What to do in the gym for beginners do we got sound yes we do go to my notes oh shit, what up YouTube? Living Proof Fitness back with another video two dozen things 2017 should we only post 21 video this year so far with just JR so oh man i figured i’d post another video that going well yeah I think he’s taking his whole listen shit seriously even bother to be a competing here and like old man takes a ball landa that’s a whole with this video enough not for the man you know that whole different conversation right there little different subject got a little list right here we figured you know we had said before and are our New Year’s video that we’re going to come out with a video explaining to you guys what to do when you’re starting up on your fitness journey what to do when you get up in the gym what to do that morning when you’re like ah man would do today I’m all that’s three days off shape onto muscles what I’m gonna do what you gonna do get their members memberships hahaha oh no pic fiercely different buckets doesn’t make sure the skin on what did you do that when you wake up you go to a game gym memberships are you going to cut then cuz they’re rapin if you don’t know they also get a gym membership man alright and the reason that we say get a gym membership because working out at home is never going to fuck more yes planet fitness is okay and it’s a gym that’s all you can afford the planet fitness good has been advanced fitness because you know what when you’re first starting off trying to impress nobody those weights and stuff there at plan do it for you are going to drive more than enough for you to for you do for you know it sounds kind of corny but it’s true so for you because I know like honestly like after you start looking for a while kind of fitness you’re gonna start it goes there are 0 for those weights man my go-to better gym because you’ll be introduced to the other Jews why because your friends are going to ask you all you want to do we got all time to come to my June check it out and we’ll check it out and you just probably badass would be like you know what i have to give me your membership here you’ll just sign up locally planning this for months and months so you can just cancel initiate I should i think i was on a contract Oh long time ago i do you want to contract it baby feat but I don’t know that it might switch stuff who knows anyway that moving home number to get a good feel for your workout space yes it did Jim in a warehouse man get a bill that warehouse in a Big Jim that know like a binary knew something i can get to know that by your new know where the machines are no other where the cardio section is like all the treadmills and bikes and all that and learn about the machine on how to use them and what muscle will put your work that you know where the freeway at that yeah where the ladies workout obviously everything you know make sure that you are that you know everything about the gym because that’s very important to know what machine does what because you need to also know what muscle groups are working out and have that in your workout plan which were getting that get a good feel for the gym you know where everything’s that learning how to use the stuff and how to properly execute the movement a lot of the machines have a little diagram on the side that shows you how to do the movement and if you guys honestly don’t really know how to do a lot of work out and you want to work out like certain muscle groups for certain days does it always just come back to the channel and we’ve got all kinds of videos that are posted that are showing like a keep playing chance to try to stay back legday you know whatever shoulder day we got it all right here on the approved businessman so make sure that you come back and check down at all ok so moving on again come back number three with this consistency what you got to say about that men have been consistent i actually have well since last week like a bit earlier i just got back from vacation he just got back two weeks off in the last year from gym like straighten that we’ll talk about that later you gotta make sure that you’re consistent with his with the gym because you only one argument you know maybe they’re not gonna go to come not overnight if you do it and not overnight and not after a week not even after month man it takes time overnight so that’s why you gotta be consistent you gotta be patient is looking for some time process man there one day you wake up searching out go to bath and brush your teeth me like oh no starting to see some there what you were consistent no stay consistent you brush your teeth and they’re going to smile and you’re going to have like four mile see what moms-to-be can install open the camera man you’re like you don’t don’t don’t do that that was a little bad i look for you to go like this brushing your teeth power you brush your teeth and you see them gain and you’re like oh universal bush don’t worry about it man i got my technique of how to brush my teeth I anyways make sure that you’re consistent gains not happen overnight is going to happen over time and if you’d like just work outside like because I have to do this a lot when i first started i work out for a little while and i would be on a mission to get as big as a fucking rock right side work out really hard for like a month two months i think that the top amount that i work with like three months and i wasn’t really seeing any results I’ll finally get fucked this and I always give up it’s a lot of work but that’s not long enough man the builders are quitters being consistent me at least a year i was always tell anybody get at least a year a hard dedication work and after that you’ll definitely continue on your journey you keep going you’ll like the result who you’ll be a lot of self-confidence though because once someone comes and tells you they bring it to your attention that you are looking great it’s going to make my stick with it puts a smile on your inner self like that brought lots of mistakes but you guys don’t show it don’t be don’t be like that yeah what went wrong number fold diet Vietnam what does that word mean when your diet me what does that mean are you trying to you know gay muscle you’re gonna have to be more kind of fat you’re gonna have to start watching what you eat why not consume as much but still consume a healthy amount of a better choice of food he went out was why I was like really really uneducated in the whole fitness area when I heard the word diet is automatically lose weight that’s all I have fucking thought it was just what i had no clue that a dyke actually mean I’m doing that about him and I just learned that too yeah that could mean anything so like for a lot of you guys are watching the channel a lot of you guys are here because you want to gain weight you know if you’re trying to gain weight and build all kinds of muscle and stuff then you’re at the right channel because i was skinny as fuck to do with skinnies fucking your little heels wigs out give me and he would tweet like pretty bad i want to be leaving i think i might want to if I have a picture i’m gonna go ahead and post it right now it’s not then you’re two years transformation video man my teacher transformation bet it’s always you know what you’re doing you’re like this next to the fucking out of corn field yeah it could be a corny you’ll see a menu of masking yeah but i’ll talk about the picture i think i have another one almost done here but diet is a huge thing so basically just going to kind of jump into real quick like I have another video up here about you know gaining weight or allow you to give me