10-Min Fat-Melting Conditioning Workout |  Burner | Men’s Health

10-Min Fat-Melting Conditioning Workout | Burner | Men’s Health

My name is Ngo Okafor. I’m a two-time
Golden Glove champion, and the owner of the Iconoclast Fitness Club in New York
City. Today I’m doing a cardio conditioning workout. This exercise is
gonna burn a ton of calories, get you shredded, and show off those muscles.
It’s always summer somewhere. Alright, we’re going to jump into in-and-out
squats – we’re gonna start out, alright? Head up, chest up, let’s go. Good – you want to feel
those legs burning. In and out – keep that chest up, head up. Breathe, breathe. Keep going – and breathe. Keep that chest up, push through
your hips and your quads. Let’s work – Come on guys, let’s fire up
those quads, fire up those glutes, Keep going! Out! Good! Shake those legs out, and we’re gonna
drop down, and we’re gonna do cherry pickers – are you ready? We’re gonna touch, touch, and jump. Touch–touch–jump. Just like a jumping hamstring exercise,
get those hamstrings going up, up, up – Always keep your chest up, keep your
ankles soft, soft knees, protect your joints, and jump. Keep your abs tight,
protect your lower back, feel those hamstrings. Keep working – we’re doing 30 seconds of each movement, and we’re going right into the
next one, we’re gonna go mountain climbers next,
in three… two… one, drop down – mountain climbers in a push-up position, Drive your knees to chest! Go! Go! Good! Knees to chest. Keep those abs tight, hips down – don’t let it rise up
too much – and drop. Breathe. Knees to chest, keep working. Fire up those abs, get that core tight. Work, work, keep driving. Keep pushing. Good job. We’re gonna get up – We’re gonna get right into skaters, 30 seconds of skaters. Are you ready? We’re gonna go–
side, side, side and touch, touch, touch, touch, touch – keep that chest up as much as you can – touch, touch, touch, touch, touch – keep that chest up, keep your
legs strong, just leg your land on strong. You’re doing a full buck. Keep going. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Good job guys, shake it out. We’re gonna drop down;
we’re gonna do burpees. Alright, we’re gonna go into a push-up with the
burpee – down, feet open, jump. Down, feet open, and jump. Down, push up, feet open, jump.
Good job, keep going! We’re doing 30 seconds here, Go! Down… and go. This would keep your heart rate up,
burning a ton of calories. Keep working! Down and up! Stay with me! 5 seconds. Keep going. Come on! Good job – and up, good. And we’re gonna go down, and hold
a plank for 30 seconds, and then we’re gonna do it again. Down… hold that plank,
breathe, recover. Good job. We got two more rounds of this
and we’re done. 10 minutes, in and out. You say you don’t have time in a day, this will
get you done. Do these, jump in the shower,
go right to work. Hold it and breathe,
keep those hips down, engage that core – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – good job. Recover for 30 seconds. Catch your breath, get some water,
stay hydrated always, and get ready to go again. Good work. Breathe, slow your breathing down, take deep breaths. Deep breaths. Get your heart rate back down,
get ready to work again. Breathe. This is cardio conditioning, guys – it’s
gonna be challenging, or it won’t work. And get ready in five, four, three, two –
we’re gonna go back down into in-and-out squats, and down. Keep that chest up, in and out. Breathe. Keep that chest up,
feel your quads burning, Good, keep those hips – and out.
In, out, in, out, keep working. Good job, good job. Burning calories, we’re getting lean! We’re making that time for ourselves – and work! Five, four, three, two, one – good! Now we’re gonna go down,
we’re gonna move onto cherry pickers, get those hamstrings, we work the quads,
it’s not hamstrings. Let’s go. Touch–touch–up, Touch–touch, up. Touch–touch, jump. Good job, come on! Keep jumping! Keep those abs tight. Soft knees protects your lower back, protects your ankles – keep moving! Keep moving! Breathe! And breathe! And jump! Work guys! We’re halfway there guys, keep going! In four… three… two… and one.
Shake out your legs, we’re gonna drop down into mountain climbers push-up position,
keep that chest up, hips down, drive knee to chest. That’s good. Work, work. And drive. Good! Keep those hips down, the natural temptation’s
