Мальдивы. Орёл и Решка. Ивлеева VS Бедняков (eng, rus sub)

Мальдивы. Орёл и Решка. Ивлеева VS Бедняков (eng, rus sub)

– Andriusha, stop-stop-stop! Hello! – Look! Look where we are. Just look! Look at the color of this water! – I can’t believe my own eyes, guys! We are on the Maldives! Maldives! It’s a miracle! It’s a picture which came true! – I think this is an ideal place for finishing this season. Just look, we came to paradise islands. And… Well, I’m afraid. I’m afraid to toss it.
– Why? – I want to be rich here. – You want to be reach everywhere! But being poor here really sucks! – Come on! Toss it! We’ll see then. It’s actually beautiful everywhere here. – Ok…Heads.
– Tails.
– Hello Maldives! – How is it possible? Why? Why? – How is it possible, guys? I’m with an unlimited card on Maldives! Am I in the paradise? I’m definitely in the paradise. – Get out of here!
– Arrivederci, baby!
– Bye! Just right time for the dress. – No! It’s unbelievable! Why is it so! Damn it! I really hoped for this show! Hell with it! I can’t do anything now! Why, God, why? The Maldives… A dream for everyone… You see this beauty in the sweetest dreams and get charmed with it in the real life… If there is a paradise on the earth then it is located here. Every rich starts the Maldives vacations from the flight on a hydroplane. This is the most comfortable, fastest and totally romantic way to get to your resort, or private hotel-island if to say it simpler. Looking at the Maldives from the sky you realize why these islands have been favorite place for rest among the rich from all over the world. More than 1000 of incredible green islands surrounded by the endless ocean with absolutely clear water… An ideal place for hiding from the humans’ eyes and problems. Budget traveller can’t afford a hydroplane, of course. But having even 100 bucks you can have a nice rest on the Maldives too. You don’t believe it? I’m going to prove it today! First I need to get out from this airport island. From here I need to sail to another island called Guraidhoo. Of course, I could go by such boat, but no! I can’t afford it, let’s look for something cheaper! – Hello, are you speaking Russian? – Yes, I am! You actually got it. I need a ferry to Guraidhoo. – You need to go straight. – Behind that shop? – And turn left. – And turn left. I got it. Thank you. Good bye and have a nice day! The ferry is used mainly by the locals. It costs 2.5 dollars. And there are plenty of people who want to get aboard. It seems I’m looking a bit strange in this crowd. Hey, why are you going from that side, there is just one line here! They are trying to inflow from that side, it’s unfair. Move, move guys! Can you see? While the others give road to women this guy tries to sneak into with them. It looks the same when someone is trying to follow ambulance in the traffic jam! The women are let in first and he just goes with them. Cheeky one! Okay, we’ve finally got out from the airport and now the cruise will take just a couple of hours. While Andrei is still dreaming about paradise islands, I’m already here. Soneva Fushi is a luxurious VIP-resort. But there are plenty of luxurious hotels on the Maldives, while this one is unique. I’m going to list three features of this island. The first is me, the second is my dress and the third one is ecological safety about which I’m going to tell in details. Soneva Fushi is fully autonomous resort due to recycling of its wastes. Look, here the organic trash is used as fertilizers for growing fruits… vegetables… and even mushrooms! Here is how they grow mushrooms here. It’s unusual, they are not growing from the earth. Look, it looks interesting, as if in a laboratory. There are more than ten species of coconuts are grown here! Now it’s better! Coconuts shells are also recycled. Here they turn coconuts into charcoal. The shells are milled and turned into fuel tablets. And glass, plastic and metal are recycled into construction materials. My dear friends, this brick is made from foam plastic… Maybe! I thought it would be lighter, but I won’t give up as not to drop my coconut. So, all these luxurious villas are built from the recycled wastes. It’s time to see them closer. Meanwhile, I’ve got to Guraidhoo. It is inhabited mainly by the local fishers who realized that the budget travellers also like the rest on the Maldives. So they started to develop infrastructure too. Here is everything for the budget travellers. Here are the places to sleep, cafes, restaurants, gift shops and stores. But I don’t need it. I’m planning to spend almost all my money in other way! And here is what I’m going to do. For me Guraidhoo is just a transfer point. Because I’m attracted by the color of clean water and those luxury resorts. I know what you might ask: “How can you afford any resort with your money, Bedniakov?” And here is the most interesting thing! Guys! Today I’m going to groove on! I’m going to rest at cool resort even with my budget. Welcome to my apartments. For this week-end I have an eco-style two-storied villa at my disposal. It has a separate pool.., tropical garden and a private beach. Do I really