تجربتي المميزة مع بطل كمال الاجسام وصور روعة

تجربتي المميزة مع بطل كمال الاجسام وصور روعة

God bless you What did you get from the previous championship? The 6th place in the physique And this year in the classic for the bodybuilding championship The official IFBB The international union for bodybuilding the bodybuilding in classic congratulations Peace be upon you Mahdi Bourini and Rami Akeel Our beloved Rami has officially In the bodybuilding championship which held recently in Ras al Khaimah? In Fujairah Rami He gets the second level The silver medal for the world cup for bodybuilding The classic which helds in Al Fujairah Congratulations and hope you better results in the coming events As we can see God bless you You were preparing torture It’s just that you Develop himself Bodybuilding Although you see it you think it’s easy but it’s way too complicated And you need to be focused and commitment and hard work it’s a lifestyle Rami was my personal trainer before when I was really in shape then I left and become this fat Hopefully, I get back in shape but today I agreed with Rami to do an episode in photographing him while training so I will discover new angles of the portrait Personal photos of him while doing bodybuilding, his body God bless him is amazing and it’ll be an amazing example to watch the results of photographs of him before I finish and go to the GYM I would like to mention that I will put Links for Rami’s social media down in the description box In case you want to connect with him or to watch his latest photos that he posting there or checking his updates and news Let’s go The weight is not as important as the technique I like when the photos focused and closed On my subject I’m tired and I’m not even working out So in each time, you come to left iron you focus on a part On a full muscle or part of the muscle as I know that the muscle has more than one part The upper part of the chest, or the middle part each muscle has different angles the exercise will focus On the part that you want to train For example if you want to train the chest muscle It contains 3 parts The upper one and the middle and the lower part 3 different parts for the same muscle 1 muscle but different parts you’ll choose while training to focus on which part like 80% on the upper part and 20% on the rest of the same muscle but the muscle in general moves and get affected but your focus on that angle And how that will affect how the muscle will look how will I know if this muscle is shaped nicely or not it’ll show from how its all balanced together some people you’ll see that there lower muscle is bigger than the upper one That’s a mistake in training So the body once it started to shape it’ll not come separately and the muscle will not be built together it’ll show in a part more than the other That all as per your training in certain times I focus on the lower part then on the upper part so there will be balance and it’ll show a very nice shaped body And that applies to all muscles in your body Each muscle has a certain type of training and the angle and the weight depends on the person and wither you want to inlarge it or shape it Each part is different and from person to person it’s so complicated and tiring, so how many hours you do this per day in normal days around one and a half hours if there is a championship or something it can reach up to 3 hours split to morning afternoon and evening or morning and evening The cardio training The running and cycling etc and iron training which doesn’t go more than 1 hour 1 to 1,15 thats it per day? or morning and evening no, in case there is championship preparing your training will be split into 2 parts The cardio in the morning and the iron in the evening but not more than 1-time ironing per day That would be difficult and tiring for the muscle that won’t work as what you’re doing is burning the muscle so the build will be while you’re resting so that’s why each day you play different muscle so it’ll take you 2 – 3 days for the muscle to be ok for the muscle to be recovered so that can play with it again so the build will be while resting not while training You look tired of course after training you’ll be tiered Anyway hopefully you’ll like the photos and hope you’ll like it too we’ll watch the photos and the videos with some nice music I’ll see you again Have a good day and I’ll see you again in good health, don’t forget to subscribe and to like

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  1. من لعبة الخطر الى لعبة الخطر
    From the dangerous game to the dangerous game

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