for the hips to come up, keep them down. And work, keep those arms
locked out, breathe, and work. Come on now. In five… four… three… two… one. Good job, good job.
Shake it out. We’re gonna go into skaters next,
in three… two… one. Skip. Go. Side to side. Strong leg, strong leg. Good. Keep that chest up
as much as you can, and touch. Touch – if you can touch, if
you can, touch your toe. Touch, touch, touch. Touch, touch, touch.
Strong legs. Keep working. Strong legs. Work, work, five, four, three, two, one – good. Shake your legs out, shake them out, We’re gonna drop down to burpees, in three… two… one, down into the push-up position, feet out, jump. Push up, sit down, feet out, jump. Good job, come on! Up! Keep working! We’re keeping that heart rate up! Come on guys! Keep going! Up! Down, chest down! And up! Keep working guys! Keep that core tight;
that’s strong in three… two… one, Good! Shake it out – one more movement, and part two is done. Round two is done. Down into plank – breathe – you want to make it
more challenging, cross. Have fun with it. Big smile, guys. You’re working out, burning calories. Keep that core tight tight tight – good. Breathe. Recover. Breathe. Good job guys.
I’m dripping sweat; this means this is working. Five. Four. Three. Two. One – good job. Rest 30 seconds – we have the last round, I call it last round best friend. I’m sweating,
I know you’re sweating We’re getting it, we’re killing it –
hard work, dedication, Breathe. Recover.
Breathe and recover. We have one more round.
Get ready. I know you’re feeling good,
Breathe. I’m feeling good. I’m ready. In five… four… three… two… one,
right down again into the jump; in and out.
Come on, come on, let’s go, good job guys. You’re coming home!
We’re almost done! In and out; in and out. In and out. Keep working. Keep that chest up; I know you’re tired and you want to bend over!
Fight it, fight those legs! Keep those hips working!
Keep going, keep going now! Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Good job, right into cherry pickers! Touch–touch–up. Touch–touch–up. Touch–touch–up. Keep fighting! Don’t break form!
Protect your body! We’re gonna keep doing this, keep your abs tight.
Good! Soft knees, and jump!
Touch–touch–touch–jump! Touch–touch–touch–jump!
Keep that energy going! Keep going!
And go, and go – five, four, three, two, one – good job! Shake it out – whoo! Alright. Down into the mountain climbers.
We’re almost done! Push-up position, drive knees to chest.
Come on! Knees to chest. Keep working.
Good job, knees to chest! I know you see the light at the end of the tunnel,
come on guys! Keep that chest up, hips down, drive the knees, core tight, come on!
Drive it, keep those abs tight, keep working. It’s always summer somewhere guys,
push, push – three, two, one — good job. I feel it too.
We’re gonna go right into skaters, and side to side. Side. Side. Side, strong legs.
Go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Touch. Touch if you can. If you can’t
it’s okay, just step side to side. Work. Work. Work.
Side. Side. Side. Keep going! Work.
We’re strong! We’re finishing strong! We’re coming home! Side to side, keep
going in five, four, three, two, one — Good job. Nice work – shake it out, good work.
We’re almost done, alright – we’re gonna go right into burpees.
Alright ready? Right down to the Burpee. Chest up, legs wide — up, down.
Legs wide, jump. Come on. Legs wide, and jump.
Keep going guys, let’s finish strong. Finish strong, get that pushup strong! Come on! Legs wide! Look like an X at the end — come on!
Chest down, you’re working. I’m tired too, but I’m still going!
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Right down, we recover in the plank position.
Ooh! I’m sweating, know you’re sweating too. But we’re fighting together. This is championship
training – keep your core tight – good. Stay strong, finish strong.
It’s almost done. When your body said it can’t be done in
ten minutes – I’m gonna do this workout. Come on, hold it, and hold it, and breathe. Breathe, and five, four, three, two, one. Good job guys!
Give yourself a big hand, you did it. Ten minutes non-stop work.
That’s cardio conditioning. Great work. Enjoy your day.
This is Ngo.

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