live here alone? Thank you for this, much pleased. On the first floor there are panoramic-view huge living room… kitchen… sauna… study… and two luxurious bedrooms. It makes me dizzy, I just don’t know where to look at. I want to say “Wow” about this bed, but here is wow-pool and wow-chest! By the way what is in this chest? Incredible! It’s sooo stylish! I’m going to make use of this idea at my home. Awesome! Behind the door there is a bathroom … an unusual bathroom. It’s great that it is located outdoors and is surrounded by nature. My heart is going to break now! Girls, I hope you’re also crying. I have always dreamt about such bathroom with a huge window where you can take the bath while enjoying the city view. But this thing has completely outdone my dreams. How could they possibly think it up? It’s fantastic! This is all mine. This is what I’m going to tell you, guys! Week-end? No way! At least a week! To get tired of this bath I need to lie there with bubbles and Champaign for minimum two full days. And I need to stay there all the time like ravioli in hot water. Let’s move forward! On the second floor of the villa there are three more bedrooms… family cinema… a gym… lounge zone with foosball and billiard. But the most important is… terrace! Wow! It is stunning! This pool is so huge, it’s endless. You can swim, swim and swim and there is table and BBQ. I have my own water-park! Can you imagine? But this is not all! Run, Sasha, run! Do you want me to take pictures of you as to make your family believe that you really were here? I’m getting old. Too much sport. Guys, I urgently need some friends here. I don’t know what I can do here alone. It’s even a pity that it is so luxurious. Just fantastic. Incredible… This villa costs me USD 57,000 per day!!! What is more interesting – this resort is the only place on the Maldives where the foreigners can also buy a villa, not just rent it. The cost is 3-15 million dollars. A budget traveller can get to luxury resort after buying a special tour. Such tour is available at any guesthouse on Guraidhoo. In other words – this is an excursion, an excursion to rich life. – Hello! I want to buy a resort tour? – Can I do it here? How much will it cost? – 150 dollars. But it’s known that the tours can be cheaper. I just need to find them. – Can I buy a one day resort tour? – Good question.
– Is it expensive? – I have no idea. – Can I buy a resort-tour here? – No problem, 120 dollars. – Okay, thank you, but this is too much for me. The main rule for budget traveller – never give up! – Hi! How can I help you? – I want to buy a resort tour. For one day. – For one person?
– Yes, please. – We have tours to several resorts. Here you go. – And are there villas and luxurious beaches? – Yes, everything.
– Okay! And how much is that? – 90 dollars!
– Very well! I take it! I need to take my money out. The tour includes food and water. Wonderful! Can we go? And you’ll take me back at 6 o’clock? Right? Okay. Deal! That’s it, guys! I’ve made it and I hope I got everything right. That’s official. My Maldives vacations are open now. While Nastia is enjoying her villa I came to the resort. Hello luxurious life, hello luxurious resort! Meet me! I’m your poor millionaire who finally got here. However, I’ll have just an express-tour to luxurious life. I don’t have much time, so I’m not going to waste it. I’ll try to take as much use as possible. Like in Cinderella story. At midnight my boat will become a pumpkin and a cameraman will turn into a shoemaker. This day I’m going to spend at fashionable resort Olhuveli Beach and Spa Maldives – a paradise island looking as if from the postcard. Clean beaches…, ideal alleys.., panoramic pools.., exclusive restaurants… and comfortable villas. It looks a bit different from my previous island Guraidhoo, isn’t it? Everything is well-cared, the sand is smoothened. Everyone greets me. Good morning! They think that I’m the one of those who came to throw their money about and rent a villa for the whole family. But no, I’ve paid this little and just once. Here is how the rich people live. I still can’t believe that I’ve managed to get here having just 100 dollars. It’s unbelievable! Okay, I’ve shown you my villa and now let’s see what entertainments are available here. This island is too big to walk around and that’s why everyone rides a bike. And the bikes here are also eco! The bike is made of bamboo which makes it very light and easy to operate. Riding doesn’t distract you from watching this natural beauty. Except for helping you to move around the island the bike also has some more advantages. It’s entertaining. Just look at this beauty and long road ahead. You ride, enjoy and keep fit. Cool, I really like it! So nice! It looks like in a booklet or movie. Sometimes you just can’t believe that this is real. That I’m here and everything is true. The Maldives are the Maldives. Just incredible! Amazing! I’ve also decided to take a bicycle to look my island around. – Hello! Is it you bike? Can I use it to look the island around? – Just 10-15 minutes, I’m still working here. – No problem! Thank you! Woohoo! Guys! Here we go! Off we go! The capacity of this resort is more than 1000 people! There are several types of villas here. The first one is bungalow. Everyone has a separate entrance but common beach. Cost per day – 425 dollars. Type two. Private villas. Separate exit to a beach, but they are more expensive. Cost per day 525 dollars. And the third type – famous villas on the water … Cost per day – 760 dollars. This is what the Maldives are usually associated with. These photos, beautiful houses on piles and blue water. Private area, cool, the most expensive stay. Really want to take a card, get there and enjoy AC, Champaign, swimming. But not this time. Not this time. – Oh, my bike!