do but diet you know you want to make sure that especially when you’re trying to build muscle that you’re consuming enough calories to help you build that muscle and if you’re going up in there listen like crazy and following all the workout plan something we have but you’re not really taken in the calories to build that muscle and you’re really fucking just doing the running man you sitting in one spot because you cannot build muscle unless you have an account to kind of back you up to go to start building so make sure that you put yourself in a caloric surplus clothes for plus AKA getting in more calories than your body convertible or the day the lord the flow can I get an applause of the most pleasure number 59 yeah all that as you do 14 14 14 your number 5 i’m not which is what the body workout execution make it something planned man get that notepad and get that fancy pen dip it in the ink right now and cursing so you’re going to read it every day yeah because it’s actually gonna do this number five is really important because it falls under all kinds of stuff so actually executing the the movements correctly and making your whole workout plan from the branch so what are you going to do you know how you do it from day one to the end of the week what days are going to pick to work out and then what muscle groups are going to do get in shape build that muscle to give their cardiovascular action your car your freak hopefully you’re not a cardio free camino no offense Delta people throughout that our cardio fries but if you’re here at this chair don’t you for most of you guys are trying to game and if you can’t really begin outcomes wait if you’re really really big on cardio man I mean it’s possible that makes it a lot harder so like i’m going to give you guys the easiest device I mean I’m trying to preach what fucking idea what 14 me and know anything this guy has done that has worked for him sure he’s a not going to be greedy but not even information not even to you know Vulcan I’m into a statement Dana inform for your basketball and handle mostly handle where you know that they lean that not too much man but you know I got to be a down so that’s what I do for you know you you do sports meg I gotten pretty good of exercise for more than that Salman know he doesn’t like a lot of circuits in the process so the doctor can help keep you keep you lean help you maintain what you got but you know you gotta build before you can start to maintain so you know make sure that you’re putting all that into your and your workouts and stuff it in there nice and tight yeah okay so I got to snapchat this is to know that chat in the recording session so if you guys are actually as thinking about you know starting your whole workout plan figure out what you’re gonna do they like me for example when i first started i set out my workout stuff for five days and i still only do it five days sometimes six days but for the most part is just find it so this is how I said that you can set up however you want to look match it but you can set it up however you want monday for for me I did chest and triceps right for tuesday i did back and bicep fit for wednesday i did legs for thursday was shoulders and traps and then for Friday it was back to the chest and triceps and then we can I took off and then repeated that cycle now that’s a great one start off with a you know it works for everybody he was gay but we can’t work out yeah that’s five days magistrate of working out we do now but no that’s what I used to do oh I was listening to use mean I kind of switch things up because i like to hit every muscle group twice a week so you know you have to figure out what’s going to work for you if you want to hit it twice a week I do three times just going to do a basic oh you know if you know just starting out and trying to build muscles and that what i just said works for you can fit it however you want to do a five days a week we’re going to do it three days a week want to make sure that you’re getting in all your muscle groups still twice a week once a week is ok but twice a week is definitely better I would say if you can’t hit the gym at least three times a week you’re gonna have a hard time yeah I mean I hey maybe maybe have to start with two days a week and and that’s like you know that’s pushing it man oh because the house that would be hard seeing the two kinds week I think minimum three and then eventually you’re probably going to be going to five days eventually that started with three other monday wednesday friday when doing the friday when they went friday monday wednesday friday then I thought you had an active on that shit and w best you mean you know what I tried it and enjoying my hashtag for days sorry 14 days then I found myself 15 days then there was that one time I didn’t go out on the Friday night I woke up on a Saturday night you know i’m going to the gym are going sick pigs yeah that’s all I’m not never once every day don’t be like the government don’t know and I went on the better than a too much pride he wanted to fun to relax you know like the second hole moment I’m trying to like be like man i feel like i’m here from there that can’t wait for my daughter and go to the gym will be pumped so it will be that wraps it up for the five but you know just the kind of rent for like the last couple seconds of the video no going back to like the whole consistency thing man current you gotta make sure adults don’t fucking mess with me right now man about the countdown show yeah you did last thing is when not men like going back to like consistency and stuff no excuses man like i don’t know you know there’s a lot of different lifestyles that are out there and you know a lot of you guys might be watching her young dude and you still would like to go out parties like to drink and all that shit which is cool you know i was still making games when I was still out there partying and drinking and stuff but you can’t let everybody else and how their lifestyle is drag you down you know if you don’t have to stay consistent with it so if you’re always hung over you’re not going to feel like I want to fucking gym true story can be making excuses and shit you know like there’s some dude that used to work out with they would come up with every excuse in the book and why they can’t go and you know if you have friends that are like that and that makes you not go to the gym because you know you’re too dependent on them you know you always have to have a spotter so just because they don’t go you don’t go can’t be doing that man like a lot of times I still to this day go to the gym a lot of long because he might be playing basketball on different gym or doing handball or something or whatever the case may be our God alone to when you working i’m going to different gym you know if you’re going on but you gotta go to the gym you got to be consistent you can be making excuses i hate here and people say I can’t go to the gym because I just don’t have enough time for this that bullshit because when I was always so now it’s fucking working on the North Slope i was working 12-hour fucking days and I still have to get other shit Inn along after that and i still had time the fucking hit the gym I mean there’s there’s more than enough time time so anywhere facetime that wraps it up for the video guys hope that uh those five tips kind ok turns out someway rep values burpees in the video and don’t forget to Like comment subscribe


  1. this was a fun recording session. in anyone has questions ask away.. leave a comment on what yall like and dont like. more to come….

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