🔥15 Variaciones de PUSH UPS que seguramente NO CONOCES // Entrenamiento de fuerza en casa💪🏠

🔥15 Variaciones de PUSH UPS que seguramente NO CONOCES // Entrenamiento de fuerza en casa💪🏠

how about friends are welcome to a
chapter more of your explining capoeira channel Today we have a video of
training in which I am going to present 15 variations of push ups or
pushups i’m sure not did you know
so today we have training of strength we go there for our first exercise
we will start in the push up posture traditional and when making the
flexing let’s turn our torso slightly lateral and if I’m
turning to the right side at moment I do the flex I will wear
right knee to right elbow extending back to posture
initial and on the other side if this exercise is always for you let’s try doing it while maintaining
always low flexion and in this posture i’m just going to turn sideways
I bring my knee to my elbow and from here I change now we will make one more version
advanced of the first exercise we will perform the same type of flexion but
using a drop in this case raising your legs on the wall
lizard posture I climb legs and from this posture performed side flexion before continuing with the video I
I would like to thank the new members of the channel and give the
welcome to anti bach open angel or monteiro flooded prague to buddha fault and
to pedroso daughter to jesus daniel salgado cross 2008 to this that unfortunately not
the channel name appears but thank you so much and harris
old welcome and thank you very much for your support now we will continue
now let’s start with the legs flexed and what we are going to do is
project our body laterally and if I go to the left side I will lower my weight mainly on the left arm and the other arm is going to support me
I try to bring my head to the floor and back now I do in the same exercise but from a higher posture project my body laterally raised one leg and from
here I will try to lose my weight if I’m on the left side on the arm
left at the time you performed the I flex my leg in the air
will try to get off and return now start straight on projecting
arms toward the floor and raising a leg
from that position try to flex and always lower my head forward
until I touch the floor once I arrive here I will make a change of feet and use
arms to climb and a more advanced variation of this
movement will be done standing by for our next exercise
We will start in a posture called 4 left It is as follows
I just put my arms back and He lifted his hip, now I’m going to remove a
arm, if I remove the left arm come on to use the right leg, the leg
right just going to cross by behind the left leg
this way ok and once we cross let’s lose our weight on the
arm that we have support and the other we it will simply serve the balance
returned to the center raised arm and back to the leg to do the same
to the other side arms the legs crossed and we go down now we will perform the same exercise
but trying to keep a leg always in the air look i will remove a
hand and one foot and let’s touch our foot and from here it goes backwards without
touch and we will go down raised again and the same and if we are more advanced we can
perform this same exercise even with one arm now following the same base let’s
add a small rotation now enter I will project my arm towards that direction and at that moment the leg that I have in the air is going to flex and it’s going to rise
Now from that position I will lower my weight on the arm I just placed
on the floor and the leg carrying her back ok
I’ll be back and again up with one leg flexed and one leg extended we will support our arm on the side of the extended leg and let’s lift the
flexed leg when project the arm that I have free
towards the floor he observes I lift my leg and Now the leg I lift will have
to return in the space that remains between my arms and my support leg
to reach the other side extended in that moment under my weight on my arm
that I have behind and we can do it in two basic levels with both arms
or more advanced with just one once reaching this posture he raised
the leg that I have flexed and I do what same to the other side Now we are going to help ourselves with some object that serves as a foothold in this case I’m going to help myself with a chair
head start in this posture If the chair is on my left side I will go up
left leg to the chair, now from here we will use it as a point
support to perform our rotation towards that direction and the leg I have on the floor lift it once the I raised we will return in this same
space, if it’s the right leg I will lower my weight on the right arm. and start again from this point it is already begun to
feel too much arm work, but come on, there is little left For
the last exercises we are going to use the following base, starting at
four point positions let’s advance one arm and one leg at the same
only time they are contrary. if he advanced his left arm I will move forward with
the right leg. in this way I will lose weight on
the arm that did not move, in this case the right I will go up and do the same on the other side
right arm and left and lower leg it is important that we get up in
every exercise Now we are going to do the same
exercise but trying to keep always pushups all the time
we have to seek to keep our chest and our body near the floor, observe, I will advance arm and leg, under and from this point to give the
next step i’m not going to get up just advanced arm advanced leg and
change and now finally one more variation
advanced if I advance right arm I advance left leg and from here without
move forward let’s make the change look a jump in the same place
now to this we will add the flexion, if the leg in front of me is the left I will lower on the left arm and I’ll make the change and get down on my arm
right now more noise and ready! with that we have finished our today’s training now what
they seem to you if you leave me in the box comments how many of those exercises
You already knew and likewise if you would like to continue launching series of
workouts so if this video you liked do not forget to like and share
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don’t you think no more for the moment I dismissal and see you in the next video, AXÉ!

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