– It’s your bike. Sorry about that. Five minutes late. – But everything was good? You enjoy it? – Yes! Great. I enjoy it. Thank you very much. Thank you, Ahmed!! So, what entertainments can I enjoy in Soneva Fushi? Entertainment No.1 – snorkeling with a professional biologist. This is how it works: you swim together and as soon as the biologist sees some unique marine species she shows and describes it. Now I’m going to show you a fish which is called the Maldives mother. There is a reason why this fish is called so. It eats reef and turns it into the sand after digestion. This is exactly the legendary white sand that covers 85% of the Maldives beaches. Snorkeling with instructor is very interesting because you can see the underwater wildlife and hear different interesting facts about it. Entertainment No.2. Seabob riding. Seabob is an underwater scooter which can accelerate up to 20 km/h and go to the depth of 30m. Entertainment No.3. Surfing. Surfing is not easy. I got it. I’ll never be a surfer. It’s very hard. One training is not enough for studying how to get up and keep balance. I can’t even sit. And finally, the most popular entertainment on the Maldives! It’s time to dive! On my island there are also a lot of entertainments. For example, sunbathing.
And swimming. Taking photos for Instagram! And swimming. And you can also do some active sports here! I think I’ve proven to you that even having 100 bucks you can have the same good vacation as a rich with an unlimited card. It’s time to dive! The Maldives are reasonably called a coral state. There are known more than 200 species and the research still continues! And there is almost no any other place on the earth with such rich underwater wildlife. There are more than 1000 species officially! While diving you can meet hundreds of multicolored fish swimming around reefs. This is black moray – a scarring predatory fish that can even beat a shark! Mant – one of the biggest cramp-fish in the world which is also called a devilfish. And sharks, of course! There are more than 25 shark species on the Maldives Archipelago. The Maldives diving is unforgettable and costs every paid cent. Except for clear water, white sand and palms there is one more important thing! I can also have meal here. It’s excellent, great! Look, they already look pleased so I’m coming too. The have buffet service here. I think this is jack-pot! I need 2-3, no better 17 plates! And I’ll take something in the pockets too! Off we go! Look, this pot wants to stop me from eating too much! Here we go! One more time! – What is this?
– Soup. I take it. Here sits my backpack. Let’s continue! Pasta – More. More. I’m with friends. There are a lot of people, so that’s why… Parmesan? Why has it finished exactly when I came? That’s okay! I’ll wait. We are at the ocean, so we need to eat fish. It’s protein. Here, hold it! Some more salads for me. You know, I’m trying to eat healthy food. You know, in such places I’m obsessed by an evil spirit called “Glutton”. It totally suppresses me, makes me to take more and more … that’s not enough… something’s missing. I know, fruits! Of course! This is why my table still looked not full. And a roll. A roll with watermelon. I think my meal is at least not worse than Ivleeva’s. Of course, she eats more, while I eat like a bird. You see, it’s so symbolic, right after I remembered Ivleeva! That’s fine! I don’t care, I’m not gourmet. Pour it all, there is not much left. We are generous guys, aren’t we? That’s it guys, I’m done. I’m completely full. Why are you taking so much, a dozen of plates? You couldn’t finish it anyway! You waste food! Shhh! Quiet! Easy, easy, calm down! Nobody is wasting anything here. I need to eat something tomorrow too. Here I have a bag, which I actually took for wet swimming pants, and now I’m going to take all this… Sorry, but you can’t take any food from the restaurant. This is not for me. For friends. They are on villa. It’s against our rules. You can’t. Okay. Actually this is not for food, this is my hat! That’s it. We’re done here! Such a shame! Give me my hat! At my resort they serve gourmet sushi-set from chief. Welcome, my dear! I have such impression that I’m going to taste the best sushi in my life. It looks very appetizing. So lovely, they look incredible. Mmm… yummy-yummy. Oh my God! It’s so delicious, just gorgeous! I can easily feel that all ingredients are absolutely natural. The fish just melts in my mouth, it’s