re using the Sculpt
body fat measuring tool. And now, begin. So make sure you put
some water on the back. Then you just hold it down here. And when it turns blue… It actually got the reading. And then we go to the abs. It doesn’t always get the
reading in the first time so you really have to press
it like hard core down. Oops. And let’s do the quads. Here we go. And here we go. Overall body fat. 7.7% body fat. Which is insane. I don’t even know what I started with. I’m gonna blend it in here. And then later on, you
can see all the stats. Okay, next up is body measurements and we are gonna take the
belly, the waist, and the chest. So here we go. So that’s 86. And waist. 84 and a half. It’s 113. That’s pretty amazing, the results. Wow, all in all. I’m really happy with the results so far. Yeah. I don’t know what to say. I think 30 days, you can actually see… One thing I wanna add here, guys. Is my abs have never
been really developed. So to be able to see sort
of ab structure coming out is really really hard for me. But then on the flip side, my back development is really good. So you can actually
really see the structure of every muscle popping out. So I would probably need to lose another 5 kg or something. Then you can actually,
I’d look super shredded. But that’s not my goal. My goal is just to see
what can I do in 30 days. That’s all I can say. Thank you very much. Make sure you like this video, you subscribe to this channel. And yeah. I’ll see you guys in the next one. (electronic music)

100 thoughts on “1000 Reps a Day for 4 Weeks Challenge 2016 – [100 Push ups, Pull ups, Dips, Squats, Burpees a Day]

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    His homemade workout includes THOUSANDS of reps of pushups, sit-ups, pullups etc. And once again, daily for many decades! He also defies conventional wisdom by eating one meal per day, and it’s very moderate portion at that. He has world class physique and defies all conventional wisdom on diet and exercise. Look it up

  22. Would it be a little bit better if I took a rest day every three or four days? Would that give my body enough time to heal and recover?

  23. I am doing intermittent fasting and cardio for about a week now and the results are significant , my lower belly fat has faded a lot and chest fat is also shredding but the problem is that some months ago , I used to workout with weights only but now I am only doing cardio and I guess I have lost some muscle too😓😓

  24. there are stupid people and then there's this comment section, armchair fitness instructors of the year and qualified nutritionists

  25. you did all that in 1:20hours on your first day? its a bit hard to believe… at least 2:30 plus would have been required for such a long list lest tiring exercises right?!

  26. Im sorry but this is just stupid 2 do. You can quickly get sick and you expose your body too much. Not smart to do this. If you want to do this, have at least 1 day rest between 1000 reps sessions

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