so tender, I don’t know a thing which can be tenderer in this world. I’ve never thought that sushi can be a gourmet dish! But in this place it really is! Moreover, it’s nutritious. And this small portion was just a warm up. Sasha, do I already have gills here? No? It’s strange! Sasha, would you like it? Can you finish it, please? I’m completely full already! Very tasty fish, superb tuna, here is fried tuna and wet tuna, white fish, ecoherb, soya sauce. Here you go, Sasha, help yourself, here is everything what you like. Maybe you’d better use fork, you don’t like all this stuff, whatever. Do not champ, please! Would you like a napkin? But it wasn’t all! They brought me the third dish! They just feed me off! No guys, this is beyond my power. I just can’t look at this perfect fish. I got used that gourmet dishes are usually served by small portions. And you have to order more as to have enough. But here, these delicious and gourmet dishes are served in large portions. So, Sasha, you’re lucky today! Good things are something which you never want to stop. During all this time I didn’t remember at least once that I’m not from this island and I have no place to stay for night. I don’t want to leave this place. And I can even try to stay. How can they understand that I’m not from here? I can try a couple of methods. I can hide behind a palm. I can hide in the bushes and pretend to be a real Rambo who sneaks through the jungles. Or stay for the whole night in the toilet. But I need to disappoint you. This is impossible. Everything is controlled here. You can hide but you’ll be definitely found. The boat will not leave until the last of the passengers in the list is aboard. It’s a pity, but insolence is always beaten by meticulous organization. The main evening entertainment at my resort is VIP-cinema. Oh God, it’s wonderful! Even evening here can be charming. Cinema under open sky is a great idea. I’m absolutely alone here. Huge screen, sparkling vine, fruits and top-quality content. What can be better? Just can’t help watching me. As more I watch as more I realize, here is the people actress. I came back to Guraidhoo when it’s got dark… I love these situations when I feel homeless and today it is exactly the case! I have no money already. Now I have to sleep somewhere on this island. While I was walking on the beach in the morning I saw some cafes and plastic chairs where I can possibly sleep. Here is a deckchair. Wow, guys! Bingo! Just wonderful! A hammock! So lovely, look! This is the option. However, I don’t know, maybe this is someone’s private yard. It seems there is nobody here. It looks like a café. Here is the plan. We just sit here and look at the waves, sea, ocean, to be precise, until we fall asleep. I’ve decided to start my second day on the Maldives really early. I used such facility of my resort as breakfast at the uninhabited island. My friend also sees the sunrise. She is so proud. She stands as if she really understands everything. Thinking about something. Cool! Here are children playing already. Hello! Look! I’ve tied my backpack to me, just in case. I didn’t sleep well and worried until I tied it. Ouch… give me a hand… not the most comfortable place, but free of charge. Eco resort means eco entertainments. I came to the place where the glass is given the second life. It’s charming! This is the only studio at the Maldives where new things are made from the recycled glass. It’s very grasping process. Sometimes I completely don’t understand what they are doing but it absolutely grasps you and you watch it as if being under hypnosis. These masters are called glass blowers. Any resort guest can be trained to be a glass blower in this studio. I’ve also decided to try. We’ll see what is going to happen. – Do you have favorite colors?
– Red. – Red? – Red. – Any other variants?
– Red, yellow, green maybe. First they take some fine milled glass.
Wow! This color is amazing! Then they take a melted glass from the furnace which temperature is 1200°C. This glass is going to be the base of my future masterpiece. They add some color powder and put it back into the furnace. Then the workpiece shall be formed until it is still soft and elastic. – Sasha, I wanted to make a heart, but in fact I have a flower of love. This is a flower of love, Sasha! The procedure is repeated several times. Then the item must be separated from metal tube. After final finishing with fire the item is put into special cooling camera. This is how they create unique masterpieces starting from kitchenware to decorations. It might seem to be boring at first. Glass blowing at the tropical island? But you should definitely try! It’s extremely interesting in fact! And here is what I’ve made… A masterpiece! I’ve got a little problem. I have money only to get back to Male and therefore I need to find free entertainments on this island. For example bargaining with local fishers. – How much fish?
– 10 dollars per one? – Yes.
– It’s very expensive! Playing football with kids! Look! He is going to kick in the left corner. You just need to jump and catch it. He kicks only in the left corner. Got it? Okay then. Or you can try to exchange hats with a kid. Let’s exchange! Here, take it! I also want such a hat! Please! And I’ll give you this one! And you can also go to beach… The beach is different from the resort beach, of course! The sand is the same; it’s white, soft and nice but the beach is narrower. At the resort it is smoothed and widened as tourists could run. Here it is not so. But the color of water and sand is the same. And maybe the underwater wildlife is also the same. Absolutely clear water…, corals… and hundreds of fish, which you can watch for hours! Can you see those islands? I’m sure they are resorts too! Just need to swim there. Well, if I were a good swimmer I’d easily do it. So, children, listen to me attentively! Go and train swimming! Do it! Okay, guys! A notable moment! The last bottle with the last 100 bucks in this wonderful season. For getting 100 bucks on the Maldives from “Heads and Tails” go to Hulhule Airport Island, find the ferry dock Hulhule Ferry. And walk 550 meters by Airport Main Road and you’ll see a huge concrete platform. At the very end there is a giant yellow reservoir standing on the slabs. The bottle waits you in the fifth niche from the right. On Guraidhoo a budget traveller can also afford going to an uninhabited island. You just need to walk there by a wooden bridge. This small piece of land is called Losfushi. It has been used by locals and tourists for having picnics. God, it is so littered here. I think even Robinson Crusoe did not leave so much trash. How is it possible? Here you can clearly feel the difference between resort and this island. At the resort everything is done for you: they clean it as to maintain this image of a perfect island. But here nobody cleans after them and nobody cares. We just shit where we live. I’m disappointed. These two days were really nice, paradise islands, the Maldives, clear water and then this island full of trash and plastic. And now pay attention behind my back. Look at these waves and ocean. Just think about it, please! I can’t say that we already have, but we are very fast moving to eco-catastrophe. And we can take measures and must do it. We need to save this for our children and grandchildren. Let’s save the nature or at least not destroy it with our own hands. When you hear “the Maldives” you think about richness. – Just look at this beauty! But in fact, this is not true. Every traveller can afford it.. – Hello luxurious life. – And here is the most interesting thing! Everything else depends on how smart you are. – How could they possibly think it up? – It’s unbelievable! – But you should definitely try! – beautiful houses on piles and blue water. – the Maldives are the Maldives. – These two days were really nice. – Week-end? No way! At least a week! This is me. Nastia Ivleeva. – Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Look, how beautiful! I like it. – Yes, very beautiful! Very entertaining, Andrei! I don’t know how is it in the city… – Me too, I haven’t been there. – What do you mean? – I mean what I mean, Nastia! But let’s listen to you first. How was it? – It was great! Except for being happy, pretty, suntanned and full of energy I luxuriated, Andrei! I lived in such a great villa! I’ve never seen such a huge one! I think, it’s enough space for 30 families there. You must definitely come! It’s one of the paradise places on the earth. – If you think that the Maldives are very expensive and too much for your wallet – you are wrong! You saw my example. I also was at the resort. – How? – Not a big deal! I was at the resort. When we tossed a coin I just wanted to disappear. But there are always some options and ways out. the Maldives are for everyone! – In any other case I’d fulminate and get disappointed. But as this is… – Fulminate? God! Really strange word. – Bus as far as this show is the last in the season I’m happy that you also had a great time. That you also enjoyed it – She’s lying! – Not at all! It’s good that we finish this season being so happy, pleased and suntanned. We are grateful to you, our dear spectators, for all your comments. For your hate and love. For watching us. We were really pleased to come back! – Exactly! And we were happy to groove on. I hope you liked it. If you are going to be bored – like it, if you are going to be very bored – write a comment: “Get Ptushkin back! Get Regina back!” And other stuff. And we move forward! – This is an ideal show! An ideal finish of the season! Many thanks to everyone: you, you and you. Thank you “Heads and Tails” for reminding me about sleeping in hammocks and cars. For reminding how to eat worms and a bull’s…, well you know what I mean. – Yeah, I’ve also eaten some part of a bull. – In general, “Heads and Tails” one love. – Thank you guys! Thank you very much! We were much pleased! – You have terrible nails! – I don’t have a stylist here. – You should contact one. – I’m exactly going to. – And get Ptushkin back. In shows with Ptushkin you were much funnier. – Listen, Regina could never be changed by anyone too. But this is going to be after us. We were the first and this is the most important!

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  24. Была ведь нормальная Ивлеева!!! А теперь говор колхозно-реперо-элджеевский , пафоса телеги полные ……… раньше Решка была интереснее в 100 раз!!! а сейчас Бедняков в шмотине дороже чем у всего народа средняя зп, пытается рассказать как выжить на 100 доллАров 2 дня))))))))) и да, операторы где нормальные ?????? раньше было лучше

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  26. Бедняков монстр ,мало того что "подавил" Ивлееву , так теперь Настя перенимает фишки Андрея.вот те раз как говорится.

  27. Самі класні ведучі💙💛💙💓💓💙💛💛💓💓💓💓💙💛💛💛💙💓💓💓💙💙💙💛💛💛💙💙💙💓💓💓💓💓👏👏👏👏👏💓💓💓👏👏👏👏

  28. Очень приятный выпуск,и вам спасибо ребята. Все ведущие Орла и решки по своему хороши,и всем спасибо за хорошую работу.

  29. Сижу дома поругался с мужем ☹️и мне очень плохо на душе заберите меня Ивлеева ауууу Бедняков аууууу смотрю и плачу а мне за 50 😭😭😭😭😭и прошла моя жизнь так плохо на душеееее а Вы как бальзам на душу

  30. Ведущие красавчики) Мальдивы красота! Эх жизнь эх рай, было бы столько денег сам бы туда сьездил))

  31. Все пишут, какие классные ведущие. Серьезно, ребят ? Вам тут Мальдивы показывают, а вы о ведущих… Давайте других уже, а то одни и те же лица!

  32. Орёл и решку начал смотреть, когда у меня не было детей. Теперь у меня двое детей и я все наслаждаюсь Орлом и решка!!!

  33. На следующий сезон нужно оставить беднякова и ивлееву, они просто лучшие!!

  34. Насчет доступности Мальдив для бюджетников не убедили.Бедняков,ты же просто сьездил на экскурсию на денек,такое отдыхом не назовешь.А так респект,все красиво,молодцы!

  35. Молодцы ребята, очень классно снимаете, рально затягивает дальше смотреть 👍

  36. Добрый день. Верните пожалуйста Птушкина, что-то не интересно без него.

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